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If you were linked to this page seeking authentic music by Mobile Audit Club, Saint Ram Bone, SainTramBone, and Kurt Brown, go to the Home Grown Music page on this site or see the Home Page of Mobile Audit Club for music videos and videos of beatings and abuse by the Nazi-Like government in Mobile Alabama. The forced injections and medical procedures in Los Angeles upon myself were not video-taped.

Mon Amir Ellen de Troy at Couleur Trois, French Online Radio. Bonjour Ellen et Cheri, Chambre De Couche with SainTramBone? A note to viewers: "Have you ever heard a French girl say, 'Pussy'". It makes you want to burp and bring a napkin. To the radio reply, "SainTramBone is not a pooft, but he does suck a pussy f-rt, burb and wipe with a sanitary napkin, even in the rouge. He is of the Pre-charred Alabama Bourgeoisie and was raised with class and dignity. I sing to you mon amir, "Dog Eared Biscuits, Poke Salad in Prichard Alabama."


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Do not Look Away At
onCe, si whispers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harriet Tubman freed one cheek of the slaves ass on the railroad.

Kurt Brown frees the slaves' minds and the other cheek on the web.


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Rodney King was a cover up for a greater atrocity. LA county not only allow forced experiments and injections on veterans, but in 1991 they were doing medical experiments on children without the children knowing it. Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles was the culprit..They likely threaten people also judging from past history after their cover-up.

You will see in this site that auditor savant, KAB, loves mustard on his serial killers. On Randy Kraft he had just plain ole Yeller Kraft Mustard. Butt on ole pullet here, Jack N'DA, Pullet?, we got so many choices. There is, in addition to my favorite, Ole Butt Yeller, you got Dijon Butt Mustard, Honey Butt Mustard, Gourmet Butt Mustard, and Brown Butt Mustard, butt Gray Poupon stinks worst than Hog Head. You will get the drift. Remember, if you are a carnivore, you must cook the Pullet slowly to remove worms and foreign testicles.

So what will it be guys and ghouls, "Arc and Contact?", or "Ark and Contract?"...KAB... Follow the Blue Print to Democracy

The Legal Justice system of Los Angeles County California USA is a kidnapping extortionist. They are demanding "ransom" discguised as "probation costs" from millions. Kurt Austin Brown, Papillion de Eureka, can not leave until he has paid his ransom.

Scan for art and music and headline links. California is a prison state. Visit then..Keep Out.. A humorous look at a saddened plea for help to be released from the prison state California in the Prison Country USA.

Kurt Austin Brown, another Mr. Nobody Number X, has ridden with Los Angeles Serial Killers, Watched Los Angeles Burn, and Then Witnessed Forced Injections Against himself and Likely Forced Experiments at the Los Angeles Veterans Administation, Westwood Hospital, after he had survived an assassination attempt. The I-10 ambush, with no 911 police response, was in retaliation for reporting murder and waste at a Federal Deposit Insurance government agency. Cover-ups at greath lengths are costly, to all. Since 4-22-2001 Kurt has been under the martial law of Los Angeles County with Federal SS assistance, with absurd demands and limits. The terrorists appear to be our government, "The Mob". "You Can't Handle The Truth!" sayeth the man with the Golf Club.

Randy Kraft, serial killer, wanted Kurt's Butt on a mesquite stump left for dead like 65 others, and the Auditor Savant, Kurt, wanted no part of the tainted Kraft Moon-Shine, and the dog catching device under Kurt's ass in the car seat made Kurt note that Randy was two winks shy of becoming Kraft 'Baloney Cheese' slices." The serial killer now calls Kurt, "Angel", and sadly Randy's post-mortem total is 66. Check his diaries, Big Brother aKA beast, for the Angel one step above and two below. It was the next to last entry. More ripples in the sea than the top current and a neutrino was never stopped by a monkey. Reverse the charges, to NIL. Count the sea in the ripple effect.;

My New Orleans Sock Feet In Government Baloney Cheese in Windows Streaming Media Format. Kurt's Kraft Baloney Cheese is non-kosher, so pucker when ya nibble. "We stopped at the drug store. Kraft bought condoms, razors, and a rope. Kurt bought condiments: salt, pepper, and requested, "Ole Yeller Mustard! K Kraft?". Sock feet came between them at rendezvous way. Pass the message "Kraft gone right? Time Left?" "Dark side of a bad dream" "Government should honor your request for lethal injection." "I would, out of mercy." "You missed Kurt "Angel". They got him. The governments GgGgGg. "Better luck next time."

Here is a song lamenting the prison fences around the U.S.A. for millions and Eureka Papillion. "You can't leave, You Can't Stay."

Sexy Brown Sugar. Free MP3, Tres Hot! Jimi Hendrix has grand-children in Los Angeles! Teen Lust!

And for more exacting sensations, RoteMore, and the one song says to all Freedom Fighters, Can't Touch This "CHARGES".

J.C. was eaten alive by flesh eating bacteria contracted from Handcuffs in 16 days because a Sheriff had stolen and horded all food and sanitation funds. No one noticed or cared, except (?). Kurt tried to stop the harsh conditions and now Kurt suffers the consequences. Let us the poor and abused stand strong and resolute. The war has just begun. The struggle will be for you J.C. ""4 J.C.!'" (PDF File, court documents)


The MOuRNING STAR FIGHT CLUB honorary visitor and spokesman for the collection agency emanates sound when Arnold Schwarzenegger alleges that he will audit Government. Click text to listen to his HOWL! (Rather long, sounds like vibrating interstellar testes with Dog Bark at Train Wreck. Will or can the Prima Donna Governor Schwarzenegger get a complete pardon and reversal of charges and release Auditor Savant, Kurt Austin Brown, Papillion de Eureka, Theta Vechter (Death-gr, Watchman-yiddish) Should Arnold meet Saint Ram-bone?

Dodge Rams are highly recommended by MOuRNING STAR FIGHT CLUB and MAC -- Mobile in case of Ambush in BB'ville by ameteurs. If attacked by professionals, sing C.E.B.A.G. Most invigorating..Dens

The primary theme lyric of Ram-bone's organization, 2.5MB in MP3 format: Brown Lizards Laughter. Contrary to reports, Saint Ram-bone has 8 gonads with six nipples on the scrotum, kNot 36 grosses. Can kNot inventory due to sore nipples and wetness. Insured by FBRA, kNot FDICK. (Beware of Fdicks Buck shot.) Saint Ram Bone last seen on Humboldt Hilltop where he turned to Mass-Uh Brown-Stone and said, "Mass-uh, the plane! The Plane!", with Mass-Uh Brown-Stone's reply, "Yes, Saint Ram Bone, I smell Harriet Tubman Hemp"

The first view from the After-Life per bequest of the Uncle Billy Goat Guest! The first encounter beyond on the rocky road with the stranger stripping the fence vines~. One hand left golf! Same handicap. To celebrate, we present A MP3 format song written in Los Angeles by Eureka Papillion celebrating One Hand Left golf. "Two Stick Man." You might want to practice in the desert, clothing covered with road-kill in presence of famished buzzards and rabid hyenas, with a tourniquet on your right arm or a singeing cauterization...kNot up to us.

Butt first, tell us about your second helping of Uncle Billy Goats Root-Barb Pi! (Oops, slipping jacks hard card) kNeed your badge, Jack?

"Jack ass n'da crack Till-man; News and Song Link MP3. Written after Jack stole Kurt's gun permit in front of 15 deputies at Mob Co AL city government Auditorium. Six String On Back, Shouting to the window in the sky, Kurt had already witnessed a gruesome death at the jail. Forbidden entry by Jack$, Kurt witnessed malnutrition and a $100,000 food funds theft a few months later. Jack step down and pull out. Give the badge its dignity back. "Jack Is In The Crack, And Your Kids Ain't Comin Back." Step Down Jack Tillman and ilk.

Integrity is not a Brown Out, but Brown IN. Let Kurt Brown in Mob. Co. Alabama meetings to sit behind the Mayor at the city council meeting in Mobile and, "Listen in a Bit" too Jack.

"Good Morning Ms. Carpenter, Missing J.C. N Mourning" News and Song Link MP3 Commemorating Unnecessary Death..Man eaten by bacteria in 16 days due to negligence, Jack...Atrocity Occurred In Mobile and No one noticed.  Regrettably  in large part to Jack$, who also helped to frame a man who only wanted to help, in particular, the native children of his native city. Now one is dead, after the announcement in the auditorium by Auditor Savant, Theta Vechter (Death-gr., Watchman-yiddish) near Easter of the Year of Increasing Governmental Atrocity, 2001.

The U.S. government commits atrocities against the common man and hides behind corrupt state Superior courts like the whore known as the Los Angeles Superior Court. MURDER FOR SALE. EXTORTION FOR HIRE, AYE MATE. Do not look up the anus of a Spector for A Million, A King for A Fry, a Jacko Bone for a little Woody, or A Kur for a neighborhood K-Mutt. Sun-Sui-O Billy Goat is mine.

A humorous look at a sad situation and a plea for help to be released from the clutches of the W kind.  President W with his shrew sparrow in the afterlife will fornicate like bird brains.  Kurt Brown is a prisoner of the war of America against America in California, the new Prison State of the Prison Country the U.S.A.   DEMAND THAT THE CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR RELEASE KURT AUSTIN BROWN IN EUREKA VIA LOS ANGELES TO FREEDOM FROM CALIFORNIA.  Kurt's crime is daring to tell of the truth of medical atrocity, murder and planned waste in a government agency, theft of food funds by a sheriff, murder by negligence and theft of gun permits by the same proven thieving sheriff, and most importantly for Kurt's having the audacity to survive an assassination attempt initated by corrupt members of one of America's federal deposit insurance governmental agencies.  This is our America. This is our world's Hell or salvation, and it is leaning.  Would somebody kick the California Justice Table upright and also DEMAND THAT KURT AUSTIN BROWN, AUDITOR SAVANT, BE RELEASED FROM EUREKA, CALIFORNIA PERMANENTLY TO BE WITH HIS FAMILY out of state(s).

FAVORS SWAPPED HERE! Practice random acts. WE NEED ACTIVE CITIZENS IN FRONT OF TELEVISION CAMERAS AT CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS IN VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and nation of prisons! Read and proceed. Free art and music throughout site. See song Charges by Rotemore.

Couleur 3 Radio Online....Danku Nellie. Das be'be' Chapeau de Soliel le cadeau pour Suueet C-a-rol en Nice-Matin y esta en 3 Couleurs! Translation, W needs a Ho just like Hoot, and she has a new French hat as seen in pic link below.

To celebrate the U.S. and State and Local dictatorships that allows forced and unannounced medical experiment on veterans and children, and other atrocities, we present a song written by a P.O.W. in America's war against Americans.  Auditor Savant's, aKA KB's, "us brOtheRs undEr chaiNs aNd NEEDles." in MP3. If you are a veteran, Do Not Ever think of the Veterans Administration healthcare system or the US governments as giving a diddley-shit about you or your fellow veterans, once the fight is over.

When a victim of an assassination attempt came forward to name the likely assailant, a government agency, a Federal Deposit Insurance government agency or their union the National Treasury Employees Union, a few of the corrupted employees in the agency paid bribe money or favors through one or more transactions to have the whistle-blower silenced regarding corruption in the agency and the attack against himself. The criminals at the agency concocted a story against the whistle-blower and labeled themselves and the agency a victim two months after he was attacked. They claimed he was stalking them. He had witnesses that he had been in Alabama for two months and was in Los Angeles upon his arrest, and they were in San Francisco. They lied and have corruption and blood in their highest offices, murder. They have since been PROVEN to be liars. On approximately 1/10/2003 they were caught in a lie and police authorities went to the auditor's home. The auditor notified the public of the murder of their former regional director and the agencies planned justified squandering of federal banking deposit insurance-tax funds. The whistle-blower, Kurt Brown, is still in their American chains and Hellish boundaries.

Extinction is preferable to long-term suffering. Our leaders and keepers behave as if they may not be humans. We have entered an era as uncertain as the days preceding WWII. The U.S. governments are becoming as invasive as the Nazi's SS in many branches, levels, and localities. Make them lose their grip upon our bodies, our lives, and our childrens.

The only victim in American government is the truth. We have no country under the elitist regime. Follow the Blue Print to Democracy link for details on how to de-rail the Totalitarian and Elitist Dictatorship abusing U.S.A.'s common citizens and terrorizing the world.

Government has closed its doors in America to citizens.  Millions can not vote.  Millions are not allowed in U.S. government meetings at the Federal, State, and particularly, Local levels.  The media acts as if all disenfranchised citizens are black.  That is not true.  They are all POOR.   America is an elitist dictatorship controlled by the corrupt representatives of the Rich and their corporations.  Pity the Iraqi people controlled by the American dictatorship.  Pity the world until a domestic power or foreign power instills in American government the virtues espoused by its ancient propaganda, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Disrupt government until we have the rights we are entitled to in government or die.  In France, the politics of the elitists is called, "Hat White" and "White Hat".  In America, it is the same elitist designed nightmare.  We need a French Style Revolution.  OUR LIVES MEAN NOTHING TO THEM.  THEIR LIVES MEAN NOTHING TO US.  DO AS YOU WILL WITH THEM.  It will all be the same in the end, if those of us in the poor and on the outside  do not aggressively pursue our rights and equality in the face of death and eternal oppression.

