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1488 Italian Garb

One of the first dresses I fell in love with when I joined the SCA was Ghirlandaio's Giovanna degli Albizzi Tornabuoni painted in 1488. Even though I chose an Irish persona, that dress stayed with me. A few years ago I ran across a deal I couldn't refuse, 4 yards of 100% silk brocade for $4 a yard. Its my exact shade of favorite green with black. I wrapped it inside another piece of material to protect it and put it away. I haven't had the heart to touch it until I get better at sewing.

But I keep coming back to that dress. So I have decided to make a first try at it, using different materials and then using that dress as a pattern for the silk brocade. While doing some initial research I decided that I liked the male garb of that time as well, so I plan on making an outfit for my sweetie as well.

The Dress

Dress - General Project Info
Gamurra - Underdress -
Maniche - Sleeves -
Fazzoletto - Partlet -
Giornea - Overdress
Hair and Make-up
Cuffia - Coif
Calze - Stockings
Scarpette - Shoes
Jewelry - Dress Diary Updated - 8/18/04


1488 Male Garb

This is part of a painting by Sandro Bottecelli. The second episode of The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti painted in 1483. Men's fashion didn't seem to change much over most of the middle and late 15th century.

Male Outfit - General Project Info
Camacia - Undershirt -
Mutande - Underwear
Farsetto - Doublet
Maniche - Sleeves
Calze - Tights
Giornea - Surcoat
Scarpette - Shoes

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