p>"I asked the outer chamber, 'Who is the best example of what not to be?" "A man with firearm to defend himself, or a silent member of a nation following a sub-group on an unnecessary and cannibalistic of human-life warpath?' The answer came back, "CRYSTAL, Clear!".

The picture above is that of a child victim of war, but it is symbolic of what certain members of several factions of the local, state, and Federal Governments did to the heart and patriotism of, Kurt Brown, a honorably discharged disabled American veteran in the span of two years and it is continuing as of, from 5/2000 and beyond 2/14/2004. The unfortunate victim of American governmental tyranny was jailed in 2001 for a non-crime as listed under the constitution. He was fleeing his native Alabama due to persecution for alerting the public to crimes by the Sheriff and the local government. Sheriff Jack Tillman was later discovered to have stolen $100,000 of inmate food funds and was hording over $300,000. (Here is a song for the Sheriff Jack In The Crack titled, "Baretta", 'Keep your eye on the sparrow, henchman', from the old TV show, in which the henchman is now in double-reality, "The Henched".) One inmate, misdemeanor arrest, James Carpenter, died of a flesh eating bacteria as a result of inadequate sanitary supplies at the Mob. Co. AL jail, therefore he was a victim of negligent homicide, allowed and exercised by the Sheriff Tillman. A song has been written for the widow, and a song has been written about the Sheriff in the lower part of the Home Grown Music page.


As a precursor to the horrors detailed here, it should be noted that Kurt Brown, a disabled veteran was injected with unknown substances and underwent unknown procedures at VA Medical Center Los Angeles, Westwood, after simply parking on their property while moving his belongings and seeking a home and employment.  He was compliant before the forced injections by VA medical staff.  Prior to the injections he gave a video taped account of the assassination attempt against himself, in which he was calm and compliant.  They said the injections were to calm him.  He was already calm.  The VA in LA Westwood should be CLOSED DOWN PERMANENTLY FOR MEDICAL ATROCITY.  Now Kurt wonders if the small abrasions in his mouth, with headaches of a peculiar nature, were not experiments or illegal aggressions by the ghouls who run VA Medical Center Westwood, to cover up corruption in the Federal Banking Regulatory industry and Treasury department on the West Coast.

In April 1999, all research projects at the Veteran's Administration West Los Angeles Medical Center were shutdown after many allegations of medical research performed on patients who did not consent. An investigation showed that not only was research being done on patients who had not given informed consent, but also that research was being done on patients who had expressly refused consent. Investigators found multiple violations of the government's code of research ethics. As is typical of government bureaucracies, the proposed solution was more management and more review, not criminal prosecution, and not termination of employment of unethical personnel.


Kurt was prosecuted and persecuted for exercising his legal and God-given right to defend his life after an attempt upon it.  The attack upon his life was immediately prior to the attempted whistle-blowing on the corrupt sheriff at a city council meetingHe was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress at the time due to a previous attack  that was probably initiated by a federal government agency or its mob-like union, and the Post Traumatic Stress continues to this day.  Read along for details.  Undoubtedly his punishment was exponentially increased for revealing possible atrocities, in addition to massive waste, corruption, and possibly organized crime infiltration into the federal agencies overseeing Americas vast banking regulatory and monetary systems. 

Murder and crime are commonplace in American government, from the local to state and federal levels, including agencies overseeing America's vast monetary wealth.  Their clandestine associates who handle murders have mastered the art of hiding murder under another guise, e.g. suicide, car wrecks, heart attacks, etc. 

They attack and persecute not only government employees, but anyone who questions their abusive and tyrannical authority.  The IRS is the easiest example of abuse but the game of murder and crime becomes more commonplace and violent among the agencies hording/overseeing America's monetary wealth.  To see a related story that has direct evidence of a connection between organized crime and the intelligence community in the operation of a federally insured financial institution, the freerepublic.com site has an excellent news article.