If it would not have been for men like John Brown in 1859, men would still be in chains on plantations.  Now men like Kurt Brown in the 2000's want to free men from U.S. prison walls and give the poor, from black to white to native Indian, the right to vote, and to audit the government and inform the common man of the true horrors uncovered.   Rise up in the U.S. city council and government meetings in front of their propaganda television cameras, where they pray before they begin their atrocities against the common man and the world.

Order of the Day: Disrupt through peaceful means all government that forbids voting or attendance by any citizen.  Many states are included.  The most heinous that we are aware is the Mobile Alabama city government.  It not only forbids voting, but prohibits educated auditors voices to be heard in the Mobile city council meeting that are held every Tuesday at 10:30 in Downtown Mobile, Alabama USA  at the corner of Government Street and Joachim Street.  Kurt Brown, auditor with a Doctorates equivalent in education is forbidden entry.  Hecklers are heckling Governor Riley for not allowing the vote by the poor in Alabama who are disenfranchised by ancient slave-era disenfranchisement laws.   Riley will lose the election if the disenfranchised are allowed to vote.  Riley is the epitome of why Alabama fails.  Many in a succession of our inadequate leaders have ruled Alabama.   When a country has a shift in governmental philosophy, the weakness of the old government is shown directly in the inadequacy of the old style and types of people in leader ship positions.  Today they are the rich in-bred brats and an entourage of dull-witted lackies, i.e. the Beast.  Someone said, "The wheels of liberty are oiled with blood."  That is sad, but true. 

The Number they have for little YOU and I is the number X, or a felon, labeled as a incorrugible criminal when those billionaires and their ax-men who label us deserve eternal death by their God's virtue. Fight or flight? You decide.

The American Mutton-Head citizen says, "Why are you complaining about lost rights? You have something to eat." My reply, "Can I have the return trip portion of my ancestors ticket to America when I am free, if ever again?". Stop the onslaught against the world's common man by the American regimes in power."

If you believe anything about America, you should believe that you have NO alliances in government or industry, if you are from the poor. If you should ever be attacked, forget 911 unless you are wealthy. They DO NOT CARE. Form your own security forces. Never depend upon the U.S. government for your safety or your happiness or well-being. They only protect industry and the rich. You should not allow your children to be manipuated. NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. "Send a child to public school, and raise a public fool". Do not even trust the doctors in state hospitals. The U.S. government is unscrupulous, even performing forced and unethical medical experiments from Sea to Polluted Sea. This site proves they perform experiments and other horrors. The BluePrint to Democracy link above is a simple solution that will never be allowed by our wealthy controllers and their corrupt bureaucracy.

Kurt survived an assassination attempt likely initiated by a banking industry governmental agency that he can not name due to his loss of speech in the matter as a result of a Los Angeles (corrupt) Superior Court gag Order. The agency that likely initiated the assassination attempt for Kurt's whistle-blowing, lies to the public and represents itself as being publicly held. The agency referred to that likely initiated the attempt is a Federal Deposit Insurance government agency, or their union, the National Treasury Employees Union. Kurt has requested permanent departure from California. Videos and music are forthcoming. Some of the videos are graphic and show the violent nature of American Government in its exclusion of millions of good citizens. We are under tyrannical rule by a wealthy horde and their beast bureaucracy.

If something disturbs you in this site, skip a page. It is a multi-author unedited composition. Kurt Brown can not comment on this site until 2004.

On a side note: American capitalism and its control on government is coming to an end, through death or reform. Patents that could save society are bought and shelved by wealthy monopolists, i.e. the Oil industry in particular. It is my estimation that under the best case scenario, a form of government that rewards entreprenuerial invention and implementation, with restricitions on patent monopolies and time durations would be best in our modern era. American government, including California, has become oppressive and destructive. The poor moan in prisons, unjustly, their families decimated, while the wealthy few feast on happiness. The table is lop-sided, and it is now ready to be kicked over on its head.



 As a precursor and as a dedication of the more positive and hopeful situations in this site, a truck dwelling, sometimes referred to as homeless, survival story.  The real life story of Cynthia Johnston's homeless life in SF, the woman in the pic, sent to us by Lemon Du. Hell's Angels and MAC say that she can park where-ever she desires because she is a woman who has suffered needlessly in poverty in the land of abundance.

"Keep Your Eyes On The Sparrows." Get back Baretta.


Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital, Westwood Facility, Forced Medical Experiments & Forced Injections & Felonies for Government Whistle Blowers!  UmUmUM! Me, forced injections, definitely! Experiments? Most likely! Scars galore. It appears that they are also editing medical files when patients try to pick them up. Serving America's armed forces is not worth the price or sacrifice, as they betray their own, unless you are just in it for the money and if so, then you are just another God-damned mercenary. Fundamental constitutional principles are dead in America. Click the Link for News and Details and Other True Horror Stories..Then Come Back For More, Art and Music and News and True Horrors related to the Westwood VA Medical Facility, Alabama Government, California Government, Federal Banking Regulators, and their strong arm New American Rainbow Nazi Coalition stealing citizens firearms and pointing their own guns into our faces and forcing us to take injections, imprisoning us, and forcing us to become medical experiments against our will. Our family members are even harassed at their places of employment if we speak up about corruption in government.

The American Flag Worn By All American Citizens hearts who are Prisoners of the Beasts War (aka self proclaimed Big Brother) in America against the American Constitution of 1776 is an American Flag turned upside down with a large X through it.  Layer after layer of criminals in government, controlled by criminals in industry, have reduced the U.S.A. and much of the world to ruins and a prison. Is there no escape or hope for the pain sensitive common human?

Los Angeles, County California government is holding Kurt Brown as their hostage with LA federal approval. He is currently in Eureka, California. He has grown increasingly physically ill, needs ongoing medical care, but is afraid of the Forced Medical Experiments and Forced Injections and Editing of Medical Records by the Corrupt and Heinous Los Angeles Westwood VA Hospital. Even though he is a disabled veteran, they treated him worse than an insect. He has commited no crime under the American Constitution. He has endured sheer Hell, including forced and illegal injections, for over two years. Demand that Los Angeles County release Kurt Austin Brown from the state lines permanently. You can contact any one you know, anyway you please, but do not contact his probation officer, Velvet Manson, or her supervisor, Saint Charles. You will have an X number carved between your eyes. Kurt needs ongoing medical care but can not get it because of the distrust and vile contempt he has of the forced injections he suffered and the possible experiments he may be suffering because of the LA VA Westwood. "What does it take? Pox and boils on your D.C. N L.A. SS ass esse?

American Logic Lesson:  If you are attacked by corrupt federal government employees or their union associates, and If you survive, and If you report it to police and politicians in state and federal and local jurisdictions, and If they do not respond, You will be hunted and harassed by government police in all branches and suffer severe injustice at the hands of the beast judgships of their courts.  God Damn America for its lie of equality and justice in the eyes of the law.  God Damn America for waving its completely rewritten Constitution and its meaningless Independence Day and for calling their discriminatory fascist regime controlled by a heartless and wealthy few a Democracy.  Does anyone have a God Damned dangling Chad to vote with?  All takers of America are welcome.  Soon departing this motherfucker.

Warning: U.S. Military's Slogan, "Be all you can be", now entails your body being subjected to unknown medical horrors, often with malice if you are not obedient like a sheep. The government loves dead veterans and spits and scowls at the live ones. Serve the beast, if you desire. They silence and abuse, in the end.  The Veterans Administration is also turning against their own veterans.  Read about a disabled veteran thrown to the bandits and criminals dominating the Los Angeles Superior Courts.  Their atrocities are endless and fathomless.  It is highly likely that the Nuclear Arms Buildup Worldwide has been orchestrated by cohorts within the USSR and the USA.  Unfortunately, your enemy is your keeper. A huge and growing number of us are in constant surveillance by the beast, also known as big brother, but the beast is more appropriate.

Travel Warning: Los Angeles County California is allowing forced medical experiments on travelers and their legal system is extorting huge sums of money in set-ups of travelers. The federal Veterans Administration police have county and federal jurisdiction. Therefore, federal aggressions against the populace are covered up through the dual duties that the VA police have with both state and federal government. John S. Baker wrote "The Federalization of Crime". Now it is in discquise  They are also holding people hostage within their county lines, with release only upon extortion fee...sanctioned by corrupt legal system $$$$. Details on Experiments are Above.

The U.S. Constitutional Guarantee of The Right To Bear Arms in case the U.S. government goes rabid, has been Invalidated by a U.S. government gone rabid.  All of those men in all of those wars did not die for ideal principles as they intended, but for the wealth of the enemy at home.  They have been made to look like armed and wit-less fools, outwitted by their enemy at home, whose main endeavor has been dilution and theft of the American Dream and American ideals for their own profits and monopolies and beastly pleasures.  They are the true beasts, the ruling few and their bureaucratic entourage of cut-throats, thieves, jailers, and henchman.  Independence Day needs a re-shoot. If Los Angeles was over-taken by a foreign power, it could not be any worse than it already is for the common man and woman and child.

Los Angeles County is the MEDICAL ATROCITY CAPITAL of America.  Not only do they allow forced injections and atrocities on veterans as you will see in this site, but they also allow children of the poor to risk death with untested vaccines.  Kaiser Permanente hospitals takes risks with children in Los Angeles because the county is so corrupt and vile that no one can do anything about it.

In Kurt Brown's defense, for the wrongful Felony for Legal Gun Ownership and Blowing the Whistle on a federal banking regulatory agency and after daring to escape their assassination attempt, we present the first point of evidence...Jack Tillman, Sheriff, Mob. AL, proven thief of $100,000 of federal food funds, most likely much more, thief of gun-permits from whistle-blowing citizens. His crimes covered up with bureaucratic lies and red tape.  

A new Song for the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles who performs forced experiments on veterans, edits their medical records, and who give felonies for parking near their God D--- graveyard while fleeing for your life in the dreaded prison state that is America.  It is in MP3 format.  Titled, "us Brothers Under Chains and Needles".

Were you a patient or prisoner of the VA Medical Center in Los Angeles? Did they force injections, or MRI's upon you? Did they place a porcelain skull cap on your head in the MRI for no reason? Do you feel sick often, after visiting them or using their medications? Do You have these signs of experiments or others, unexplained scars, etc. :Warning: Kurt Brown's Oral Maxiofacial Surgeon in Private Practice has informed us that Kurt has an unexplained area of scar tissue, a incision scar, in the roof of his mouth.  Kurt's remark, "Would someone please make the government of California, LA county under the vile hand of the LA fed, let me go free from your inhumane and savagely brutal greed and cruelty! The New American Rainbow Nazi Coalition laughs about their atrocities and their victims suffering"

 Arnold Schwarzenegger ought to seek Piece and free Kurt Brown from the rectal grip of an anal fowl consuming
Gray Davis.  There is a nest of them, not just in W".  California is an elitist pigs dream and a nightmare for the common man who is fodder for their evil and corrupt prison system controlled by the prisons guards union that buys politicians votes so that millions are thrown into their pit of prisons.  I would rather be dead than spend another day in their hell that is California.  God D--- their regimes.

4-30-2003 was the 20th Anniversary of Kurt Austin Brown's ride and kicking of Randy Kraft, serial killer, in the head.  Randy was allegedly ill from a fall and a bump on the head as a child.  Randy was caught two weeks afte  r Kurt kicked him in the head with his sock feet.   Now Randy, in San Quentin Prison, refers to Kurt, a cosmopolitan prisoner in Los Angeles, residing under a Bush in Hermosa Beach, as "Angel".  We say, Pity Randy and his 60 or more victims.  Lesson--Never drink from a strangers open bottle, and "If you got sock feet, KICK!  Kurt wants to go back to Saint Stephanie's Alabama, without a serial killer or thieving sheriff or corrupt federal agent harassing him or his innocent wife.

Warning: The Veterans Administration has been doing medical experiments with various drugs and it is obvious that in some cases they are giving drugs that have serious side-effects with other medications.  They are denying responsibility and in some cases, they help other government agencies by causing erratic behavior through their unethical dispensing of inappropriate medicines with catastrophic consequences.  In 2003 they are under investigation in West LA.  It should be shut down and used as a nursing home, as a warning.  If the VA can not treat veterans with respect, we need a veterans HMO for any healthcare facility, not just VA facilities.  Kurt Brown refuses to go on to VA property unless court ordered to do so.  They can not be trusted. (Can anyone say, "VA Issued Doggie Pain Medicine, Putting Kurt on CIA's Jacob's Ladder?."

