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Saturday, September 01, 2001

The Burning Man Project � Official Site


I am watching the live Internet broadcast of the Burning Man festival as I write this. I didn't intentionally plan to do this, since "television" activities are not something I generally plan. It was nearly an afterthought since I am not there and I realized this evening that I wanted to participate somehow. It is kind of wild, there are dust devils being created in the wake of the Burning Man effigy.

I am glad I have this high-speed cable connection, which allows me this connection. If I'd planned this better I would have invited friends to participate in this viewing. Social planning is not a skill I've cultivated in myself.

Oh, there goes the man. Now everyone is running into where he fell. The crowd is amazing. This display went off better than previous years. There was a regular progression to the fireworks. These things are very difficult to plan and take special detail work.

*sigh* I really wish I was there now.


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