For being honest and exercising his rights as an American, the veteran was being persecuted by several federal agencies working in conjunction with the terrorist-like Los Angeles Justice System.  He is a disabled veteran who now wonders how he was ever conned into serving a country that betrays their own

The abuse of the vet by the federal government began when he was terminated from a federal monetary agency in San Francisco (Which he is not allowed to name due to corrupt court order....free speech is dead in the DAMNED US 2002), and the abuse intensified when he was relocating to LA and was searching for an apartment for several days while towing a U-Haul and unable to afford to have the U-Haul unloaded and reloaded repeatedly at a storage facility and then eventually an apartment.  He made the dreaded mistake of taking shelter one night after being awakened parked in a warehouse district and drove to a remote roadside next to a Veterans Administration Hospital grounds in West Lost Angeles, The Westwood VA Medical Center.  He had stopped there to rest and get medical care while moving and seeking employment.   

During a time of financial ruin and physical and emotional distress he was forced to take a plea by the makers of, "The federalization of crime", i.e. "If they want you, they will get you."  In addition to other bails, he was given a $500,000 bail for having two legally purchased out of state hunting rifles in the farthest reaches of a U-Haul attached to his truck.  He was given the ridiculously high and unjust total bail of $1 million dollar bail for having four legally purchased firearms in his belongings, that were either in the U-Haul trailer or his moving truck.

The corrupt US government made it impossible to make bail and for Kurt to assemble his case showing the atrocities he had suffered.  Kurt was faced with two choices: (1) Die of a throat slashing or bludgeoning by gang members  in L.A. jail while waiting for a jury in the clogged LA courts and unable to assemble his defense, or take an unjust plea by the tyrants we call the LA Superior Court, who were operating hand-in-hand with the United States federal agency, the SS and fascist authorities of the tyrannical federal and state government in L.A.. 

Kurt's view from the razor-thin slit of a window of the Los Angeles County Jail during the end of the unjust and horrific stay in USA's tyrannical rulers socially inflicted hell left a scar in his heart that can not be healed.  The sight of the American Flag now makes him cringe in the same way a Jew viewed the Swastika Flag.  It was ironic that he was guilty of no crime under the constitution and yet was learning of the atrocities that all common men suffer who fall victim to the US political design of corporate sponsored government that leaves all common without a voice.  When you try to do the 'right thing' in America and blow the whistle on a thieving system, such as a thieving sheriff that is providing malnourishment to inmates, and a federal banking regulator that is corrupt to the highest levels, you are eventually persecuted.  When you are corrupt in America, e.g. like Sheriff Jack in The Crack, you can steal $100K, and if you are a mobster for the federal banking regulators, you receive corrupt payments that make Jack seem like an amateur thief. etc.  The legal authorities ignore their atrocities and similar political and corporate and legal professionals of high rank.  The art is titled, "USA, Pisses on The We", and is available only in digital format.  The image from the window was a US flag with a POW flag underneath.  In the background is the swallowing of everything human by a snake, a corporate snake.  The hypocrisy demonstrated in the love of country by corrupt authorities and politicians is enough to make a mongoose puke.  Counting the days till freedom and to Escape The USA.  Click to enlarge

Kurt was extorted of high sums of money that he continues to pay, stripped of voting rights, and the rights of being an honest American.  A .22 caliber rifle given to Kurt by his now dead father, his only gift, which he had owned for nearly 30 years, was stolen by the U.S. federal government through their whore, the California Superior Court.   The injustice of America in 2002 is based on economic disparity not racial hatred.

All common men are at risk.  Hide your guns from all federal and state officials as their goal is to disarm us all.   Trust no one in government common people.   A side-note: Tell your families children to never serve the military of the US as it stands.  If they draft, head for a border.  Our families now know of the lie of the ad of US patriotism.

His U-Haul was ILLEGALLY searched when the VA cop, who for no legitimate reason, harassed Kurt for parking on a wooded and deserted remote roadside on VA propertyThe VA Police at the Westwood VAMC in Los Angeles are notorious for their hostility toward disabled veterans and anyone else who enters the large complex.  The VA cop lied and said the disabled vet was parked in the road and in front of a "Visible" No Parking sign, which upon inspection is an obvious lie, considering the vet had traveled thousands of miles before and never was lax in his driving and parking habits.   The vet suspects that a corrupt faction of the federal government, possibly the Secret Service (SS), acting on the behalf of a corrupt federal monetary management agency, may have issued an all-points bulletin on the vet and his vehicle.  

