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58From: Kendra Rodgers (IP: )
(host: )
Date: 12.1.99/18:35
interesting and enlightenig 
From: Anarchist Teapot (IP: )
(email: | homepage: website)
Date: 16.11.98/1:04
nice site 
From: Casey (IP:)
Date: 2.10.98/23:07
i wish, i wish, i wish..... 
From: Tipper's Home Page (IP: )
(host: | homepage:
Date: 15.9.98/0:13
Visit Tipper's Home Page!!! Comedy, links, opinions, strange stuff, a bit of everything. 
From: (IP: )
(host: )
Date: 11.9.98/7:49
yo, MTV sucks. 
From: Bill Flores (IP: )
(host: bflores | homepage:
Date: 18.8.98/20:17
I like that song Frybread you made an EP yet and if so do i Have to go to Green Bay or is 
there a store in michigan that carries it e-mail or something let me know i like your page 
also good job thanks for e-mailing me and letting me here some good music 
From: Driud Wildland Firefighter (IP: )
(email: | homepage:
Date: 18.8.98/17:41
Hello. My folks love going to Green Bay,Wi and they
a share of the Packers. 
From: J Drewien (IP: )
(email: | homepage:
Date: 5.8.98/1:38


50 From: V (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 4.5.98/7:01 Hiya there..... i am at this moment listening to Frybread *smile* i like it!!!

49 From: Pat Krenik (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 21.4.98/6:38 Original. I enjoyed your website. My daughter has a poem page, you might exchange links if you want. Anyway, her poems (two) are at 48 From: noel goden (IP: ) (email: | homepage:,1012,1745,00.html) Date: 9.4.98/23:26 Hot apple pie, in your I, hopes... 47 From: Brenda (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 8.4.98/4:38 You have nice pages. Thanks! I also like the quote from Abbey Hoffman in your guestbook. So long for now, from one who lives in the land of Edward Abbey. 46 From: Frederick O. de Leon (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 1.4.98/7:33 i find it nice...but one thing, some text and background color combination do not match. i find it hard to see or shall i say read the text...e.g. the red text is barely readable. in addtion i want to read more about your student stint...seems active then. include about your political stand on recent issues. am quite sure you read a lot and aware about international event. it interest me to know that were once a student activist. so tell us more about your present involvement. more power...AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM 45 From: Jane (IP:) (email: | homepage: Date: 29.3.98/1:05 Hey! I got to your page from a guestbook entry. Good job on your page. I'm still learning how to work mine but I think it's o.k. Check it out if you want to! Or email me! Thanks! <>< 44 From: Linda Wilcox (IP:) (host: ) Date: 28.3.98/21:49 Nifty 43 From: Michael Stitt (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 28.3.98/4:26 You might like to visit my Dionisio Aguado Page Marco. (see above) Once again congratulations on a great web site (I'm listening to Richard Savino playing the three OP.21 Sonatas on NAXOS. Only wish I knew a publisher of this great music. 42 From: abbie hoffman (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 27.3.98/2:08 We are here to make a better world. No amount of rationalization or blaming can preempt the moment of choice each of us brings to our situation here on this planet. The lesson of the 60's is that people who cared enough to do right could change history. We didn't end racism but we ended legal segregation. We ended the idea that you could send half-a-million soldiers around the world to fight a war that people do not support. We ended the idea that women are second-class citizens. We made the environment an issue that couldn't be avoided. The big battles that we won cannot be reversed. We were young, self-righteous, reckless, hypocritical, brave,silly, headstrong and scared half to death. And we were right. Abbie Hoffman 41 From: Smily 4000 (IP:) (email: Date: 15.3.98/23:14 cool! 40 From: Michael Stitt (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 2.3.98/7:43 What a pleasure it is that someone is devoting time to F. Carulli and his music. Have you visited my D. Aguado Page? Keep up the good work Marco, Carulli certainly certainly was a very fine composer and I would certainly love to know more about his music. All the best, MS of Bach Plucked! 39 From: ()))))( (IP: ) (email: | homepage: Date: 28.2.98/8:05 he lived in a cactus silver patient or a stick figure racing with the horizon which one won? pocket watch between teeth for they had jaundice each time rapids shooter's heart stopped dergrossebär ist irrlichter meckwürdigschwungzuneigungbedürfniszweipaarschuhe? NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!!!!! ******* 5 huomisaamu einquartierungsbefehl never was the order with qui scribit, cloaca fais cent mécoctents they were quisquis ubique habitat //**/*/*/*/*// -*/-- ´+98 /// 38 From: roger snow (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 24.2.98/0:36 my page, my email addy 37 From: *Starburst Angel* (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 22.2.98/16:31 I won a poem contest with my poeticness email if you want to hear the poem I won with btw it gets to be in a book!!!btw cool page 36 From: *Starburst Angel* (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 22.2.98/16:30 I won a poem contest with my poeticness email if you want to hear the poem I won with btw it gets to be in a book!!! 35 From: Classi (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 11.2.98/4:52 Thank you for signing my guestbook. It was my pleasure replying to your message, I like to talk to anybody, even if I can't help them with what they are looking for. 34 From: Nermina (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 10.2.98/13:26 Hey, very interesting site ! Keep on the good work ! 33 From: Andrea (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 10.2.98/4:16 Marco- Enjoyed your homepage -- especially the Kokopelli! Andrea 32 From: jerry edmondson (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 3.2.98/7:29 thanx for sharing of yourself. beautiful words... 31 From: Marco Capelli (IP: not logged) (host: ) Date: 30.1.98/16:03 Interesting, from a Marco Capelli ( Italy ) to another. 30 From: Karin (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 27.1.98/18:17 Hi Marco! Is it my turn to mail you?? I have no idea. Pleace mail me anyway. Going to a movie now,Titanic. Peace/Karin 29 From: David Moorhead (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 14.1.98/7:06 You'll be happy to know that my SB64 didn't seem to come with your song, but it sounded very good on your web page! 28 From: Graendal (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 13.1.98/17:57 I just wanted to know who you are, saw that you've been writing on my homepage.. 27 From: Marcos farfan (IP: not logged) (email: none@none) Date: 12.1.98/18:54 Greetings--The Flagstaff Activist Network has been organized to protect the sacred San Francisco Peaks from development which is currently being planned by the USFS and the Snowbowl. Contact (520) 774-2884 for more information. 26 From: Matt Wiedenheft (IP: not logged) (email: Phsydo_Me@ Date: 12.1.98/2:51 great page; keep it coming! 25 From: V (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 6.1.98/13:59 doing this twice as has been bidden *smile* 24 From: V (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 2.1.98/1:01

