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Friday, August 24, 2001


Busy day-off today. Took the number 8 bus to uptown and visited various places, Cafe Ladro, both up and down. Took the 13 to Belltown and walked to vain, where I picked up two more bottles of electric blue by special effects. Then I walked home. I wanted to see Ghost World, but it wasn't showing at any of the theaters I walked by...guess I'll have to break down and look up where it is showing.

Updated my front page graphic with my own version of my title, instead of using Tfu, Tfu, which is a freeware font, but I wanted something a little more personal. I've settled on the over-exposed face image for now which ties in with the font color of the quote below. The whole page is coming together nicely.

Worked a bit on the portrait I'm doing for Steven. Then I logged onto PNO to see if I could encounter Tweek there. Got bumped off the server though and since he didn't log back on, I just decided to write for a while before going to bed.


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