In the ongoing lie that America is a Democracy, Governor Bob Riley has denied voting rights to hundreds of thousands of the poor in Alabama.  Many of them are victims to the education divide, which is nothing more than a subjugation of the poor by the wealthy, who neglect public schools for children and suck the life and money out of the poor and their families through their elitist corrupt legal system and extortionist and slave labor prison system.    The poor end up felons and under the control of a government gone rabid, the U.S. State governments, Alabama and California and many others, and the Federal Government.  Take a look at Bob Riley.  He bears a striking resemblance to George Wallace, only worse and more blatant in his discrimination against the poor in our modern era of tyrants and their propaganda apparatuses.  Go to remedial attention class Bob Riley and take your corrupt and thieving Sheriff, Jack Tillman, who was also elected due to the corrupted and discriminatory laws in Alabama.  America, free? Democracy? What a lie!  They rule by force and terror.  May the God(s) and avenging angels of man wreak the same misery upon their empty little heads.

The authoritarian nature of federal government, combined with the macho culture of the West Coast Governments has created an atmosphere that makes Nazi Germany seem like a relief, if you are one of the lucky ones who is killed quickly, instead of abused, kept from your family, and experimented upon.  Read of the horrors here and have a few laughs, songs, and pics, but remember, your government are the corporations is in the genetics race now, i.e. the Pandaro's Box that is going to be released with such fury, the society of man will crumble.  Are you the next experiment? Flesh sample?  Little rodent minded bio-human of yesteryear.  Biotechnology experiments among human are being distracted from by the organized resistance to bio-foods. More propaganda by government and the elitist media to distract from the true and horrible nature of their atrocious actions, including medical experiments, against the people of the dieing U.S.A.

Take a look at what the U.S. A. Government and California Government allows...medical experiments, forced on veterans in 1999 at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration medical center in 1999.  Scroll half way down the page to Continuing Problems  to see the article.  Kurt Brown blew the whistle on a murder and waste in a Federal Banking Regulatory Agency (There are four federal banking regulators and one primary union, the NTEU, National Treasury Employees Union....More crime infiltrated government).  So if one of the puppets for the fascists in the higher levels of government and the courts calls Kurt or anyone else in this webpage a liar, take a look at the Continuing Problems.   Has your life been torn apart by government, unjustly, and out of abuse and oppression.  If so, we need to brainstorm in a collective to remedy the situation that the fascist elitist liars and their propaganda experts have done to what was once, our country.  If America continues unabated in Government abuse, we might as well strap on chains, lay down on medical experimental beds, and pray for the final end. 

The latest song to celebrate the perpetual cycle of poverty in the dungeons of the lower caste of the United States, we present, the latest song, written and sung by The Kurt Austin Brown, My New Orleans Sock Feet N  Government Cheese in Windows Streaming Media Format.  Top Notch Entertainment. Prediction, "Rolling Dark and Balmy, Like a Load of Rolling Tar.  Coming At you at a 33 Degree, Cubed3, More American".

The government of the United States Courts and the State Governments Courts will try to destroy a citizen's reputation and break a citizen by destroying their dignity and individuality, even if it kills the individual in the process.  They throw crumbs to those they crush and call it behaving humanely.  The hypocrisy makes carrion eaters puke .  It was Josef Stalin who said, "Gratitude is a disease of dogs.".  It was this type of petty offering to which he was referring.  Saddam Hussein practiced the same methods and the U.S. media balked.

( No other states are excluded as they are all the same...fascist and elitist.  Keep your children out of state schools.  They do more harm than good.  Never let a state Doctor touch your newborn.  They may be doing experiments and may be putting chemicals, or God/Allah/Buddha/C.E.B.A.G. knows what on your child so that they will be manipulated to their design and not yours.  America is a shameful nation. The country that experiments on its veterans, and generally treats its children like immaterial nuisances.  Two forced  injections of unknown chemicals for Kurt Brown for parking on VA property.  Now ain't that a bitch and a violation of the Nurnberg Code of the Geneva Convention, i.e. they are not even supposed to treat prisoners of war like that.  Kurt asks, "Doc, why?"  and he thinks, "Why is the Government Covering UP the Truth!  It is over.)

The grand design of the US government is authoritarian subjugation by the upper 2% elite, who are the super-elite monetarily.  Everything you see was designed and intentionally set up by government, from crack houses to black market marijuana, to the man living on the street,  to the man on top, who is the designer of the grand design of our dieing society.  We the poor can not win at another man's game, the super-wealthy, upper 2%.  We must maneuver in our own fashion, disjointed, and at opportune moments.

The Corrupted U.S. Governments Are Making Politically Progressive Thinkers Into Corpses or Felons. Kurt Brown Wants to Reverse His Forced Plea, A Felony, $1,000,000 Bail . Time has proven his innocence.  JackTillman, Sheriff of Mobile County, Murderer of James Carpenter, Thief of $1000000 of food money, and co-conspirator in Framing Kurt Brown, a bank examiner, for a felony, by revoking  his Gun Permit and after an attack on Kurt's life by government hired agents for blowing the whistle on a federal banking regulatory agency for murder and squandering of funds and for simply to trying to report malnutrition and obvious attrocitiess at Mob. County AL jail.  The enemy is our government, Los Angeles to Mobile. They back stab the poorer 90% who can not afford their extortion or their societal design.  .

Alabama Governor Bob Riley said, "Ta hell with dat!" "Those poor ass white trash and poor ass n-gg-rs vote cain't vote if they have a felony, even if it is for something allowed under the constitution. Damn rodents."   Riley and his crew are carniverous pigs at the trough of the meat of our life, our freedoms.  What a religious psycho thieving Alabama descendant of Slave Owners and as prejudiced as ever as usual in office.   Bob Riley is a posing fascist with a cross.  Why fight their wars.  I would rather dine with those who oppose him.

Ask Jack Tillman, Sheriff of Mobile County Alabama, who was proven to have stolen $100,000, maybe more, of inmate food funds, and was discovered to have stolen $100,000 and the federal government of the GOD DAMNED AND ALLAH DAMNED UNITED STATES looked the other way.  Ask Ex-Governor Davis of California whose main source of campaign funds come mafia-related California Prisons Guards Union. Schwarzenegger is a millionaires posse. Time for A Austrian Genetic Mutant roundup? We need a new blue print to Democracy.  Follow the link above. Pity people under the yokes of oppression worldwide.

The Constitution, The Amendments, The Preambles have been gutted by current American Law.

The laws contradict each other and the corrupt factions, use this incongruency in logic to trap those who they feel are not in their inner cannabilistic circle, as laws and biases are as abundant as roadway. Flee any country, even the U.S., if the Government has villainized you with their contradictory and discriminatory laws, and extortionist legal system. The federal and state governments, apparently most if not all, are framing people and giving Felonies to innocent people who falsely believe in the propaganda of the documents of 1776, i.e. the right to bear arms, freedom speech, reasonable bails, etc. Millions of the poor and working class, i.e. the poorer 70% to 90% are prisoners in what was once our nation. Give us liberty from your shores and your unjust prisons and illegal justice system, or give us death.

LOS ANGELES WESTWOOD VA HOSPITAL DOING MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS, 1999. They also are FORCING INJECTIONS on innocent vets, Kurt Brown in 2001. One vet, remaining anonymous,recalls likely Electric Shock after blowing the whistle on corruption within the government. Blow a whistle on state and federal government and your life will suddenly become one subjected to harassment, assassination attempts, and illegal prosecution without just or due process, as if that exists in the lie that is the U.S.A.

April 30, 2003 is the 20th Anniversary, from Saturday April 30 1983, when Kurt Austin Brown accepted a ride with Randy Kraft, serial killer, deranged by a fatal condition known as Hypo-glycemia. He was caught two weeks later.  Pity Randy and his 60 or more victims.  Lesson--Never drink from a strangers open bottle and avoid suspicious sexual encounters, and avoid hitch-hiking in Long Beach, CA, and if the driver locks the door, demand to get out and prepare to kick him in the head and ribs, Pronto. Two weeks later Randy was caught with a dead drugged marine in his car, after a more than 10 year killing spree. Now the government treats Kurt like he is a criminal for exercising the right to defend his life in February 2001, after an attack by likely hitmen sent by associates of corrupt government banking employees. Threre was no response by authorities after Kurt reported the attack. You, the poorer 90% are on your own. Form militia groups to protect your own.

George Bush, Jr. said before the war, "You are either with us or against us!". We should ask, who is the "us"? Does he have a frog in his pocket? George Bush Sr. was involved with Oliver North and the cocaine cartels and financial scandals of the 1980's. Jeb Bush, governor of the dangling chads vote machine mis-counter state, Florida, handles more international business transactions than any other state, and George Jr. has had his fingers in the financial corruption also. It is pure conjecture from a bank examiners perspective, but it appears that ill-gotten funds, either through criminal enterprises or the siphoning off of banking and treasury funds, are funneling through certains factions of the West Coast federal and state banking regulators with the assistance of high level federal police agencies in the Treasury, such as the Secret Service, and possible with the assistance of some other federal agencies, as corruption and murder is rampant there, and it is going into other states Bank accounts, particularly Florida's, controlled by factions related to the Bush clan and mobsters such as the banking officiandos, and millionaire banking felons, in other states, particularly in the South-East, and without a doubt with assistance from certain East Coast power brokers in the banking and financial industries, who operate hand in glove with the legal and corrupt court systems in the larger metropolises, such as the Los Angeles Superior Court System. Of course, who could check it in earnest when the dictator Bush says, "You are either with 'us' or against 'us'". This is a logical explanation as to why there was such an enormous push to unjustly prosecute and put an illegal silencing order on Kurt Austin Brown in discussing openly with the public his knowledge of the corruptness within America's federal banking regulatory industry on the West Coast. In our estimation, the likely modus operandi of the key players in the corrupt maneuvers is to remove key employees in key positions, either by force or coercion, indirectly or directly, including murder. Anyone who kills another for simply the money is doomed, in the end.

Of course the 'us' to which Bush refers could be the hired guns for the corrupt members of the Treasury Department and Federal Banking Regulators, i.e. the SS, or more commonly known in this century as the Secret Service. Clothed in bandages of white, they pierce for a price, just as the SS of Hitler.


WARNING VETERANS: Veterans Administration is violating the Nurnburg code and forcing vets into experiment and medical horrors, including Kurt Brown (See Vet Under Attack page).


The VA is also issuing cheap animal medications to disabled veterans. The medications have bad side effects, including temporary erratic behavior of ">=6.66" months duration. In the Vet Under Attack page of this site, all of the erratic behavior, i.e. wanting to feel Mass-uh's lusting bung-hole, and the comments there-in, were initiated 11/2000 during election of Bush, after the issuance of THE VA veterinarian PAIN KILLER, METHYLPREDNISOLONE, a steroid, in Biloxi, Mississippi. The governments of Alabama and California and the Fed use the period as an excuse to silence Kurt in government, restrict his freedom, and destroy his dignity. Regardless of the fact there was actual assassination attempt against him in February 2001. Kurt Brown mentioned in this site has been illegally targeted and barred from participating in Mobile, AL, government meetings and now has a felony, after he innocently parked on Veterans Administration property in Los Angeles, AKA "Prisonus Maximus Profitus Pointy Cappus". Read Along of the horrors. Are they setting people up at V.A. hospitals from Biloxi to Los Angeles? Is it to stop whistle-blowers who know of waste and murder in the Treasury and Federal Banking Regulatory industries? Most likeley! It appears they did in Kurt's case. The drug causes verbal uncontrollable outbursts, and paranoia, lasting ">=6.66" months.

Even the dumbest animal in the world has the right to self preservation and defense. American Government has taken on an American-Gestapo nature and has taken away the rights of millions to leave or travel freely within the states. The crime syndicate known as factions of the Federal Government, hand-in-hand with factions of the state governments and courts, under the current U.S. regime, are giving felonies to anyone who tries to survive their murderous onslaught. Gestapo-American-Style governance is here today. Freedom is gone.


Forrest Gump loves to eat Bubba Gump's Shrimp, and Vaporize medical Green Jeans variety with Jenny and Bubba.

Kurt Austin loves to eat C.E.B.A.G. soy beans, preferably not cooked to a crisp, and enjoys coffee with Forrest, after the two Orangutans scythe the back lawn one-hand-left with a San-Wich Golf Club. When hostilities erupt, Lemons Un-Du, feed them Free-toes and give Straw-berries while singing C.E.B.A.G. (C.E.B.A.G. == God Allah Buddha Etheral Conscious, (if you go North and Turn Left, according to Billy Goat of Sun-Su-I O.)

Forrest is going back to Green-Bow Alabama.

KURt likes to howl in the mourning. Coming up, soon!"


Lesson One From Granny Miller, AKA Granulator, "How do you make a buzzard puke? Jab it with a STICK!"{

BIG-TIMER DISTRACTION NEWS FLASH: White Powder found on Bushes lips and Butt Crack.  Identified as belonging to Kurt's uncle Billy Goat, or a hippie communist in California-- Lake County, Peron?;.  Secretary Rumsfeld's future looks like it is getting hung up with the rest of the nation, "Pass the tissue, he is "coming out   in the closet as Nurse Ratchet" according to orangutan seamstress.  Preliminary evidence is, America's favorite uncle's Dreaded, "Foot Powder".  Puppet Feces on pecker wood with suspected lip balm under toe-nail!  Sha-zam!, Shit-Sam, Sun-Sui-O!

