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1488 Italian Garb

The Dress

This project currently consists of one red linen mock-up gamurra with partlet, a mock-up giornea, a blue wool gamurra with red wool sleeves, a black and burgandy brocade gamurra with green silk brocade giornea, and a reproduction of the original inspiration complete with embroidery.

December 6, 2003 - I decided I needed a place to ramble about the entire dress project as a whole. I'm making a seperate page for the Male outfits ramblings.

I've made a lot of discoveries lately but the pull of actually getting the gamurra mock-up sewn has pulled time away from properly updating this site.

December 7, 2003 - Reorganized the site alot. Added extra detail pages, partially because the Gamurra section does not need to be three pages when I can put some of the details on their own pages.

January 4, 2004 - Okay so now the Gamurra section is at four pages. The fittings page was taking too long to load, so I separated it from the main intro and made a new page for construction of the bodice. And here I was thinking I wasn't taking enough pictures.

January 13, 2004 - I went to 12th Night this past weekend and finally found the fabric to go with my green silk brocade. Its a reversible brocade. One side is black with burgandy motif of a light knotworked lattice and a rose surmounting a cross of leaves inside each diamond formed by the lattice. Its so scrumptious. I'm going to use it for the gamurra and the green silk brocade for a giornea over it. I am also going to make a second set of sleeves from the reverse of the pattern and with what is left over I am going to make Darling a matching farsetto.

Camicia - On to the Camacia/Chemise layer

1488 Italian
Camicia - Gamurra - Maniche - Fazzoletto - Giornea - Hair and Make-up - Cuffia - Stockings - Scarpette - Jewelry
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