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Hanson's Albums!

Hanson have released six albums to date (there is another one on the way). Two of these have been independant, and the other four have been released with Mercury. Here are the albums and the songs on them:


Boomerang (independant):

1. Boomerang; 2. Poison Ivy; 3. Lonely Boy; 4. Don't Accuse; 5. Rain; 6. More Than Anything; 7. The Love You Save; 8. Back To The Island; 9. More Than Anything (reprise).


MMMBop (independant):

1. Day Has Come; 2. Thinking Of You; 3. Two Tears; 4. Stories; 5. River; 6. Surely As The Sun; 7. Something New; 8. MMMBop; 9. Soldier; 10. Pictures; 11. Incredible; 12. With You In Your Dreams; 13. Sometimes; 14. Baby Your So Fine; 15. MMMBop (long version).


Middle Of Nowhere (Mercury):

1. Thinking Of You; 2. MMMBop; 3. Weird; 4. Speechless; 5. Where's The Love; 6. Yearbook; 7. Look At you; 8. Lucy; 9. I Will Come To You; 10. A Minute Without You; 11. Madeline; 12. With You in Your Dreams; Bonus Track (CD Only): Man From Milwaukee.


Snowed In (Mercury):

1. Merry Christmas Baby; 2. What Christmas Means To Me; 3. Little Saint Nick; 4. At Christmas; 5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home); 6. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree; 7. Christmas Time; 8. Everybody Knows The Claus; 9. Run Rudolph Run; 10. Silent Night Medley (O Holy Night, Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful); 11. White Christmas.


Three Car Garage-The Indie Recordings-'95 to '96 (Mercury):

1. Day Has Come; 2. Two Tears; 3. Thinking Of You; 4. River; 5. Surely As The Sun; 6. MMMBop; 7. Soldier; 8. Stories; 9. Pictures; 10. Sometimes; 11. With You In Your Dreams.


Live From Albertane (Mercury):

1. Gimme Some Lovin'; 2. Where's The Love; 3. River; 4. I Will Come To You; 5. Ever Lonely; 6. Speechless; 7. With You In Your Dreams; 8. A Minute Without You; 9. Money (That's What I Want); 10. More Than Anything; 11. MMMBop; 12. Man From Milwaukee.

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