The hostile VA police found the Vet parked on the roadside where he was resting and trying to deal with the pain of his disabilities in his vehicle, which was his temporary home at the time..  The VA cop, who obviously acts outside of the law and ethics, demanded the Vet out of his truck that had a large U-Haul trailer attached, searched the disabled veterans vehicle where they found his belongings and paperwork describing massive waste at the federal agency from which he had been fired for his disabilities.  They automatically contacted the corrupt agency and the Secret Service  who acts as their strong-arm enforcer and immediately the agencies were pushing for long term incarceration.  The Veteran was shackled out of doors to a bench all night in the night air and then went through a long series of abuse and atrocity at the VA Medical Center and later in LA Superior Court and the immense Twin Towers Jail in Los Angeles, which is a labyrinth of abuse and neglect.  Two inmates from one of L.A.'s gangs tried to slice Kurt Brown's throat while he was there, for no apparent reason, and possibly on behalf of organized crime figures within government.  Some say God Bless America, but when many reflect on this incident, they say it is time for revolution in America to rid ourselves of the corporate controlled parties, the Democrats and Republicans, and to rid ourselves of the corruptness that infiltrates to the highest ranks of America's monetary management agencies!!!

Also, in the paperwork, were details outlining the likely assassination of a Regional Director from a agency years earlier.  It was allegedly listed as a suicide.  The veteran also  revealed that he had been attacked by assailants on an American highway, near Lafayette Louisiana, (at the approach on I-10 from Vinton La. to Lake Charles La.) for what he believed was in retaliation for revealing the massive waste at the federal monetary management agency and the likely covered up murder of the regional director of the agency in the 1990's.   The veteran asked this reporter not to name the agency due to the illegal stifling of his rights to Freedom of Speech by the heinous and corrupt LA Superior Court system which forbade him to name the agency through an illegal gag order that was forced upon him.

The veteran had been fired from the federal agency eight months earlier because  he would not drop an EEOC complaint he filed when he was told that he was being recommended for termination.  He was told that he was being recommended for termination only after he had physical problems that were inflamed when he had problems with one assignment because of his disability incurred in military service.  The person who terminated him from the federal agency was contacted regarding the vets arrest.  The disgruntled, and likely corrupt, Federal supervisor,  pushed for long-term incarceration because of the vets revealing the corruption and waste at the agency.  

The Secret Service works closely with the federal banking system agencies and act as strong arm-enforcers for the corrupt agencies.  During their interrogation of the Vet, who was ill and vulnerable, the Secret Service was abusive and bullying toward the vet.  The Secret Service should not be allowed to act as a Police Agency and a monetary oversight agency in their duties of investigating counterfeit money, as it breeds a close relationship with the obviously mob-influenced federal monetary agencies.

Of course, even though the vet survived the assassination attempt,  it was completely ignored, disregarded, and covered up, by federal and state law enforcement when it was reported.  The vet suspected that the federal agency in possible conjunction with the Union or the union's "associates" had issued the assassination attempt.  He also suspected the same circumstances in the alleged death of the regional director of the agency in the 1990's, i.e. an ambush, which was made to look like a suicide in the high ranking director's office.   Of course, considering his high level in government, he was probably corrupt and caught regardless.

We recommend action be taken to dethrone the corporate controlled tyrants of politics and the likely mob controlled agencies overseeing America's monetary system.   Kurt intends to leave the United States when he is allowed, in 2004, and hopes to never return if the government and the federal agencies continue to abuse the common and poor Americans.

"Patriotism in America has become an ad campaign", as long as the government spits upon us and ignores the crimes of big business, the mob, and corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials, the United States is progressing toward a Nazi-type of social control. The government and the elite have used and abused the common populace of America, including the soldiers who they hold so dearly during war time and spit on during peace time.  The time has come to resurrect the true American flag for what it stood.  Perhaps, someday, patriotism can once again be more than an ad campaign.


A young woman from Mexico once told me, "If you try to correct the injustices of the world like Jesus did, you end up crucified." The truth is that I tried to correct injustices in government, and I found her statement to be very true, as now I am an unemployed, disabled in addition to aging, and with a forced felony plea record for legal gun ownership, and employers do not even talk to me. Thanks VA and federal government banking regulatory agencies, now I am your welfare recipient. Go ahead, shoot me like you did the FDIC regional director in San Francisco, I will not tell.


Vechter corpus ad sequest dens

Watchman Body To Toward TEETH



(Symbolic of death of patriotism in a once-patriotic American)