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Hanson Fan Of The Month!

This month's "Hanson Fan of the Month" is Amanda!

Name: Amanda Creuziger

Why she deserved to win this: "I like Hanson for who they are, not what they are. They are 3 very talented people who happened to have their dreams come true. Some people forget that they are just normal people. They have been such and ispiration to me and have helped me through some very tough times in my life. One thing I respect them the most for is, no matter how rough there day is, no matter how tired they may be, no matter how confused they feel, they still take that little bit of time to shake their fans hands and make yet another fans dream come true and another smile to share. I haven't met them yet but with determination I will get my chance. And I'm and not ashamed to call myself a " Hanson Fan!!"

If you want to be our "Hanson Fan of the Month", then just fill out the form below and click "Send".

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