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The Flies of New Zealand

Maxwell's Purple MatukaMatuka flies need no introduction to most NW tiers (Maxwell’s Purple Matuka comes to mind.) but they should enjoy reading about the variety of Matukus in New Zealand. This fly began by tying down the feathers of the Matuku (a Maori word) bird or Bittern. In New Zealand the Matuku lure is made in a variety of colors and an assortment of feathers- cock and hen chickens, game bird and other feathers can all be used. Any number of colorful Mauku lures with equally colorful names could become steelhead flies.

Hob Nailed BootAnother fly I have included is a simple high wing tie called the Hob Nailed Boot. You might compare this wing style to creating a Matuka with other materials. In this case it is the local possum but the wing is spread a little more than a strictly in-line wing. Something for tyers to consider along the same line might be the use of wing materials like Dave McNeese’s & John Shewey’s Spawning Purples with Polar Bear and Marabou wings tied in segments atop the shank. One more synthetic version of the Matuka style wing is the Saltwater Aztec which could also be an effective simple steelhead fly.

Fuzzy WuzzyMany of the flies here are homage to New Zealand’s Fuzzy Wuzzy. This fly or possibly a style of fly in New Zealand has many variations in number of body segments and color choices. In New Zealand it seems that one simple color substitution in hackle, tail or body may give rise to a new name for the fly. What I see most in this fly is a fishermen’s simplicity. Look at this fly and you can easily see elements of more complex old flies like the European Shrimp flies. The General Practitioner and Usk Grub readily come to mind as if tied easily in Fuzzy Wuzzy form for fishing. The Fuzzy Wuzzy was tied with a Palmered hackle as a freshwater crayfish for New Zealand. The smaller versions with a single body segment are steelheading simplicity along the lines of the popular NW Spade series of flies. A tail, body and hackle and you are ready to go. At one point Alec Jackson even mused that he wasn’t sure if the tail and hackle were even necessary.

William Lovelace

The Kiwi Collection Flies

Black  Prince Orange MatukaHob Nailed Boot

Fuzzy WuzzyFuzzy Wuzzy Green LongFuzzy Wuzzy YellowFuzzy Wuzzy Green

Hairy DogScotch PoacherDak's DelightMuppet

Hydro HustlerRed SetterPink Lady

Bill Lovelace at Albany Exposition

Bill Lovelace really needs no introduction to Salmonfly.Net readers. His prolific contributions to the site are now approaching the century mark and his eclectic  collection on these pages  make him a valuable resource to the fly-fishing community, in particular those that wish to see a variety of steelhead styles from different regions of the world.

To see all of Bill's flies visit
The Flies of William Lovelace
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