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Italian Costuming Page

My Construction Gallery

1480s His and Her Florentine Dress Diary

Italian Renn Construction & Galleries

Italian Renaisance Costume Construction
Clothing in 16th Century Venice
Florentine Dress Diaries
Middle Class Italian Renaissance Gown
A Late 15th C. Italian Chemise Pattern
A 16th C. Italian Camicia
An Italian Renaissance Gown
Glossary of Renaissance Dress and Textile Terms
1490 Floretine Dress
Farsetto Construction 1425 - 1475 - Really good site on Italian men's doublet
Sugar & Gamurre
Italia Donne - An Italian website
La Moda Nel Quattrocento
All Thoughts and Fantasies
Florentine Persona
Signora Giuliana Salviati's Site on Renaissance Florence

Italian Renn Pictures

Renaissance Portraits for Costume Study
Louvre Paintings & Sculpture of the Late Medieval and Italian Renaissance showing interesting costume.
Early 16th C. Italian Costume

Italian Culture

Medieval Italy
15th Century Italian Dance

Kiara's Costuming and Culture Page