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I never knew how "grueling" it would be to move just 
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UPDATE - went down, Ann's page went down, lots of image 
servers tanked, this page will stay fairly unmaintained until I can 
decide what to do with it. I'm not renewing the domains: godlessfortbenning 
and godblessfortbenning anymore. That was a small battle of wits being waged 
that's pretty much over now. Enjoy any of the links that are still active, 
and of course song chords and lyrics and stuff. Because music makes the 
world go round, right? 

Lastly I should just tell you that my song "frybread" has become kind of 
a big deal these days. Nominated for a Nammy, hit single at reverbnation, 
submitted for nominations at the 3rd annual whaley awards. Wish me luck, 
eh? I mostly just want the lyrics to get out there far and wide, and all 
these contests sure are helping with that! 

Frybread Chorus - 

Hear "Chiapaneca" in: mp3 or real audio. Making Light Work by marco (c)1998 D G Let me add my two D A What else can I do D G A All I have is music G A D I'll do that for you; G A D I'll do that for you. :/ (repeat once before chorus) Bm A Venceremos Bm A Somos las nuevas manos Bm A Venceremos G A Mil manos, mil manos D G Let me be you D A For, what else can I do. D G A All I got is Song G A D I will sing for you, Victor G A D I will sing for you. (ch) D G Lets all be your hands D A Tell us what to do D G A All that's left is music G A D We'll do that for you, Victor G A D (Bm) We'll do that for you, Victor G A D We'll do that for you. NO MAS! (John McCutheon/adapted) Key Dm No mas, no more, shout the hills of Salvador Echo the voices of the world, we cry out "NO MAS! NO MORE!" No mas, no more - we must stop the dirty wars, Companeros, companeras, we cry out, "NO MAS! NO MORE!"
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Flash! One of Bishop Gerardi's Murderers'
Was An SOA Graduate. See full story.


12,000 people from all over the world converged on Fort Benning's
Columbus, GA gate last weekend to protest School of The Americas
because the tax-supported SOA allegedly trains central
american death squads using techniques that tax-payers do not
approve of.
   Over 4,400 people risked arrest crossing onto the base
marching to the school where latin american "students" were
barricaded in lockdown by authorities hoping to inhibit their awareness.


   "We will keep coming back and back," Bourgeois said over a
loudspeaker both days, "every year until this school of the assassins
is shut down."

   The Associated Press DID NOT contribute to this story, in the
author's effort to avoid propaganda and further psychological

Marco "Orwell" Frucht
(see this story in better context at:   )

* LET THE GAMES BEGIN 3apr99 by Marco Capelli Frucht Editor & Publisher ATI Zine. Box Score, Nonviolence Activists 7, US Government 0. OurNation'sOffensiveCapitol - [disclaimer: These numbers are recorded from my own eyes. They may not be accurate, but I believe they are close. I am waiting on both official reports and any so-called legitimate-press reports to make my official Prime Anarchist World News Report. -mf- ] Two Thousand Two Hundred Eighty unarmed people marched four abreast into the Pentagon to demand that William Cohen come out impromptu and discuss shutting down the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. Cohen abstained but asked the group to have their leader call his secretary and do lunch next Thursday, and called for the protestors to be asked to leave. The 2280 people agreed but not until they drew dead body symbols all around the Pentagon's front outdoor parade grounds in red water soluble soy based paint. They brought sacred earth from many other parts of the world so they could dump them out of a gigantic urn onto the lawn to show that "the eyes of the world are watching us," and they dismantled an effigy of a war machine to warn that after the SOA we're (oops: they're) coming after the pentagon itself. In their (OK: our) peaceful procession we were allowed to circle all five of the pentagon's so-called satanic sides. Fifty people or so were arrested. All but two walked wearing the stupid plastic garbage-bag-twisty-tie-looking handcuffs; the other two chose to go limp and require 3-5 MP's to carry them away. Some complained about being searched too thoroughly, but no one mentioned being hurt. Venceremos! >From the Pentagon Marco
If you read this far, here's a treat... AN OPEN LETTER TO MOM Dear Mom, Drive home from DC was a lot of fun. We only got two speeding tickets, got clipped with the highest price of a toll for not being able to find our toll ticket - $16.50 in Pennsylvania and just about every mile we found a right shoe or two. * (Text taken from )

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Prime Anarchist at the Pentagon           Lobby days. This
Action - Spring '99. "We're the           is when we go in
first group to circle the whole           and bother the
evil mess since the ever famous           heck out of our
levitation."                              elected officials.

Another Martin Sheen photo. The one up top was
taken by my friend John.  

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    USARSA, United States Army School of the Americas,
    Whinsec, WHISC, Western Hemisphere Institute for
    Security Cooperation.

    That all sounds so official and warm and fuzzy, huh?
    Really it translates into the english language as,
    paramilitary deathsquad terrorist training camp.


    north and south, the people say...

    School of the Americas Watch; Columbus, GA.
    Freespeech. Mauro, Kerry and the gang hang here...
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