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Deschutes River Dee Series - Designed by Andrew Marshall

Orange and Blue (Deschutes River Dee)

Orange and Blue (Deschutes River Dee)
Designed and Tied by Andrew Marshall
Name Orange and Blue (Deschutes River Dee)
Category Steelhead
Hook Partridge N single low water size 1
Thread Black 8/0 uni-thread
Tag Fine gold thread and canary yellow silk
Tail Topping and kingfisher
Butt Black ostrich herl
Body In two halves, rear orange silk veiled with golden pheasant breast in strands, butted with black ostrich herl. Front, peacock herl
Rib Fine gold thread over rear half, wound close (6 turns), oval gold tinsel over front half
Hackle Guinea dyed orange
Collar Golden pheasant back
Wings A pair of truffle turkey tail strips, with narrow strip of yellow/blue/orange goose shoulder married through the middle, tied flat
Cheeks Jungle cock, drooping

Several weeks ago Salmonfly.Net presented a series of flies, designed by Andrew Marshall for Steelhead, called the Deschutes River Dee series. Those flies were tied by contributing fly tyer Monte Smith. Now Andrew Marshall has joined Salmonfly.Net as a contributing fly tyer and presents the remainder of the series tied by his own hand. "Orange and Blue" is the latest in the series.


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