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A Dutch influence on the Nanda people?

The "Constitution" six years old

Year of the Outback – 2002

A British success story?

The Queens speech on her 50th anniversary

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Jon English and the Hutt River national anthem

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Tokelau closer to self-determination

World Refugee Day 20th June

Tamil Eelam has set up a de-facto State

Swaziland - Democratic gains in new Constitution

Somaliland: The little country that could

Antigua and Barbuda - Passport Office to be revamped

The British Virgin Islands criticise OECD for unfairly targeting small countries

Chinese ambassador puts pressure on Papua New Guinea

Cooks minister accuses OECD of financial terrorism

Vanuatu promotes Papua freedom to UN

Little support for Cook Islands overseas seat

Solomon Islands urges UN recognition of Taiwan

Johannesburg summit: Palau president disappointed

OECDs Financial Action Task Force has suspended the publication of its annual blacklist

Tuvalu threats to sue Australia and the U.S.

Exchange of Information Bill enacted in the Parliament of Dominica

Belize and Grenada: Economic citizenship programme ends after pressure

Tonga closes its ship register

Vanuatu reaffirms support for East Timor

Niue off shore banking law repealed

Tokelau wants to remain part of New Zealand

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Areas with various international legal and political status

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APRIL 2005

Welcome to the online newsprovider to the world wide community of citizens and friends of the Hutt River Province Principality. The Hutt River Independent is an independent discussion channel and provider of news for the overseas community concerned with the future of HRPP. We also provide international news from small states and territories around the world.


On the 21st of April Hutt River Province Principality celebrates it's 35th anniversary of Sovereignty. But the celebrations which will be conducted in the weekend 23/24th of April is a two-fold celebration for Princess Shirley and Prince Leonard which also celebrates on the 19th of April 58 years of marriage. The celebrations is open for everybody and there will be many activities in Hut River during the weekend.

The Czech republic and Hutt River

In a speech by the Czech Minister of Interior he draws a comparison between the Hutt River Province and the Czech province of Valassko. Valassko is the border area between the Czech Republic and Slovakia that is located in the Carpathian Mountains. The Czech Government want to promote tourism and development in this area.

In that relation the Minister said that they have been looking at Hutt River and its influence on the regional economy. He said in the speech: “Even though it is a case of a remote farm, it is economically very significant, because, apart from agriculture, the most important sources of income in this microregion are tourism,numismatics, philately (stamp colecting) and "positive immigration policy".”

Difficult situation for Hutt River citizens on Haiti

In the Caribbean nation where an armed revolt to unseat the President who now has fleed the country, the Hutt River Province has a small community of twelve.
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Communicate with other Citizens

On the 15th of February the Legislation Committee launched a discussion forum on it’s website. The Legislation Committee invites all Hutt River citizens to join the discussion forum at the restricted pages.

We hope that as many nationals as possible will visit the forum and that it will contribute to a better communication between our citizens around the world.

For citizens that have not received access to the restricted pages must click here. and apply for a password and username.

Stories from the emotional heart of Australia

Hutt River Province and Prince Leonard participates in an exhibition at the National Museum of Australia. The exhibition “Eternity” brings to life the personal stories of 50 ordinary and extraordinary Australians.

This exhibition can be viewed at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra but those that does not live in the nearby area can visit the exhibition on the internet.

Visit the National Museum of Australia

The Legislation Committee launches new website

The Legislation Committee of the Hutt River Province has launched a new website.

You will be able to look at recent proposed legislative changes to the Principality and read about the background and legality of the secession.

One exciting feature which will only be available to nationals of the Principality is access to a restricted area which will be password protected.

The Legislation Committee hope that this page will strengthen the communication between nationals and encourage all nationals to visit the website and register for regular news updates.

Visit the Legislation Committee!

Prince Leonard in Nothampton’s annual event

The Northampton Airing of the quilts is an annual affair on the second Saturday of the WA third term school holidays.

Prince Leonard participated together with our representative to South Australia, Maggie Harding.

Read more!

Happy birthday Prince Leonard!

On August 28th Prince Leonard will celebrate his 78th birtday in Hutt River. The Hutt River Independent and the overseas community congratulates him!

Read this interview from April by Australian ABC radio

Newly appointed High Representative to the US

Dr.David P.Burkart, recently appointed as Earl Marshal of The Hutt River Province, received an Exequatur from Prince Leonard on July 21, 2003 naming him High Representative to the USA .

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Areas with various international legal and political status

We are introducing a new section to the Hutt River Independent. On these pages we wish to present a selection of territorial entities which have other legal and political status than the established and recognised States of the world.

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Help Taiwan Fight SARS

In an open letter by Taiwan’s president Chen Shui-bian which was published in the Washington Post 9. may 2003 he wrote the following:

“The outbreak and spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, has brought illness, death and economic peril to Asia and the rest of the world. It has also drawn attention to Taiwan's exclusion from the World Health Organization. If there was ever a time for my country to be allowed to join the WHO, it is now.”

The reason for Taiwan’s non-membership is mainland Chinas claim that Taiwan is only a province of China and thus does not have the right to join the organization without consent from the Chinese government.

Among many smaller states has Canada’s House of Commons supported a motion, against the government’s wishes, that Taiwan be granted observer status at the WHO.

The Hutt River Independent would in this respect draw the reader’s attention to the statement made by the Foreign Minister of HRPP Prince Arthur W. Casley on the 2. september 1999:

“Consistent with the principles of our foreign policy, we recognize Taiwan as one of two sovereign States constituting a divided nation and support its right to self-determination or reunification by mutual agreement between the parties.”

New Earl Marshal of Hutt River Province

Prince Leonard has announced the commissioning of Dr. Sir David P. Burkart, General Representative to Florida and the Caribbean Region, as Earl Marshal of Hutt River Province. The Earl Marshal is charged with oversight of certain aspects of royal ceremonies and protocol, heraldry, chivalry, Orders of Nobility and the like and traditionally holds a high ceremonial ranking in the order of precedence of the goverment. He is head of the Royal College of Heraldry which deals with grants and registration of arms, design and procurement of regalia, etc.

Plans are underway for a revitalized program in which the College of Heraldry will offer registration of qualified existing arms or creation of new arms to the public at large, as well as citizens of Hutt River Province. In doing so, Hutt River Province will join the limited number of authorities in Europe and South Africa that offer similar registration services on a fee basis.

The office of Earl Marshal has been vacant for some years. Prince Leonard noted that he was pleased to have Dr. Burkart fill the position. Sir David stated, "I am pleased but humbled to receive this honor from our Sovereign. I look forward to revitalizing the Royal College of Heraldry to a position of pre-eminence in the field". Work is underway already on the necessary norms, documents and certificates.

Details will be published as soon as available, including at the official HRPP website found at or by e-mail to Residents of Australia with serious inquiries will be referred to the Chief Herald.

Building plans for a new university in Hutt River

Plans for a new university in the Mid West of Australia are underway according to Hutt River Province’s Prince Leonard.

In a newly issued article in the Geraldton Guardian the Prince reveals his plans...

Read more in the Geraldton Guardian

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