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Monday, August 27, 2001

I woke early this morning and went into City People�s to fill in for another worker who wanted the day off. My shift was from 8:45 to 5:30 and it went very smoothly. I am tired now, but I didn�t really feel sleepy until toward the very end of my shift. I still like having my mornings for myself, though.

I visited my friend Addison at the Bed and Breakfast he helps out with. He says the owners are looking for buyers for the buildings and the business, so if you know anyone who is looking to invest 2 million into a thriving business have them contact me. My finder�s fee is ten percent.

Addison is perverse as always. That is why I like him, he�s a regular guy, but you manage to get him on the topic of men and he always manages to pull juicy stories out of his hat. I also got him to invite me over to his house on Queen Anne next Saturday afternoon. I wonder if I should take in Bumbershoot?


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