Here is a song written after post traumatic stress had set in after tangling with the corrupt factions of the dictatorship and their criminals in America, and it is titled, "4 Leaf Clover God Allah Buddha Ethereal Consciousness" in Windows Advanced Media Format. (C.E.B.A.G. == God Allah Buddha Etheral Conscious, (if you go North and Turn Left, according to Billy Goat of Sun-Su-I O.).  It appears that someone crossed the lines and made the word 4 Leaf into "4 Lead" once it made it onto the link.  Hmmm,?

Warning: Mystical forces are tampering with the volume, so go gentle at first, then let her thrust her volume up.

Also, Kurt has notified us that the song was written on the way back from Gravefest, at 4/20/2003, enroute from New Orleans to Mobile Alabama, when passing through Harris County Mississippi, after stopping for gas at two stations (.20 per gallon difference) and being seen or followed by authorities/fascists of Mississippi Trent Lott or a Corrupt Federal Banking Regulated Mobsters out of Louisana, or both, that a Red Pick-Up with a couple of other Trucks  and a small car in tow were playing dirty tricks again on the High-way to Mobile Alabama, also known as the Village of the Damned.  (V.D.) on Interstate 10, known as "N.O. Way Gorge." Tried to Kill or intimidate, Kurt, and his passenger as a witness.

"Call 911?--What a joke, just accelerate ."


Kurt's Grandpappy, " known to Children as "Buck, Buck, Who Gives A FUCK!", blind at the age of 89 after numerous wives and rarely seen, was sent in to identify brand of Powder and Feces source on foot.  Buck's reply after a couple of "wipe and sniffs", looks to the peculiar native object of planet earth in the Bush, and replies, "Identification? Life is butt a dream within a dream! "


Here is a song of tolerance and hope in a world of man, and it is titled, "4 Leaf Clover God Allah Buddha Ethereal Consciousness" in Windows Advanced Media Format.  It appears that someone crossed the lines and made the word 4 Leaf into "4 Lead" once it made it onto the link.  Hmmm,? C.E.B.A.G. == God Allah Buddha Etheral Conscious, (if you go North and Turn Left, according to Billy Goat.)

Warning: Mystical forces are tampering with the volume, so go gentle at first, then let her thrust her volume up.

Man in 4/20/2003 Racing to the edge, Cyclops minus one I. 

This link is to the group, RoteMore, and one song that highlights the voice in the land of Despair, that stretches far and wide through all, and it is titled "CHARGES".

 (On a side note, in an unrelated but coincidental Truck, homeless, survival story.  The real life story of Cynthia Johnston's homeless life in SF, the woman in the pic, sent to us by Lemons2. She deserves to be able to park anywhere she pleases, as she is free.)

Couleur 3 Radio Online....Bonjour la Beau Valerie, et la Beau Ellen et Douche Cherry Blossom, La Femme Magnifique Francais......SOS...POW...Papillion de Eureka en le Village Au Lever De Soleil. (Saint Ram Bone's Favorite Online Music Station)

It should be noted that all consequences of capture is out of Kurt's hands. He just naturally seeks out vermin. First he sought out the serial killer Kraft in LA, and now an Alabama Sheriff, the LA court system and the fed. Kurt is just a lure for criminals who he gladly serves as hors d'ouevres for the poor, with an assortment of musktirds. When serial killers pick Kurt up, he can not tell the difference between a dildo and dog-catching device, unless it is covered with musktird.

During an auditing operation in 2001, near St. Valentines Day, Kurt Austin Brown's truck was damaged in an ambush by Federal Deposit Insurance agency lackies, most likely probability. The audit objective of the operation was to determine if a murdering criminal element existed in the Federal Deposit Insurance government agency in San Francisco. (Kurt did not know it at the time, but he is always being set up to find serial killers (See Kraft-y Mass-Uh)) The highest man on the totem-pole in the office had been killed in his office on the 12th floor one moUrning, and the con artists labeled it a suicide and their nitwits called it laughable, and thus labeled it a suicide as well. After observing the functions of erratic behavior (familiar cleft feet, a dead man, and conversations of planned excess) it was obvious that the murder may have pointed directly to their union, the National Treasury Employees Union or the agency itself or both ~~. The selective replacement of employees during the huge early 1990's down-sizing left opportunities to structure key positions in financial transaciton oversight. The most critical point is that the high man was removed by execution. They likely killed the high man on the totem pole, but the low man survived and now is looking at their "House of Financial Cards", like a rabid mongoose. Greater than $2,000, therefore 2000+X in driving suspension damage is payable to Kurt Austin Brown, auditor of government for the poor, due immediately as payment toward extortion payments by LA county government. Do you want Saint Ram Bone traveling your high-ways with bad steering components. Barter: Release of Kurt in lieu of payment for damage to Saint Ram Bone's truck during the audit of the highly corrupt and murder-riddled federal banking and treasury departments.

"I once audited a complete government for the poor and soon found myself with severe Post Traumatic Stress from an ambush, and later unjustly in jail....Kurt Austin Brown, Near Easter Sunday 2001, still at the end of their whip in 2003." DOA? U.S. Constitution is an INVALID DOCUMENT. Tested and proof of Lies. Governor Schwarzenegger, cartoon character for the mindless of California "Pump up the constitution and get Kurt, Auditor RAin MAN out of California, or have him "Put To Death" by lethal injections. Austrians are well versed in the art according to Hacidic verse. "Or is Arnold a Hitler-esque Austrian genetic mutant?" We look to the Heavens and beg of superior being(s) to end the reign of the abusive over America as it stands and to "reinstitute the protective shield of the U.S. constitution for the common man of America and, in effect, the World."

We the poor honest Americans can not vote or enter government meetings or visit our families, but we can, "Cherish the idea of fleeing America and watching the design of the cruel and ignorant crumble under their own rotten weight". "Bring us shelter from the pain of the true elitist multi-billionaire criminal element or bring us death, here in the U.S.A." The shadow talker said of the U.S. government to the bleeding Auditor Rain Man in government custody, "Remember. They drew first blood."

A song of sought after chaos to restructure the elitist rot of our society, more of a techno experimental Windows Streaming Media Format song titled Matrix of Society, Spit It Out . Better Dead Than American POW 2000+X.

Los Angeles, California USA noted as worst place to visit in America. They ignore the U.S. constitution in total, extort huge sums of money or take years of peoples lives, hold men for ransom, in addition to killing and all forms of vice. Their only concern is for the dollar and the peso. An eye for an eye dictates a life for a life. Thy Kingdom Come, right " ?"

Be All You Can BE! Link to Forced Experiment on Veterans. We are Ashamed to be US veterans. We are the Poor, We are the Chumps, We are the "Forced $1 Million Bail 'Plea Bargain' Felony" Guinea Pig Chumps. Los Angeles extorts $250,000 bail per legal gun including those in U-Haul. We were soldiers. They taught us to defend ourselves then sever our heads for exercising the "Right of Self Defense". Never Blow the Whistle on Government and Park on LA (Westwood) VA Property, or you will receive forced injections of unknown chemicals and forced unknown medical procedures, have your dignity and clean criminal record ruined, your most treasured family possessions stolen, and if you believe in the constitution, you could become another convict X number like Auditor Rain Man.

Do not be surprised when the entire nation is under martial law within the next year or we are knee deep in Sheeeit. Via, 'N.O. Way Gorge' and crew. That is the day the corrupt elite start losing their grip. The poor and the common have got to pull together in some fashion. The corrupt federal boots with corrupt billionaires behind them are far too large and their Beastly Attornies Teeth have shredded the poor mans sacred document and protective shield, the U.S. Constitution. Read of Garibaldi and you will learn what courageous, compassionate, thinking individuals are capable. Capo Vaticono beckons Westward, "NECROPOLIS".

A key banking regulatory bureaucrat is dead. A veteran's life is in ruins. The U.S. government(s) have become the common man's worst enemy on many levels and their television is their blinding device. Kurt said repeatedly, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" I AM A PRISONER OF WAR IN A HEINOUS STATE IN THE NATION OF THE BEAST. Saint Ram Bone said in a whisper, "Guisseppe," "BRING ME AN ALLAH BAMMER 'JACK IN THE BOX!'" "With pinks stars and green Freakin DICk-lovers" Take a look at your ozone and the temps--Growin and gettin bigger...Better watch that old broken .22 that VA cop stole and did not list as one of the guns. That mother just mat bach-far.

By accident, Kurt discovered that murderers are in the Federal Deposit Insurance and banking regulatory agencies. An attack or amBush on Kurt was in retaliation for blowing the whistle on a CORRUPT FEDERAL BANKING INSURANCE AGENCY. Emergency--911 did not respond. Fear and economic manipulation are the whip used by the corrupt government of the U.S.A. and their entourage of billionaire multi-national criminals.

We should be developing Biotech Space Colonies and Biotech Propulsion Devices instead of following a Texan to steal oil while our world is destined for death from Global Warming and Ozone Depletion due to fossil fuel dependence. We are like a car driving to the edge of a cliff. Hit the brakes Bush-Lings or our bush burns. Political coup their political coup.

(Also a request of the Constitution Party and Radical Women Freedom Socialist Party to arrange a Com-Dex type of convention for all Third Parties to meet, network, brainstorm. Titled, "Common Peoples Parties Party". April 20th,XX (South Lake Tahoe, CA/NV)It will take all of the third parties strength combined to contend with the wealthy elitist parties. Synergy through strategic replacement of key candidate positions and strategic sharing of resources will guaRantEE ViCtoRY for the common parties against the elitist parties, unless they try to orchestrate another "Bay of Pigs" scenario by initiating a war. Bring Orange Golf Balls, a walking cane, snow shoes, and a Chapeau Soleil (sun hat) to play one-handed golf with the 12 wise men and a bucktooth Frenchmen, Saint Ram Bone, and Buck Wheat Jimi Hendrix. Good luck fellow common people with empathy for others less fortunate."

Los Angeles Superior Court was the chain wielding gallows tender for a corrupt federal banking regulator or their union. Kurt Austin Brown had notified the public that the murder of a top banking regulatory official had been labeled as a suicide, and corruption in the Federal Banking Regulatory and Federal Banking Insurance industries was rampant. Kurt was asleep in Moving Truck, with his Legally purchased Firearms in Possessions, and was jailed due to the atrocity of the absurd and unaffordable $1 Million Bail levied by Los Angeles County plus he endured Forced Injections by the LA Veterans Administration plus Abuse and illegal interrogations resembling Psychological Warfare by Veterans Administration staff and Federal SS agents acting on behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance agenCy. For acting on America's common people's behalf,the corrupt in American Government FORCED A PLEA FELONY (Some guns in U-Haul, $250,000 bail per legal gun --One an antique, Kurt's only remaining gift from his father who also served the Beast's, U.S. Government's, military division). Now, the gun, as patriotism, is destroyed.

911-Emergency did not respond to an assassination attempt. A sheriff, later proven to have stolen over $100,000 of food funds blocked Kurt's entry into a government meeting to report the theft and in addition took Kurt's gun permit for attempting to participate in government. Kurt, fled to Los Angeles and parked on Veterans Administration property one night seeking shelter until a rental was to be available the next day. The VA illegally searched his vehicle and he went through sheer Hell, and now the Government imprisonment and extortion continues. More power to all of the opponents of the elitist regimes in America in power. I am a POW in what was my father's nation.

A message to my passed father if he can hear this moment in time, "They took my only remaining gift left to me by you, the old Winchester .22 rifle. A gift more precious than gold, our memory of father and child. They took my dignity in the records of the world and forced a felony through terror upon me. What are the RAMificationS, my dearly beloved father? Who are these manipulative beasts at the throat and groin of our family? I pray for their removal and the reinstiution of protections for the common man contained in the U.S. constitution. The "Right to live". The "Right to own".

Conclusion: Los Angeles and the Federal Government, including the Veterans Administration, equates murder to owning legally purchased firearms? No, They are just corrupt and deserve to be held on charges of Treason for ignoring the constitution and their own corruption. More power to the coming revolutionaries. Remember, they own concentration camps (prisons), media, and weaponry. Remember history. Think of them as the beast and they are quantified as being more than an X.

11-5-2003.....Kurt Brown has informed us that because he is being held as a prisoner away from him family, now under the government boot for over two years, he will be "Withdrawing his felony pleas and all agreements of silence." Kurt said, "If they give a felony for defending one's own life in front of an American jury, when no one else would defend me after an attack on my life, then kill me, as if that is the case, 'I am truly a Prisoner of War". "If he receives a felony due to a rigged jury, America is not worth saving. That is one of many reasons he will ask that the case be held in Humboldt county instead of Los Angeles county. Los Angeles county justice is far too corrupt and he received forced injections and God knows what else upon his arrest, which is a direct violation of the Nurnberg Code, which is a guarantee even to the enemy in combat. Pity their common people, poor deceived wretches.

