The John Ledyard Scholarship Foundation

The JOHN LEDYARD Scholarship Foundation

The John Ledyard Scholarship Foundation was established in 1999 to honor college students who have dropped out at least once, and have travelled more than 2000 miles from home at least thrice in their lifetime.

John Ledyard was born and raised in Groton Connecticut a few years ago. A college dropout, Ledyard has travelled with Captain Cook, was friends with both Thomas Jefferson and Catherine the Great, and has had buildings, trains and outhouses named after him on 4 continents.

Needless to say he died a very famous man.

When you pass on from this lifetime, which scholarship will you treasuremost?

Ledyard's best friend was Ben Uncas, and he was quite the out-spoken anti-war activist.

Potential recipients must possess similar profound valuable qualities. Send a 2,000 words or less unfinished essay to the mentioned address and foundation officials will send official scholarship application forms to your official address.

this scholarship is

  1. not needbased,
  2. not attached to the FAF form,
  3. and will not effect outcome of any college applications,
  4. under or uppergrad...

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How much you want/need.

Please do not try to send an essay or otherwise make a serious application for this "scholarship." It is a parody and a spoof. Its only purpose is to teach people about John Ledyard's life.

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