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Artic Nights, An Andrew Marshall OriginalI was introduced to the flies of Andrew Marshall through the glowing praise of his friend, contributing fly tyer, Monte Smith. Monte was so impressed with Mr. Marshall's work, he decided to tie and present a unique set of original Steelhead flies developed by him called the Deschutes River Dee Series (which see). This was Monte's tribute to Andrew and an invitation for him to tie as a contributor for Salmonfly.Net. I have spoken to Andrew several times since then via email and phone and have learned that he is a special individual as well as a talented fly tyer. Please read on to hear what Andrew says about his flies and the craft and don't forget to look at his flies.

I was born in 1964, in a British Army Hospital in Germany. I have been traveling pretty much ever since. My fishing career started at age 8 with a 10-inch cutthroat trout lofted into a patch of stinging nettles as I tried to set the hook. The tackle I was using at the time was a curved stick, a length of 10lb test line tied to the end of it, a rusty hook and a worm. The place was Bear Creek, Issaquah, Washington. It was here I really began exploring the aquatic environment, studying the habits of fish and insects and seeing how they interacted.

Blue Fox, An Andrew Marshall OriginalMy first fly was tied on a bait hook, at roughly age 10, and consisted of gray mallard feathers, tied in, bunch style, for wings, and body, similar to a crane-fly pattern. I knew I was onto something, though, when my friend saw it, commented on how nice it would work, and promptly stole it. It worked too as far as I knew. I had been collecting feathers of all kinds since before I can remember, and around this same time, began to put hooks into them, using sewing thread, and tying in hand. All self taught, figuring things out as I went along to produce wet flies along the lines of soft hackles and crane flies.

Moving again at age 14, I spent a few years in Germany and England fishing the local rivers and streams for brown trout, and seeing how fish, in their diets, utilized natural insects. Returning to the US, it wasn't long before I began acquiring tools and books and by 17, was tying real patterns and selling them to the local Seattle tackle shops (Patrick's, for one). Trout flies, Steelhead flies and bass bugs were too easy, and I began looking for a real challenge. Salmon flies were the natural progression and as I had already quite a stock of feathers from various exotics, proved to be fun. I was lucky enough to find Pryce-Tannatts book, and a few years later, in Olympia Wa, also to run into Dick Prichard, son of the noted steelhead fly tyer Al Prichard (inventor of the Prichards Rocket and Prichards Comet), who in a couple of short sessions taught me a great deal about tying Salmon flies.

I am now 40, and have had flies on display at Patrick's in Seattle since my teenage years, though with the last remodel, they are no longer there. Jimmy LeMert was most helpful in drawing my attention to ever-smaller details of my flies, making them really improve. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with great people like Roy Patrick and Eugene Sunday, learning a great deal about tying and fishing from them. I have also entered flies in the FQSA competition of 2002, taking 6th in the featherwing division with a creation of mine called the Koksoak.

Meeting Monte Smith, however, proved to be the high point in my career. His friendly critiques of my own patterns have really done a lot to boost my feelings about these patterns, and to improve over-all my tying of all flies. He is probably the best tier I know. If it were not for his interest, I would not have been turned onto or met Steve Burke whose interest in my flies was a complete surprise.

Best wishes

Andrew Marshall

The Flies
Deschutes River Dee Series-Originated by Andrew Marshall

Yellow (Deschutes River Dee) Orange and Blue (Deschutes River Dee) Gold and Green (Deschutes River Dee) Blue (Deschutes River Dee) Sunbirst (Deschutes River Dee)

Classic Dees

The Tricolor The Moonlight

The Tartan The Killer

Sea-Run Cutthroat Series

Pink Fry Chum Fry Candlefish

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