Any and all help is appreciated in freeing him from the extortionist and abusive governments of California. Kurt was a soldier for principle who served for life or death, and was not a Mercenary, the coming American soldier who is more like a Lawn Mower with no heart or mind. " Freedom of Speech gone. Right to Bear Arms Gone. Reasonable Bails and Bonds Gone. Beware of one of the elitist regimes detonating or spreading terror during the upcoming year to further the Dictatorship we are witnessing. Concealed in veils of California and Alabama and Federal Flags...Dripping with blood and rot of friend and foe, here and there"...Kurt..imprisoned since 4-22-2001."

WARNING: NEVER SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The wealthy know better because the public schools are highly underfunded. The poor are increasingly under authoritarian control, subservient, stupefied, and eventually in their prisons if the commoners child is not a good "Garbage Collector". We have been manipulated by our enemies from D.C. to our Town Halls. Mobile Alabama is the best example. Our Favorite Auditor, Kurt Brown, is not allowed in the meetings. The Sheriff steals food funds, allows men to die due to neglect, and stole Kurt Brown's gun permit because Kurt was going to report the Sheriff's Theft. I would rather see a Blue Nebula make a skid mark out of this planet than see the most heinous of beasts controlling us with their lies. They call themselves Humans and with a Constitution. They are beasts with weapons controlling and leeching from us our lives and our childrens lives. Western European style Socialism is the next step for the Americas if the Constitution is not re-instated. WE will most likely have to witnes an upheaval with savagery to remove the Rabid Liars from our throats. That Genetic Mutant Austrian Clown Governator Schwarzenegger must have bitten the dust. He wanted to protect The Super-Wealthy from Taxation in California and steal from the Indians and the Poor. Guissieppe Garibaldi said, "Got A Rope, Hang The Pope, Up With Garibalidi". Kurt says, "Got a Beast, Get Some Yeast, Self-Rising Austrian Genetic Mutant Hitler-ish Disease." "Damn the lieing and kidnapping bureaucrats and thieves of the state of California and their federal pimps. Somebody needs to teach LA judges about the U.S. constitution or somebody needs to enlighten the LA judges on Constitutional Law and the necrotic results of trying to deviate from it. Because the Government, Federal and State drew first blood against Kurt, other disabled veterans and children, Kurt wants those cold blooded menaces to "the society of pain feeling humans" to dangle like a rack of Goats with the proverbial "Crimson" treatment. NEVER AGAIN serve the regimes that abuse the poor in the U.S.A., keeping them from family and stifling their participation in governmental development.

Kurt's request, "Give Me Liberty!, or, Give Me Death!" you unethical governments of LA's of the USof A and your elitist comrades in the World of Russia and USSA.

HONORABLE COMMUNISM ALIVE IS BETTER THAN BEING A HONORABLE CONVICT DEAD. Communism is good. Socialism is better. Constitution was best...butt dead.

The FDIC has blood all over their floor from murder in San Francisco. They have shuffled players into key employee slots like the Harlem Globe Trotters of Financial Mambo-Jambo Felony A-foot. They are in reality the Three Stooges and the murdering elements are corrupt and devoid of human feelings in their offices in San Francisco and at the Seidman Center in Arlington, VA. They tried to kill me. The Government, Federal and States, did not like that I survived. If you report the federal corruption like I did, they will try to kill you, and if that does not work they will frame you...Proven Thief Sheriff Jack Tillman Mobile Alabama took Kurt's gun permit when Kurt was trying to give his audit findings to the Mobile AL city council. Jack said no. Jack got caught. Jack got off, violating the Sunshine Law, a felony, partly due to the corrupt extremist federal regimes assistance in Mobile, AL. The criminals in government are many in number and never revealed. Our lives are NOTHING TO THEM. I would vote for almost any party before the elitist, if I was allowed to vote in this aristocracy of criminals and murderers. AT least the foreign dictators do not lie with the Success of Hitler that they are the great distributor of democracy...Millions of US poor can not vote....The poor mans voice is not represented in government...Count the prisons and prisoners mothers...then count the millionaires children in their Hell, practically none. Democrats and Republicans need a Wake Up call on their Fox and CBS News Channels. They betray any and all poor soldiers. The elite of the United States and their regimes and bureaucracy mirror the Roman Empire before it fell. We are in Grave Danger from their unsustainable course of survival. If globally, the elitists succeed in imprisoning and entrapping every corner of the globe, where is the relief valve? Monopolies are never good, including on International leadership. California makes money on Prisons. They do not allow the Death penalty because an imprisoned man makes more money for the huge prison industries union for the California prison guards. The elitists in this nation are not human in the heart, and if they are, we are already dead. Remove the crown and power of those who wear the robes of in-justice and profit so unethically from their metropolises of Hell--American prisons, abundant. If California ever reinstates the death penalty, the true animalistic nature of the West will prevail and the gallows will flow with the profits of blood on blood. Look at Bush, Jr., who kills for the thrill. He loves it, evidently. And the Veterans Administration Police had the nerve to steal my father's old .22 Winchester rifle from the farthest reaches of a U Haul. My Retribution...I am taking my Felony Pleas back and all agreements to silence, if we are not under martial and military law by then. America, what a Joke. French Canada anyone?

Kurt Brown, Prisoner of USA's Elitist Regimes War against USA Poor once heard a mother's prayer, more of a question actually, to a thieving sheriff, Jack Tillman Mobile AL, allowed to steal food funds, gun permits, block government participation by the poor, and Jack is allowed to kill by our murderous federal government in the 'not' United, States of America. The white haired woman of fading beauty said in a stern voice with a Southern Accent, "Jack, have you made your peace with the lord?". James Carpenter was sane. The government always calls the poor insane when they kill them. Good Mourning to the Corrupt Elite and their Corrupt Bureaurats, Prison Guards, and Sheriff! They can all, Go to Hell. Hail to the chieftains of war for the poor across the bloody globe. Sea to bloody dieing Sea. The Elitist parties design is killing us. It is time to scuttle their parties and move our futuristic agenda forward. They are outdated at best, dangerously and pathetically lethal at worst.

"After being given a deliberate overdose of a contra-indicated medicine, a steroid drug for pain by the Veterans Administration, during the election of George Bush, Jr., I had a vision, 'American Soldiers Rushing The White House Lawn, Regaining Our Rightful Place in The US Government of the US Constitution." "Tread with as little blood as possible in jousting out the elitist beast from the seat they, the Wealthiest 2%, monopolize and control. Small wealthy groups, coast to coast. They are not us. They are not even suffering....Yet." Schwarzeneggers having tea for two and a photo op, "In Hiding.) Tax Break, Pump You Up. Bring some yeast.

For those who follow this living account that parallels in its significance to Nixon's Deep Throat controversy,Kurt has informed us that the Los Angeles Public Defender said, "you will have to pay for an attorney or continue to live with the USA governments abuses and injustices." War is imminent on every front. Bow to the beast? NEVER! "I was a bank examiner, an auditor of sorts." "I audited the bank examiners. Government assassins tried to kill me." "The government did not respond to 911 or emails or anything." A proven thieving sheriff, took my pistol permit. Now they persecute me like I am a stupid dog. They are full of betrayal and sinister motives. If we get No Justice, then they get No Peace. We have no money, and they steal our dignity. Rise up or Die in their shackles of stolen money, body, and mind, and always chasing our essence. Count the seven wishes.

12-21-2003 Bulletin..Funds Still Needed for ransom Request for funds to be sent to pay Ransom payment of Week, $91.10, payable to Los Angeles Justice System Extortionists so that Kurt can move to Oakland near his family while being forced to stay in California. The cost to possible be able to come back to Alabama is over $1K, and I would rather the money go toward other more pressing causes, as many are in despair. The phone number is below. Kurt has informed us that he is withdrawing a "Forced Felony Plea". The corrupt criminals of Los Angeles State and Federal Bureaucracy used a $1 million dollar bail ($250,000 X 4 for legal firearms ownership) and forced injections and psychological warfare tactics to force the felony plea bargain, forced silencing agreements on an assassination attempt against Kurt initiated most likely by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for blowing the whistle on their corruption, or their union the National Treasury Employees Union.

Beware of some of the factions of Treasury Department's Secret Service. They have an image of protecting the President. In reality, they are a huge agency, with some aiding corrupt members of the Treasury Department and the Banking Regulators (FDIC is one), in stealing working American's hard earned money. You may notice their theft through the depreciation of the dollar, as they have hidden their crimes. Repeatedly they violated laws in trying to silence me, an ex Bank Examiner and Auditor who witnessed the crimes within the Banking industry and in City and State Governments.

Boycott California for giving Felonies for legal gun ownership and for ignoring cries for help after an assassination attempt with no response by 911 or numerous federal agencies. Beware of the California state government as they extort money from people in any way possible. They will even sell you their medical marijuana and try to steal your money at a later date in their corrupt courts, with some counties allowing 3 marijuana plants and others allowing 99 plants. Beware..if you never used it, do not, unless you need it medically and there are no substitutes. Marijuana is often used as just one of the traps, although it should be legalized as it is no worse than many other approved drugs. Their laws purposefully and unethically contradict each other, just like the US Federal and other State laws. The enemies of the common man who have bought our government have designed legal traps. Also, 13 states or more have disenfranchisements laws forbidding voting by those who are allegedly felons. It is a slave era practice that is only allowed in America. Avoid those states also. We are in a War of rich against poor, and the poor are losing. Most of The elections appear to be shams. Hide your guns and prepare other measures to defend yourself against assassins and criminals in government. The constitution gives you that right. They have burned the constitution and replaced it with Third-World style justice...No Justice, just more extortion and ransom...especially California, Alabama, and the Federal Government which hides behind all state governments, so that the Fed too can ignore the US constitution.

Free the soldiers in Quantanamo Bay. Get America out of the mid-East and persuade Ariel Sharon of Israel to give an inch and stop the wall. Jews are not the problem. A Thousand(s) years is a long vacated land in-deed, but at what percent Arab did the Israelis leave?. Ariel Sharon is starting to resemble General Custer, and I am only part Indian. Human nature is Evil nature, and that is what me must ALL overcome. If we do not, then ?????.

The government of Mobile Alabama, Federal, State, And Local, commit the Felony Violation of The Open Meetings Law, by not allowing Kurt Brown into the City Council Meetings to Audit Mobile Alabama Government. They are an abusive exclusionary faction, and they are Soon to Vacate some Seats or open some doors, or both.

12-20-2003 "I am another X, with no constitutional protections from hidden mobsters within government. I was attacked by corrupt American government for auditing their murdering and thieving and squandering activities, then they denied the attack on myself, then they FORCED A FELONY PLEA on me for owning legally purchased firearms. I had no prior felonies on my record and had worked as a Bank Examiner and Auditor most recently.

84 is the Or Well book that fore- tells of this wretched Jacko Bone Hol-0-Day. Forced medical injections with forced experiments with admitted edit of medical files in Los Angeles VA, Westwood according to a clerk named in this site. Evil Bastards treat vets like dogs, corrupt Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation hiding behind Treasury Department SS (Secret Service), hiding behind Veterans Administration, hiding behind most corrupt court in nation, that of Los Angeles, one of the most vile and corrupt courts in the United States. I pity all of the Mid-East under the current Elitist vindictive Klan-Like USA Heel, the fake Democracy where millions of us "Disenfranchised niggers", some semi-caucasian some semi-indian some semi-african, but all poor ass Disenfranchised niggers as defined in the dictionary definition as lesser humans, unable to vote in the USA. Germany is held to a higher standard of Democracy, where everyone votes, regardless of life situation. They were afraid of a New Bush, I mean a New Hitler.

REVERSING THE FELONY PLEA, FORCED. Kurt Brown is telling the Los Angeles Courts to go to Hell with the rest of the corrupt Jack-Asses with badges, ask Jack Tillman Sheriff Mobile Alabama and proven $100K thief with jail death penalties payments in excess of $1.45 million. (James Carpenters daughters should receive free Four -Year College Scholarships in Alabama's colleges.) Kurt Brown, the mix blood American is poor and a veteran and native of this nation that spits on us like we are their fools. "Where Art Thou, Auditor of the Corrupt Elite and Protector of the Poor?" "Saint Ram Bone!"

Enroute to Alabama via California through a'Boulder. Jack O'Lantern pickup, livestock drop off...."All One Hand Left Golfers Aboard, Jack"...Rule One, "Right Sdick has to touch ground." "No other rules. Fattened liars and con artists on American television up first, 'Senor y Mutant Drama Queen'. Never mind the howling hyenas."

12-14-2003 Text Link as tribute to a sad and true real life American Truck Dwelling Story, Give A Rose for the Holidays from Saint Ram Bone to San Francisco's Cynthia Johnston, photos by Kim Kum_N_Itch.) Count the Homeless. Count the prisons. Count the disparities...One Answer, Saint Ram Bone as President, Cynthia Johnston as Vice President.

