Marco's help for lost soles. (heels go to the next page...)

big, strong, small tiny!

br, p, a href, /a, mailto:, ul, /ul, li, keyword.
these are the bricks and glue you'll be using to build a web page.


oh, and it's safe to break some rulez now and zen...
(just remember to be m i n d f u l)

The best
journalist I know has chewed HTML down into a few
simple words for you to peek at. (-ed note)

Free windows tips
You probably already read the manual, right?

Downloading Netscape for Windows 3.1 takes 23 steps

Windows 95 is just 14 steps
(if you don't count the other 14, the other 6 and the other 7)

Local Apple & Mac Help Is Just A URL Away.

Using your laptop in bed.

Search the Whole Wide Web, quickly and easily.
We are Notbot

Pepsi Schmepsi.

Here what a DOS expert friend of mine has to play


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rule #1
never RiSk a SLOPPY page. Remember, order is the order of the day.
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Hmmm--you've got some interesting stuff on your hard drive.
Click to see what I found.

Promote your site to
34 popular search
engines for FREE!




target="new_win" target="iuma_music"

Places to click

My personal favorite ISP
Annoyances Org. (right. the rileybooks...)
Trumpet Winsock Help
Settings 4 U'r Mac!
A list of debunked hoaxes so you won't warn all your friends... (saves e-nastigrams)
My Friend Rob's Favorite Advice Link for HTML
ACHE TEE EM EHL Spelled Out. (annoyances org style humor)
Guitar Lessons are Phree. Internet Questions are $300 each...
Teach yourself another language
Look up stuff.