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Thursday, September 06, 2001

Warner Bros. : Hearts In Atlantis

Another day off, this time because I worked Monday a week ago for another City People�s employee. So far today I walked to Queen Anne to meet my werewolf for coffee. It was very enjoyable. He just celebrated his birthday and I gave him his first Tarot deck. He seemed pleased by the gift then put it under his elbow, just like a wolf.

I had hoped to meet another new friend this afternoon, but he was not able to meet me at the Frye, so I went by myself. They currently are presenting three particular exhibitions besides their standard exhibition of the Frye collection of realist artwork. More on these under �watch� in my vices section.

Now I am off to see a screening with my friend Carolyn of a movie called Hearts in Atlantis. It looks like it stars Anthony Hopkins and a couple kids, in a fantasy. Who knows if it will be anything. I�ll talk about it in my �watch� section, eventually�promise.


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