A Free Public Announcement:(The greatest sacrifice is loss of life before death. Remember to fund spinal cord research for the paralyzed.) Multiple(s) benefits.

-History Duplicating is Modern History...Saint Maximilian Watched as His Father Was Called 'Stupid Pollock', and Hanged Among a Circle of Men, and the whisper came, "Mother of God what is to become of me?" Then she came to me holding two crowns, one white, the other red. She asked if I was willing to accept either of these crowns. The white one meant that I should persevere in purity, and the red that I should become a martyr. I said that I would accept them both"

Saint Ram Bone is , I hope, Soon enroute to San Francisco after declining Humboldt Contract Probation Officer's, Mo Anal Probe and Egg Hunt in humbOlT abode. (Mo often finds Cherries according to District Attorney Pee Wee.) If this weeks ranson is paid, Sound The Alarms, San Francisco Gate, Mark MOFO! (MorFord) Kurt in Truk on BAK in KAB in Spot, and home-sick for Alabama's St. Stephanies forest. He was a refugee of Los Angeles in Eureka. Before that, he was a refugee of Alabama in Los Angeles.

(Stay Tuned For FACE OFF in 2004...Corruption of Government versus the Ethical of Society...The Most Hippocritical of Holiest of holies ($) versus the Saint Ram Bones.)For INVESTORS and day wage workers, if you want to see comments on how the dollar lost 25% to the Euro, take a look at your Treasury Department's mafia infiltration and the EU president Berlusconi at the BOTTOM of the Accessory page. That is not just Italian Sausage in that gravy. Smell American mobster turkey in that kettle...'Bam' to Chef Rue Paul. National Treasury Employee Union criminals with Freakin Dick (FDIC) in a Hollandaise sauce over Spanish field rice and Berlusconi Fried Pork Finger Snips.

Kurt Brown, Auditor Rain Man, has been abused by corrupt government and is about to do battle with them in their arena, the wealthy corrupt tyrants courts. He is just a little ex-First Class Burner, now a disabled veteran and accountant with a burning desire for auditing corrupt murderers and thieves at the highest levels, like the Treasury and Banking Regulatory agencies and corrupt city governments. Your government has gone to hell. They block millions of votes, rig elections, and make a joke and humiliation and slave out of the common man. Sadam Hussein, George Bush Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger's bosses, Ariel Sharon, and a division of bureaucratic ax-men and women, who are like the plague and wreak havoc upon the innocent around them. They spy on us like snakes in the grass, and all of them hide under parchment with the scrawl of "Patriot Act" written in blood and chains.

12/12/03 (Open Season Thrust in Los Angeles Courts when the corrupt thieves in government try to silence Auditor Rain Man in Los Angeles Superior Court....Watch X number at Los Angeles Superior Court Files. Court date soon to be announced. If sent to prison or silenced for daring to stay alive after auditing government and surviving an assassination attempt, enduring forced injections, possibly with experiments or procedures at a VA that resembles enemy controlled territory, start the Revolutionary War II to reinstitute the constitution. Those men in control are not one of us. They are not suffering. Elitists in Hollywood hired Schwarzenegger, the Austrian Aryan Facade of comical protector and tyrant, to represent them so that they could hide behind him and avoid paying their share of the taxes, and avoid justice in corrupt Los Angeles courts where there are no more American Judges worth redemptions, in most cases of the poor.

I audit government for free. This site has many contributors but the facts are true and proven, either outright or logical evidence. I am Kurt Austin Brown, X number, or forced felony plea bargain number by Los Angeles Superior Court (In Exchange of Funds and Favors with the Murdering National Treasury Employees Union at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), given for being auditor of corrupt States and Federal government, since 2001. We have caught numerous US government officials in corruption. Nothing has been done to any of them. It is obvious that the governments of the United States are in many cases in our modern era not our allies but our opponents, like men in a death bed of ignorance, greed, and malevolence.

To have children in America is to invite your future offspring to a ringside seat to the complete disintegration of everything known as human, for better or for worse. The government is closing out all voices of educated discontent, therefore if the doors of government do not open for all in America, we will likely see things get worse as technology dilutes and destroys all we knew, loved, and cherished.

A disabled veteran, one of thousands betrayed by the U.S. elitist governmental regimes, (Note: ABCNews.Com has removed a link at site on Los Angeles Veterans Administration..The Doctors there are often cruel and Force Injections and physically abuse. AVOID LA VA WESTWOOD Kurt Austin Brown, has informed us that all donations to pay his RANSOM can be directed to the extortionist legal system in Los Angeles. (Another Link To Abuse of Veterans by VA. (Another Link To Abuse of US Citizens and by VA 1999.

To J.C.'s daughters and mother, "We apologize for not having brought your beloved father's and son's murderer to justice, YET!" A $1 Can of Lysol stolen by Mobile Alabama Sheriff $100,000 times, hording more than $300,000 times. Kurt and others have stopped his theft, but it was too late. The Sheriff also blocks Kurt's entrance to Mob. AL city meetings, took Kurt Brown's Gun Permit for trying to report the Sheriff's theft, and sent police to his home to harass him aftwerwards. The incident occurred in City Auditorium in front of Cameras and 15 deputies near March, 2001.

I was set up to be silenced and destroyed by the government starting on the date of George Bush Jr.'s election (ironically), and continuing to this day. Never take Veterans Administration heavy dosage pain medicines, like Steroids. If you ever report corruption in government by calling emergency 911 and emailing numerous federal police agencies and reporting an assassination attempt against yourself in front of your city council's news cameras, AND IF YOU GET NO RESPONSE FROM POLICE OR GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES, expect retaliation and abusive miscarriages of justice against yourself and your family by corrupt government agencies. Help free me or kill me.

I was forced to take a felony plea and sign agreements to silence by corrupt federal banking regulatory and Treasury department thugs hiding behind a VA hospital that does forced medical experiments and forces injections on veterans. I am taking the forced felony plea and the agreements to silence back. I fear I may never get a jury that is not rigged in America due to unlimited corruption in the highest and wealthiest layers of the American Bureaucracy. I will demand a video recording for my children to see. I would prefer a jury at the United Nations where the world can see the murderers and cut-throats making deals with Americans lives at the world's demise and at the common American's detriment.

Methylprednisolone was given to me even though the VA knew I would react to the drug. Systemic Lupus Erythmatosous type reactions to drugs was on my records at the VA from prior visits. Methylpredinisolone made me feel like Vincent Van Gogh and Beetle Juice, all wrapped into one. I have discovered a corrupt thieving Murdering Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob. AL who blocks my entry to the city council meetings of Mob. AL, and who is still in office and helped in the illegal heist of a honest man's livelihood, mine, and another man's life, the deceased father of Two, James Carpenter passed due to flesh eating bacteria at a jail that had no money left after theft by the Sheriff for a can of Lysol.

I hope for a better world and life for the future children, and that is all. Unfortunately, once any of them are given an X number by the corrupt legal system spawned around us, they will have that X number for life, even if later exonerated of charges. I will be one of those unfortuante victims of a system designed to crush the average man. We must ask, "Truly, all kidding aside, 'Who is your friend?, or who is your foe?' Then ask, 'Why?' The governing power of the USA through the corrupt elitists regimes was spawned by violence. Through violence, they will meet their end, either directed at them from above or below. Let them create their own yard stick, 6'. We are not even treated as citizens. We are their niggers, all men who are poor. There are no milllionaires in Los Angeles County Jail, only a lot of foolish men who served the elitists parties government's military regime. The evilness and hatred of Americans in many if not all American cities is spewing out like puss from a boil in a panic of self-dedribement.

George Bush, Jr., and Schwarzenegger and Ashcroft and Treasury Department strong arm SS, Secret Service, and Patriot Act all equal another era of severe oppression by extremists, soon coming in wave after wave, creating with each a rise and fall, of its own design, with each having the same internal weaknesses.

"I would rather be executed in a quiet and safe location in agreement with an executioner than be a prisoner of the corrupt and elitist California Government operating hand in hand with the New American Terrorist, the Federal Government of the USA, Pastey faced and in patent leather, two-bit murdering hoodlums tried to kill me and then imprisoned me and tried to silence me." "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death", Patrick Henry 1700's, Kurt Brown 2000's.

The Federal Government, hand in hand with the California Government, and Alabama Government, are isolating and intimidating a whistle blowing auditor, Kurt Brown. He is very ill, from his disabilities from service, and from forced injections against his will by the government, also with likely experiments at a Veterans Administration hospital. He also has severe and untreated Post Traumatic Stress from an attack on a highway by government hired or government-related assassins for blowing the whistle on high level corruption at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco. He was forced to remain silent by a judge, who Kurt says can now join him in Hell, because the Drug they were giving him was most likely just a deliberate abuse to force silence, in violaiton of the Dead and Defunct U.S. Constitution. The attack was denied as to have happened and has been ignored by our corrupt and murderous government entities. California State and Federal Government is just another in a chain of states in need of a good audit and Puritanical cleansing. Today is Thanksgiving 2003 and he is forced to remain isolated in Northern California from his family by the Federal and California governments. The abuse, including the giving a drug by the LA County Jail and Veterans Administration for a condition that Kurt never did have. The drug Neurontin was issued under a false diagnosis and the drug was later found to be ineffective for almost everything. The forced drugs, forced medical procedures, and isolation and terror, including injections, most likely with experiments and abusive and illegal interrogations by federal Secret Service (Treasury Department) have taken their toll. Our government is as alien as any Nazi regime or regime of Attila the Hun. Never question them. They act as one and cover up ALL crimes by their rank and most of their file.

Kurt believes that the Veterans Administration has performed unauthorized procedures against him. The Los Angeles Veterans Administration, Westwood Hospital, Records Room Clerks in mid-2003, admitted that they edited Kurt's medical records when before he was to view it, removing, "Doctor's Notes". A Ms. Doktor was handling the files. He received forced injections against his will and other procedures in 2001 and wanted to see what else was done to him, if the information was even available. Those corrupt countrymen who are my sworn enemies till death, forced a felony plea and silencing agreements in 2001. The silence is over regarding a murdered regional director for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco near Market Street in the financial district labeled a suicide, and the fact that at the FDIC, or Freakin Dick, Seidman Center in Arlington, VA was discussions on how to be competitive with other agencies in an increasingly automated field, bank examinations. Murder and silencing methods is the current arrangement for the FDIC. They will even steal from ex-Green Berets in legal transactions. The murder of the Ex-Regional Director of the FDIC in San Francisco, prior to the current Mass-Uh, can be directly inferred from the attack on Kurt for blowing the whistle on the FDIC and the damage to Kurt's Truk as witnessed by Mark Dodge automotive repair in Mobile Alabama. Kurt is very ill and needs to return to the care of his wife who is a nurse. Post traumatic stress from an assassination attempt, forced injections, imprisonment, psychological abuse by federal agents, extortion, an allergic reaction to VA prescribed methylprednisolone due to a systemic lupus type reaction in late 2000 and early 2001, and certain conditions necessitate that he leave Eureka California. Kurt is a disabled veteran. His government is trying to make him commit suicide or drive him insane. They never accept responsibility for their medical abuses. They never recognize their abuses in their courts who violate the rights of the poor, and they especially disregard their shoddy medical care for veterans. He has endured their incessant abuse for almost three years, since the George Bush, Jr. Election, when he was given Methylpredinisolone in heavy quantities by the Biloxi Veterans Administration, issued by a Nurse Practitiioner. The Veterans Administration had recent numerous account of drug interactions that looked like Systemic Lupus Erythmatosous (SLE) to various drugs. It is well known that SLE and Methylprednisolone have a 50% or greater chance of a severe psychological reaction to the drug. Let the government know that we will not tolerate this type of abuse. "Please", per Kurt's request, "Kill me or let me leave California permanently to be with my wife and family out of state. I despise your corrupt government and the attitude of indifference by your populace. Court avenues of justice are so corrupt that we can only hope for escape from the United States and possibly justice extolled from an outside source. The war never ended. I am an American citizen punished by our oppressive, murderous, and abusive military rule government. Pray for freedom from Hell's bridle." "Expose their lie. Tell mine and J.C.'s tale." The war is not in Iraq. The war is in America, Rich versus Poor, common sense versus greed. Some socialists are our friends, more so than some prison building capitalists and a cadre of manipulated mutt prison guards. Ho Chi Minh City is Zen compared to Hollywood from a jailhouse window. Remember the "Bay of Pigs", when our government was going to start a war against us, to allegedly defend us...liars exquisite, Rich bastards, Now Iraq and history repeats, beloved bloody Ur. Nice Machetes and flying Tomahawks. If we continue to follow the un-informed of the elitists parties, we will all be Piss ants aflame. Their design is all about their money and not our lives. Our war is in America, Rich controllers of media and oil and patent rights and political parties and the bureaucracy, versus the Poor who control nothing, including their lost freedoms in the USA, stolen by the corrupt and ethics-less of the upper 2% of wealth-holders and their entourage of cut-throats.

