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1488 Italian Garb

Latest Diary Entry - August 18, 2004


Choker Necklaces




July 12, 2004 - For months now, I have been working on casting a pendent in pewter. I have a few cast, though I'm still not happy with how they are coming out. The pendant is based on a painting I can not find my notes for, but it is similar to the equilateral cross worn by the girl in red by Ghirlandaio. I hope to have some pictures up soon.

August 18, 2004 - I have been concentrating mostly on jewelry making instead of sewing lately. Bad me. I REALLY need to clean out my sewing room again. We rearranged the bedroom and lots of stuff got moved up to the sewing room, so its a mess. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect red coral bead substitute. I got some beads recently but they seem small. I'm going to bid on some bigger beads if the ones my friend got turn out to be a true red and not orange or pinkish.
In other news, the pendent is still not ready. I am waiting on some different pewter to see if it will cast better. I can not find an online image of the painting that has the pendant I am trying to recreate. It is Palma Vecchio's "La Schiava" (The Slave) 1518-1520 in the Uffizi. I can't check out the book and I don't have access to a scanner. Maybe I should take my digital camera in and try to take a picture of it and see how it turns out.
While I wait for the pewter, I am moving on to my next casting project. I shall make my own studs for a belt similar to Fra Bartolommeo's Costanza Caetani.

I have also decided to take up lapidary. I can not find the gems I want for my necklaces so I will just learn to cut them myself. The local club meets once a month and I hope to make the next meeting.

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