cool site you have!!!!!!!

23 From: The DarthVader (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 31.12.97/9:34 Your poetry was really good. I thought you might like toknwo that, since I am a poet as well!! 22 From: Karin (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 30.12.97/18:51 Hi Marco! You got a graet page here! I really like it! Just wanted to say that. Have a bright day/Karin 21 From: Luciano Pimenta (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 29.12.97/14:48 I'm brazilian, and I enjoyed your page. Bye. 20 From: Åsa (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 29.12.97/13:10 Hi Marco, thank you for writing in my guestbook, sorry you didn´t understand it.. I´ll try and make some sort of english page for none speaking swedish people.. Have a nice day Åsa Olofsson 19 From: Robert Coody (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 24.12.97/17:21 Marco I think I remember you. Didn't you come into Cline Library at Northern Arizona University to do some research once? Great site Marco!! 18 From: Karin (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 23.12.97/12:00 Thank you for signing my sisters guestbook! /Karin,Åsa`s sister 17 From: Karin (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 23.12.97/12:00 Thank you for signing my sisters guestbook! /Karin,Åsa`s sister 16 From: Bruce Geller (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 20.12.97/10:11 Hey....nice website! Keep up the great work. PS: thank you for visiting my little niche on the www! 15 From: Veronica (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 10.12.97/5:14 O.K., o.k., it's Glenna again. You said twice, right? 14 From: Glenna (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 10.12.97/5:11 Really sorry about your song! It's really good! I'll never buy a Soundblaster sound card again!!(yeah right). Thanks for stopping by my daughters' and my site! Yours is good also! 13 From: David Dickason (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 3.12.97/22:59 more poetry oh, yea (really) 12 From: Cheryl (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 18.11.97/4:00 It's ME again!---I'm still looking for your pic!!!! Where in the world is it?!?!? 11 From: Jenny Harvell (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 18.11.97/2:58 Cool page. Would you mind coming to my page and signing my guestbook??? Thanks. ;~) 10 From: J.D. (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 18.11.97/2:57 Anoyne who reads this should visit my homepage and sign the guestbook since I'm unstable and might pop at any moment. 9 From: J.D. (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 18.11.97/2:56 Cool beans. Poetry Rocks. 8 From: J.D. (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 18.11.97/2:56 Not a big fan of poetry, but it's well put together here. I do Love Kokopeli. Been fascinated with im ever since I went on an archeological hike near my home. Really cool. 7 From: Cheryl (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 7.11.97/16:52 Hmmm...I think your page needs more graphics... And you might want to look into either frames or links to your interests instead of having one LOOOOOONG page of stuff. But THERE--I signed thy book, all mighty one! Geez! ;) For everyone else: please visit MY page, it's a new and unique literary mag with the purpose of publishing YOUR literary talents! Thanks, Marco! 6 From: Ken Wessels (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 31.10.97/20:40 Glad you have dedicated a page to poems. I have an M.A. in literature and poetry played a part in that but it seems deader than Latin for the most part. 5 From: just lookin (IP: not logged) (host: ) Date: 22.10.97/5:24 hmmm. 4 From: George Klinck Clarke (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 21.10.97/23:40 Here for the first time 3 From: prime anarchist (IP: not logged) (email: Date: 15.10.97/7:17 OK, how bout a pome? I get my strength from the Ocean; don't care how much you pollute it. The sand itself is my hourglass, No matter how much you dilute it. 2 From: Winona Ryder (IP: not logged) (email: | homepage: Date: 15.10.97/3:02 Nice looking page. I like the Warrior Poets the best. Your James Merrill page could use a little Sprucing though. Should I write you a poem? 1 From: Marcos Farfan (IP: not logged) (host: None | homepage: http://None) Date: 7.10.97/16:32 Greetings I am here and then I am so soon gone. Nice site!

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