Music CD's soon to be sold in a link on this site. CD's by Saint Ram Bone AKA Auditor Rain man. Songs like, "Jack is IN the Crack, and Your Kids Ain't Comin Back", "Matrix of Society, Spit it Out", "My New Orleans Sock Feet N Government Cheese", and the MOuRNING STAR FIGHT CLUB collection agency favorite, "Brown Lizards Laughter", and more. Contribute $20 or more to the ransom disguised as probation and receive a CD with a personalized and signed diamond jacket CD and Art Cover . Remember, "Never send your children to U.S. public school in grades 1 through 8. The U.S. government does not in reality care about you or your children, except to control and dominate and manipulate you. It has been proven by scientific research that children are fare better in private schools." I would prefer to be dead than in the hands of my greatest betrayer, the men and women of the Federal and California and Alabama government who have built the largest criminal empire known in the history of man. I want out of the United States, but first, I want out of California, Dead or Alive. If we do not remove the corporate vampires from the seats of political power, we will all soon be dead. They are truly vampires of our health and wealth.

In this site is a tragic story of many lives in America, the Land of Prisons, Oppression, Lies, and eternal war perpetuated by some factions of America's government and millionaire pimps whose only desire is for mediocre self gratification, greed, and domination of humans like they are animals. I was forced to take a Felony Plea by the Federal Government and California Government and Alabama Government for exercising "The Right to Live and The Right to Own" after no one else, including emergency 911 and emails to the fed would contact me regarding an attack on myself. I was forced by a Corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, at the Airport Court near LAX, to remain silent on an assassination attempt against myself. I was given a drug for a disease I did not have in LA county jail, and I do not have the disease now. The drug only made me feel very sick. I have long since quit taking the drug and I am suing the drug company because they lied about what it was supposed to treat, and under a class action lawsuit. The LA airport Court Deputy Public Defender said I would have to pay for an attorney to reverse the forced plea. I want to sue the government but they are far too corrupt. I am taking back my Felony plea of having guns in a vehicle with a U-Haul while moving to LA, and I am certain that the corrupt Governments of these Disunited States will target me because I think of the current monopolistic millionaires Regimes and their Bureaucracy as being nothing more than another blood-mongering and power-mongering mob devoid of empathy for human suffering. Cold calculating killers at my ex-employer as a bank examiner, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, with assistance of the National Treasury Employees Union, tried to have me assassinated (98% Confidence level), and could not succeed. Then they had me prosecuted with the assistance of a corrupt Treasury Department agency, the Secret Service while in the LA jail, and a Proven thief of A Sheriff in Alabama. The LA county jailers gave me a drug proven to be ineffective for anything including the disease for which they gave it to me, and which I did not have, and the Secret Service or SS illegally interrogated me in LA jail, and a Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was proven to have commited numerous felonies including "murder by negligence due to theft" helped to set the entire avalanche up against the auditor.

Factions of the government are highly corrupt and have tried every avenue to silence me. They even gave the drug Neurontin to me for a condition I did not have while in their custody, a drug that is linked to causing suicides. Their illegal and forced injections and medical procedures, physical abuse, $1 Million dollar bail ($250,000 bail each for four legally purchased firearms in a truck and U-Haul) and the drugs they gave me made me sick and I was horrified of what they were doing to me and what they planned to do to me, so I signed their agreements. The drug manufacturer of Neurontin admittedly lied, and the drug even makes people suicidal according to a statement at

1-1-2004 New Years Resolution: ALERT ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS AND MILITIAS, Many American Politicians, who are media darlings and corporate WHORES are one of the worst variety of war criminal, as they have raped our US constitution and the common mans rights in the process. Others of them are simply collecting pay checks, with a small contingent swinging for the down-trodden, and to those we the poor and common owe patronage. The vast majority of the ethics less control the editing of media so that we are never heard...none of us common and poor, from every US state to every foreign shore. Take the Gloves off Boys and Girls, let the Elitists murderers in the high chairs of this squalid nation see their monopoly break. "The Wheels of Liberty are Oiled With Blood"-- Quote by a founding father. Let us hope the web can bypass that eventuallity. They Abuse and Manipulate The Common Man of America and The World and they Do Forced Experiments and Intimidate and Create Horrors in America after the blood-letting is done. They make the "Thinking" common man sick in their perversions of our supposed "Just Democracy", their damned lie being exposed here on the web. During The Year 2004, Disrupt Without Blood-shed the Elitists Regimes parties, Democratic, Republican, and Wealthy Independent, and their Bureaucracies as they are an invading force as bad or worse than any in the horrid history of modern man. The first disease of the fallow sheep is silence.

1-2-2004 A few humorous anecdotes and science observations are being added to the Love Line Page at the top, for those who are tired of Stephen King. At the Home Page II - Is Added Ingredients With the Indecipherable by Rote time line.(This site has more than one contributor, and is often written in despair and longing..."Human-kind", the double meaning.) Be kind to the average American, they know not what some of the ethics less do in the highest Government Cabinets, therefore they should not be made to suffer. "Lastu ghaniyyan" is Arabic for "I am not rich" "God Allah Buddha Ethereal Consciousness Share the Same House, Like Limbs of the Elephant Tree", and together we rise or compromises.

3-26-04 Auditor Artist, Kurt Brown, has been diagnosed as having had a small stroke.   "I am OK, I suppose, although some of my lower vision is not there according to a doctor," Kurt said.  The stroke may have already occurred earlier in life and it may have been what kept Kurt's  memories from being zapped by government or mobsters associates.  But then again,  most likely not.  The zap by the mobster associates, with electrical or chemical means, if that was the case, which I think it was, was either in San Francisco near St. Valentines Day 2001 after trying to film the coming and going at the FDIC, or the shock or chemical injections to the head was in LA at the VA on 4-22 or 4-23-2001.  Kurt re

I served the military of the United States, at one time in Los Angeles. After being disabled and years later was seeking shelter when none was to be found after having left the employment of FDIC in San Francisco, I was betrayed by a circle of men and women who call themselves human and true Americans, but who only advocate for themselves at all times, with no empathy or compassion, with only their own greed and malice. Blood soaked highways of America network a Collection of Fiefdom city-states, each under the Dictatorship of the upper 2% of wealth-holders control us like their farm animals, tossing those who cause awareness of our plight to the side, either in prisons, the cemetaries, or exile. I was a childish fool for having killed the first animal without the need for a harvest, and I was just a fool for having served the U.S. military under the controlling hand of murderers, tyrants, and men who behave as lesser than the lowest swine, causing the ultimate deceptions and pain. The lesson, keep moving when the land goes fallow or falls to chains of thought or body. America, the grand facade of hidden destruction where I am just another prisoner of their design. Keep your children from them. If you want to server a military, do it abroad, as it gives you a second citizenship...murderers are murderers regardless of Zip Code.

1-28-2004 GMT Hola to my English wanker friends. I had a moment with a locale recently and he indicated that I was a fish on the US governments hook and line and sinker. Corruption is so rampant, I really feel no need to lie that I or anyone can make a difference. Much like the Shark on the hook who looks at the boat above and wishes it was a whale, and finds when on the surface that it is a Pelican with a beak full of stolen votes from the ballot boxes and I realize that his pouch is not resilient. Review the Blue Print to Democracy to view the veins reflecting on the surface. Sink or Swim or Flies aye Mate, Pacific to Gulf to Atlantic.

1-27-2004 CST "I live in sheer fear and terror in the U.S.A." "I was an auditor and a bank examiner and then began auditing government" "I have endured abuses unknown and the corruption of government is so large, that it can not be stopped, and they never cease with their abuses and their lies on their media and chain gang fronts."

"Their great media darling of the menstruating month is Donald Trump", "a professional thief through the preying on the weaker mind's gambling addiction." "Thump the Trump Taking a Dump" Now that wood bee entertainment.

1-26-2004 The countdown continues for Kurt Brown's announcement on Freedom or battle in the corrupt courts. Saint Ram Bone above does not advocate any drug usage, but he says, and District Attorney of Eureka, CA, P.W.H. agree, "Leave those medical marijuana growers alone on A Road in Humboldt County, California." "Those two refugees had hotwired those peoples bunny hole." "Close the bad eye and U C." "And U.S. Government, VA, quit giving people Snake Oil Salesman's drugs that make people go Nutty!, like Steroids for pain!" You know I am already Post Traumatic and Strung Up, Mother F...."excuse moi!"

I heard a whisper and it said, "All of you lefties should not group together in California. George Bush and the cronies who support him will have all of you whacked. Do not think it has not happened before. Count the numbers 1 to 10. Separate wide and far in large enough groups to sway political turnouts, then howl like a MoFo" Saint Ram Bone is part hyena according to one ex-wife source, XXII.

1/24/2004 The US government, Federal and State and Local, have taken our right to bear arms away from us. Even if 911 does not respond, we are to drop all vigilance. Yet, read this excerpt from the site the sanctioned slaughter, ""The latest deaths brought to 512 the number of American service members who have died since the United States and its allies launched the Iraq war March 20. Most of the deaths occurred since President George W. Bush declared an end to active combat May 1."" They direct us to kill and die around the globe, and yet we are not allowed the right to bear arms in self-defense as you will see in this site.

Saint Ram Bone says, "Be All You Can Be, Leave the USA, AKA La Isla Mas if they expect you to fight for their right to Be!" "Count the homeless Vietnam veterans scattered on the roadside from yesterday's war lord political parties, History repeats" "Dictatorship, Dick Tater Script, Let them fight for it in the rough!". Ruby Miller's haunting words on my day of guilt, when I signed up for the USA's platoons of mercenaries, "Did you not learn anything from Vietnam?" My reply on this day is the memory of a suicide victim, a young man 19 years old, returning from Vietnam, and foregoing for meat, "Nam E Si W" AKA Wiseman, his name foreseeing this horrid day in my life in exile by the design of our captors calling themselves our governments.


2-2-2004 The weapon of the future is not a gun, as that is our current bullet-head leaders forte. The future victor will house the secret of physics, of crawling around between the exterior spaces to derive all that is needed, including escape. Always leave a back door open. Never trust any government agency or agent. Updates on Prophetic Poem Art II page. Thanks for watching for their assassination or imprisonment of myself, an outspoken visionary in the dieing American governmental landscape. Today, I am still in full battle with the United States governments, having survived an assination attempt almost three years ago, and imprisoned, then exiled to this day. A new lawyer is currently arranging court papers. To my brothers in Arabia and Israel, do not fight their war, as it is their wealth. They view you as a fool or dog. Our house is your house, come to the forts in America, where a new community is soon to be erected that defies the evilness of our current over-ruling empires. They are not even human, and their telivision ads smack of ass-crack and their government buildings are huge edifices that will soon house the dieing and the imprisoned, due to their design.

Saint Ram Bone does not advocate the throwing of feces at America's elitist dictatorship's politicians or their propaganda mules and whores of the Hollywood Jet Set. However, taking a dump on their patent leather carseats is commendable. Political analysis of thievery by intent by the Heartless mass of the American Elitists Dictatorships Constituency in California, the Prison state and Governmental Nightmare...Schwarzenegger and the multi-billionare Hollywood crew. If we have no country we have no will to live. If we have no will to live, there is nothing to fear in the great upcoming battles...if kneed bee.

Governor of California and Protectorate of the Rich, Arnold Schwarzenegger is nothing more than a front to protect greedy bastards and bitches in Hollywood. Old Indian women out of the Patriarchical circle sleep in the streets without AIDS medicine. Arnold takes away benefits for the homeless, AIDS victims, and taxes the Indian casinos heavily. Arnold then takes out a large bond issue, a loan that incurs heavy debt, and instead of helping the poor, he gives a tax break to rich bastards like Jay Leno who own twenty luxury cars by giving rebates on tag purchases. This is America, the Hell being unleashed by the talons of the elite meat eater. What comes around, sells for a Pound.

That is OK, the lies contribute to their so-called indestructible empire with their pointed heads at the top, the better the quicker. The American dollar lost 25% of its value in 2003 to the Euro.  Our multi-millionaire thieves at the National Treasury Employees Union are likely working with the mafia of Europe to rob the common American. My first warning to you was in early 2000 that the mafia was in the federal government and the auditing controls were dismantled in reality and that we were heading for war, eventually nuclear.

Our current enemies and elitist animal hearted men of ignorance and politicians of election fraud and stuffed ballot boxes, and generally prejudice to a caste system, Salute the almighty multi-billionaire and those prison Bars and whorish Stars on that blood-drenched rag we call the G.D. American Flag, and starve the street dweller and average American and kill those with ethics and empathy or imprison them and toss them to a caste. They no longer need you as a soldier, they have machines. They no longer need us as citizens but as a form of life to be squelched or harnessed like mules. To see them fall will be the vision I had in which the armies of pain sensitive man swarmed their corridors of power in the American Kremlin, Washington D.C. with their entourages from their fiefdoms of the upper 1% of wealth owners. They are number one, so number their caskets, number 1. Besides the flood of blood and chains, at home and abroad, What is the point of maintaining America as a nation when members of the federal mafia are siphoning off the value of almost half of the American Dollar into the European Union's favorite mobster, Berlusconi and his U.S. Treasury Department and U.S. Government banking connections? While our children are lead down halls of educational and cultural ignorance, eventually to their prison yards and welfare or low pay day labor work heaps. Of course, our keepers in the Rich are so swift in their subtle monetary manipulations, they may have funneled the ill-gotten funds into existence through multiple currency channels, eventually taking their toll in the Euro and Dollar exchange rates.

