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1488 Italian Garb


From Ghirlandaio's 1485 Young Woman. The sleeves almost appear to be sewn in, though I've seen other people do tie in sleeves that look like this.
Ghirlandaio's Birth of St. John 1485. Shows the seam and the way the sleeve opening is laced.
Ghirlandaio's Death of St. Fina 1473. Another pic of how the sleeve is laced.

January 29, 2004 - I knocked out a sleeve pattern before Ursalmas and found a pattern I liked on only the second try. Though after wearing it all weekend, Ive decided I need to move the seam over a few inches as my elbow wasn't quite in the middle of the opening and caused the seam to rip higher up my arm.

Fazzoletto - On to the partlet

1488 Italian
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