This is not a webpage.

but it plays one on the net...

gag order was lifted.
click here for
more info!!!

Here is all that can be said about rumors that the Seattle
Indymedia Center got visited by the FBI and the Secret Service 
in the midst of the FTAA summit and protests.

"Hey, just so you know, the gag order (quote unquote) is still in order.  
we can't say anything, BUT the imc is now being represented by one of 
the top constitutional lawyers in the country from nyc and as soon as 
i get to talk to him today and figure out what we can and cannot say, 
we'll share it with the indymedia community :)"
  --One Indymedia Person (nope, sorry. Her name's part of the gag order too.)

Please go back to your usual programming and you will be updated
minutes if not seconds after I am.

prime anarchist
e&p ati zine since 1988

       oh, and ps:
       To join a discussion of CNN censorship 
         and dirty tricks inside their own FTAA 
         message board, click here


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