Never mind, smile, that TV distraction Hound, K.T. Kerr-Rich and the entourage of idiot TV, Radio, and Newspaper proganda is, smiling like a Guard in front of a Gas Chamber Door, killing your family on the gas of their propaganda. My prayer is that we get rid of the caste-ridden vampire facade of a just America with huge and growing disparities. Look at how compfortable they pick our bones. More power to all of those on the OUT. America, I want OUt. Their flag makes an honest man puke, for what it truly stands in the stench of death and the common person's destruction.

Why do we allow ourselves to follow them into the ditch they designed for us and our families, outside of their cannabilistic cicles, their ditch of pain and deprivation through their manipulation.

I am calling for a complete separation from direct US government intervention with conduits from your own societies to the greater society. "I once viewed two fish farmer's lakes." "One had one large pond, and the other had numerous isolated ponds with flow controls." "A red algae spawn burned the life from the entire farm of the single pond farmer, and only a few isolated ponds of the multiple pond farmer survived, but his salvaged ponds breathed life back into the entire farm project."

It might be highly advisable to form your own communities if necessary,just like the elitist 2% who hide from us while they attack. Have Midwives deliver your children or bring the gloves and watch the surgeon closely, including the possibility of having the child at your home to avoid any set-up of magnetic wave, etc., as our forever unknown enemies in the caste system know that they are at war with us, as from our greatest nightmares, there is the possibility they can be expected to behave in the most sinister, devious, and hidden and obvious methods. Science has opened the door to the most evil and sinister agendas and the US legal system has been sold out to the highest bidder, regardless. Organisms, chemical extracts, manipulation even in the dental chair should be considered. In the future, if not in the present, any form of contact, physical or psychological should be approached with Caution, just as if you were taking your child for a walk among the lions and snakes of the rain forest. Form Schools with Local Teachers and Focus on Standardized and Non-Standardized, including cultural tests....The day of Trust of American Government and Industry is dead...Damn The US elitists weapons of mass destruction and selective destruction of the American........ The Audit results indicate a necessary change is due in America, to shift gears into this century, without grinding up the citizenry. Beware of the malevolent wolves, politicians, of yesteryear with coats of oil and blood and manipulation, and those with indifference to suffering, not caring for the whole population. Their elections are scams, and what is lurking behind that manipulative visage of purity and duress is likely not even a human heart, or feeling. We would at this juncture be better off as aliens abroad. Their war is about to begin. California government, Alabama Government, and federal governments are my greatest terrorist threat. Many of them have chains and hearts as vacant and cold as stone.


2-2-2004 GMT Question of the day: Who is the worst governor, Schwarzenegger of California or Riley of Alabama.

Schwarzenegger runs an almost anal-Nazi ship, with a bunch of people who share one commonality...Greed and indifference to a growing sea of homeless and manipulated citizens..a rising Prison State with the Great Aryan Facade out front to protect us, while a hatchery of human shit lines up behind him to ax us to a caste. They are the New Nazi Cast for the real life movie of the Governator in the dieing year, 2004.

Riley of Alabama, the lunatic with a pause. The election boxes in Alabama are rigged every year, and it is allowed. Thousands upon thousands of the poor and targeted can not vote due to disenfranchisement laws (Ex-felons can not vote in numerous states)....e.g. Orange County California gives a Felony for picking a Orange from an industrial grove...Now that man or woman or 18-year-old can not vote in the state of Alabama for picking an orange because they were hungry.

An Alabama man, myself, fleeing for his life due to auditing corrupt government, flees to California with a Uhaul and legally owned guns looking for work and avoiding harm to my family if attacked again with no emergency 911 response. Now I have a felony for parking on VA property because I made a foolish mistake, "I Trusted The USA Government, But Never Will Again, Unless Changed". That horror began in 2000 with the deliberate dosage of Contra-indicated medications by the Veterans Administration, an untrustworthy Federal Agency, like all of them. Then in 2001, I was attacked for blowing the whistle on the corrupt FDIC. No 911 Response. They say, "You must be insane." I say, I would rather just leave their country. Riley, and much of his crew, simply lack foresight, and any real ethical basis. Even the Poltergeist carried the good book with his bloody aprons.

Never become a spoon fed squirrel in the park, the feeders are often talon bearers.


I am a Prisoner of War in My own Country, never performing acts of malice or violence, only attacked from all fronts. Now all I want is out that most malicious of States, California and Alabama, the Twin Sisters of A Rope-King controlled by the wealthiest 2%, who are as abusive and manipulative, or more so than similar dictatorships in Russia, China, and elsewhere. I served our military of the US in belief that it was for the protection of the COMMON U.S. citizen and for protection of constitutional principles. I was in err and believe that I am being punished from a higher source than these mighty men of dirt and war, for not researching my new master before I donned his chain and bracelet and talon.

Now I cringe that those same bastards smile every time an Arab is Killed, whether it is in Iraq or Palestine. They announce on their propaganda outlet TV, with a smile, "More than 8 Palestinians killed". Unnecessary. Ariel Sharon will soon be giving pointers to the American Dictatorship on how to best kill unarmed Americans. Dam their elitist monopoly and regime. I fear for my life under their tight death grip. I would rather go ahead and fight to the death or be thrown in their gas chambers, prolific.


1-13-2004 A visionary is as welcome as another Prickly Pear Cactus in a desert of starving hyenas. Open the doors to government, Felonious Federal Government and City Government of Mobile Alabama...

Los Angeles California Government free Auditor Rain, Kurt Brown..."Warning--If they control your emotions, they control you." What appears to be true at the moment is often as false as a red herring drug across the trail of truth.."Look Beneath the, or their, Surface(s)"

*In memory of the Vietnam Lesson, a young man named Wiseman, just returning from Vietnam, some time before 1968. "Soon Wiseman was dead", having asphyxiated himself, according to reports, behind Bellas Hess Department Store 1960's. Wiseman did not asphyxiate himself, as the good are sometimes calculated out before their deeds bear fruit. (Look for second and third level influences to cure the disease of human sorrow, and those who oppose complete empathy and compassion, which includes finding out who and why some can completely violate our constitutional protections in the United States.)

His name was WISEMAN and temporarily resided on Rosewood in the depths and Sunset Heights I know. The message is "Nam E Si W, and that name is not in bright lights, either. Where the reality is spelled out, and "Si" is Italian for Yes or Understand".

War is not the solution, and Prisons are 6 times greater harm and 6 times greater in population in the US". .


A struggle is going on within US government to remove the Nazi mobsters but they may be too entrenched. Painting and Digital enhancements symbolizing an honest auditor examining the sick Freakin DIC, FDIC, and finding mobsters and Nazis ET N U, NTEU. Details in site. Charity Donation Painting for sale, $911. Contact Webmaster for relay. 3-17-2004 New Additions...analysis of NTEU and auditing principles Prophetic Poem Art II


In this link is a tribute to those for eign child victims of the Factions of Murderous Nazi-like Fascists in the USA, I say to the dead Iraqi children, "Winds Change Everything, Fire and Ice." I no longer view the US government as the ally to the compassionate humans of the universe. The heads of the ruling factions are nothing more than murderous New American Nazi Shee-it, soon to be fit for a Boot.

A note to Furze and Jorane is on the BOTTOM of theProphetic Poem Art I page on the morning I departed to California for the last time and soon discovered nuclear waste clean up teams in New Mexico. Also, I sent a letter to a Senator who is a veteran warning him of potential Brutus's at his back in government. I saw him pitching for war, so he is probably safe. I am against the war in Iraq and I am against factions of Israel warring with Palestinians. It is unnecessary and futile and brutal. Brothers ripping out each others throats. The Government had the nerve to take my guns in 2001 when I was running for my life. I believe that some factions of government are using contradictory laws and traps they have designed to create a prison state in which many of the lower caste are used as slave labor. They are the same factions that push for war. I believe Nero of Roman History was not a bad fellow because he wanted to free imprisoned men. History's later victors likely lied about his later exploits of abuse, or he had contracted syphilis. Which brings up the burning question, "Do our current war loving leaders have syphilitic induced insanity?". Peace, Freedom, and Mutual Respect, and I sure hope Furze and Jorane will wait for me. Life is like a box of chocolates, and if you live in Humboldt county with the Yurok tribe, life is like a kaleidoscope. Two Tom.



4-28-2004 GMT 4-27-2004 CST is not being broadcast in parts, if not all, of the USA..this is their link (They had a story about children shot next to a humvee by our soldiers. I wrote and told the author about the Nuclear spill or explosion in New Mexico that is listed at the bottom of the assassination attempt page. A media blackout of Saudi Arabia's primary online English newspaper is a devastating blow to the alternative voice in America. Most likely too many opposing viewpoints for Americans Nazis, Kosher and Non-Kosher. Not all Kosher and Non-Kosher are Nazis, and it is with those we hope for the future, otherwise slavery of mind of body or thoughts or modes of communication makes death seem a salvation.


When the US government, or any other, in total acts as your betrayer you must realize they are not necessarily your ally. When hospitals force injections upon you knocking you unconscious, and charge you over $850 to transport you to a room at the hospital, for simplying reporting a chemical or nuclear burn on your body and the fact that toxic or nuclear waste clean-ups are nearby, "It might be time to move." Kurt Brown, Burn Victim On Many Levels By Way of Factions of The USA. Beware of the false contingent from the outside. "In the end, all I wanted was a job as a bank examiner." "My father, a victim of their traps, told me he wanted me to be an attorney." "Now, I never will be an attorney because I was targeted to get a felony by the American Nazi-like factions when I reported murder and criminal activity while working as a bank examiner at the FDIC in San Francisco in 2000." "My father and I have walked the mountain together, vivo et post-mortem, Horse Mountain, and I recommend the summit when traversable."


5-6-2004 American government has been lost on the federal level, as the politicians of our era are solely the mouthpiece for the foreign based billionaire. Local and Federal government treats me, an honest auditor, Kurt Brown, as their enemy. I shall view them likewise henceforth.   On the local level the amount of government has been lost to our enemies, the common man's enemies, varies state to state.  On the federal level we have lost at least 99% in many locales. California politicians are in the dope and prison and   corporate pay-out positions, while New Mexico and Arizona politicians belong in most part to the Mexican mafia and a few backward folk who behave like Nazis of old and their forte appears to be prisons and a growing slave labor market.  In Alabama it is the same old tired and highly oppressive and abusive governmental factions who feign some sort of closeness to God. Locally in South Alabama they point the muzzle and muscle of 15 of the corrupt Sheriff's relatives guns into our faces. They tote badges for a Sheriff, Tillman, re-elected by coup, and who is a proven thief and who took my gun permit after I reported an assassination attempt upon myself and when I was going to report the Sheriff's thievery of $100,000 of Federal and State money. The Nazis of American government did nothing to the ethics-less Nazi-like Sheriff who has swindled the county coffers broke with aid of the city council and mayor. America, as long as the flag is held by our enemy, just say piss on it and when the invaders are among us, just say, "Bonzai".

"This is not my wretched county" to misquote Talking Heads.  I see no reason to remain in the USA and will soon part company with their whorish politicians and that mafia union the National Treasury Employees Union, that controls everything from sea to dieing sea. They attack and murder everyone. They attacked Kurt Brown repeatedly, and he survived. They had a hand in the murder of the regional banking director of the FDIC and they likely had a hand in the murder of the Enron accountant in Texas labeled a suicide. The federal police force should be a multi-organizational effort. However, it is all under one mafia controlled police force on the federal level.  Adios Machachos, enjoy the 11 million strong Mexican Army that the Nazi and President George W. Bush and Schwarzenegger have let into the USA.  I hope an Iraqi soldier who was a victim of American Governmental aggressions under the Political coup d'etat regime of the Republicans makes Schwarzenegger swallow that so-called "Safe Passage" coin and that Bush is forced to wipe his rectum with the Patriot Act and his children suffer the consequences as ours will suffer in the future. I am not allowed safety in this wretched nation, or a trial for justice, or the release from their filthy corrupted two-bit hoodlum masquerading as government fists. Under Bush, the current regime(s) intend to throw us into anarchy and thus the all supreme and feigned closeness to God group like those in Alabama will point their muzzles deeper into our faces and our homes and attempt to take everything, possibly life and limb. That is a prediction of fact.

American media is a propaganda tool for their manipulations. I pity this place and especially the poor of the mixed race.  We need a  full scale revolution, or my family will depart from this nation I pray, one by one from this soon to be wrecked third world nation, the USA.


End of Excerpts from the Home Page