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22jul22: I shall write a book about Dorothy Day and Eugene O'Neill.

Thursday 21jul22:
She told me she went to high school in College Park and then she went to college in Highland Park. I'm in poetics mode today, so that was super neat.

Tuesday 20may20: woah, sorry it's been more than a year since I've even looked at this page. This is where I put all my poetics stuff, right? Have I done plenty of poetry? Yeah, have I been too busy and scatterbrained to even do 20 minutes of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets or anything? Yeah. No excuse, I know. OK, so here's the shortest poem in a long time. At least something to share, right?

Poetry Month ends
Badly - I don't have a poem.
Oh wait here's haiku!

dedicated to earthday everyday...
3mar19 - Konetiuk a song about Konetiuk. Hope you like.

20sep15 - I sang some original folksongs and several old covers Saturday afternoon at the Down By The Riverside festival. It was a lot of fun. Then I got recognized from that at Waterford Stop and Shop while doing my part time detailing job, and then just now I'm at Panera having a sprouted bagel and I got recognized here too! It's so humbling when someone goes out of their way to tell you they remembered you and some of your songs and it's also such a blessing! I can't wait 'til my Masters Degree program is over so my time schedule isn't too tight and I can do gigs like that more often again like I used to. One of the songs I sang there. So much fun!
12jan15 -- Just published "Wordless Song" here at Angelfire!

6july14 - Wow, as per usual I'm typing in how I cannot beleive it's been so long since I've updated this page. But you know what? I've had this one since the early 2000's so just check it once or twice a year and stop complaining ok?

This is poetics, and that my friends, like mythology and all things metaphorical is on cycles that are NOT weekly, daily or monthly or anything, ok? Yeah, ok.

So how it is with me, let's see. Since the last time? Wow, too much to say all at once, I'll just mention these days. Starting another degree this Tuesday, the army's covering this one. Thank you army, thank you broken knee, thank you motrin and ibuprofin.

Working too many part time jobs to make ends meet, especially when my substitute teaching season ended 'til late August, right? Yupper. Beach Patrol nights, I'm like a young David Hasselhof without the abs. Weekends I sling chips, pretzels, steladora breadsticks and healthysnacks for a friend who runs his truck as an IBO (Indy Biz Op) this is actually one of my favorite odd jobs ever. Pays well and very chill. I'm good at it and EVERY time I say thankyou to a paycheck the boss says "no, thank YOU..." Good stuff.

Oh, and Spotify is paying a nickle at a time nowadays instead of a penny. Maybe it's going to be OK to be independent afterall.

Or not.

So lastly, here's a short vid of me reading WCW's "Red Wheelbarrow."


10may13 - IMDB (Internet Movie Database) just gave me a credit as "Obnoxious Paparazzi. That's kind of rude, but I'll take it. Yupper, in that world, bad news is good news, right? Break a leg! []

17jun12 - Moving much music. CD's AND MP3's. Just search google or bing for "soffty fasnfftof." :)

8dec11 - Have I mentioned that I love teaching? Well I do.

7dec11 - My Reverbnation site is kicking it! Here's a free song you can listen to just by clicking. And the download is completely free too. Enjoy!

28may11 - OK who do I complain to about leaving too many pages unmaintained for too many long periods of time? Oh wait, myself. OK, I'd better get with the program and do updates more often. Too busy and scatterbrained all the time I guess. Oh well. PLEASE ENJOY THIS PAGE and all the others while you "EXCUSE THIS MESS WHILE WE REMODEL..."

26apr11 Well hello there. (11apr11)

Hear "Chiapaneca" in: mp3 or real audio.

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I'd like to thank, God, my mom, my sister, all my close friends -- you know who you are -- my rekkid producer, my fiscal sponsor, my two competing slavemasters at Disney and GE, my attorneys, and -- what's that music mean??? -- ok, and former DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey. (27jul10)

Just in a very happy mood 2day. That is all. (20jun10) 100%
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21dec08 new website! Check it out...
22jul09 - Made Deans List again. Yippie!

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    I used to make more than I need:
    But that was when gas was 2;
    And rent was 6!
    And mortgages were like 80.
    Now I'm stealing manhole covers -
    At 5am for the copper content;
    And tearing down the aluminum siding...
    Right off your house,
    While you're asleep.

    i sure do hope you enjoy your thyme here /
    marco capelli's lower-case drama:
    this, my poemical journey to the center of what
    we each call the world.
    it's a weird one --
    this whirled, but it's R's.
    and we're each our own scenter, eh?
    take as much time, (sage too,) as you think you knead.
    hope my center (marco capelli's poetics page)
    is a safe warm place for you to relax, ponder,
    poke around, and perhaps find your own scenter.
    Or at least put on some deoderant and play pokemon.
    that is, if you're not already grounded.


    a poem
    by marco

    there is Mordechai
    unraveling the whole cloth
    because the garment
    is not seemless!

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    "River & Fen" *
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    AybAbtu (a found poem)
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    dedicated to Homer, James Merrill, Stephen Jones and Dee Sweet.
    "Coming Home" *
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