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Tobbe Hedin on the river on a cold morning When I first saw Swedish tyer Tobbe Hedin's flies, I thought about how much crossover there is between the flies of North America and those of Europe tied for different species. Tobbe's flies are tied primarily for Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon, but they could easily be tied for our Pacific Salmon or Steelhead. You will see what I mean as more of his flies are added to this page. His Sea Trout flies make good use of modern materials in colors that are attractive to both species. Tobbe is a guide and fly fishing instructor, so his experience speaks for itself. So read on before taking a look at his flies. Tobbe wrote the short bio below when he first joined the Salmonfly.Net contributors.

My name is Tobbe Hedin and I'm 34 years old (or Young) from Sweden. I have tied my own flies for 17 years now and Salmon/Seatrout flies for 15 years. My home water is the Ljungan River in the middle of Sweden. But I also fish the Byske and the L?de river in Sweden. In Norway I Fish the Tr?delag Rivers. The Ljungan is known for its big, but hard to catch Salmon. The biggest Salmon ever caught in the Ljungan weighed 30kg or just over 60lbs! But the Seatrout is my game! I just love that fish. My biggest Seatrout ever caught in Ljungan weighed 7,5kg straight from the sea.

Tobbe Hedin on the Ljungan RiverMy fly patterns can be divided in two categories, Seatrout patterns and Salmon patterns. My flies for Seatrout are really "fat" flies with soft hackles, much dubbing and Zonker wings that "lives" in the water. My Salmon flies are much slimmer. I use a lot of Spey hackling and longer wings on them. I am always out hunting for new materials for my flies. The gear I use are two-handed PP Custom rods from 12,6 - 14 foot and when the water is low in the fall I use a single-handed PP custom rod 9,6 class 8. I also have courses in Spey casting and work as a guide in Sweden. One of my dreams is to fish Steelheads in B.C. I hope I can do that one day.

Best Regards!
Tobbe Hedin

The Flies

Legolas Zonker Custom The Humus Fat Edition Bloody Legolas Green GP

TheFatHerring Ljungan SquidStormy Evening Muddler

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