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Legolas Custom Zonker
Tied By Tobbe Hedin

Legolas Custom Zonker, Tied By Tobbe Hedin


Legolas Custom Zonker

Category Sea Trout
Hook Partridge Salar Silver Size 3 - 11
Thread White
Tag Silver Flat Braid

1/3 Holographic Silver Ice Dubb 1/3 Gliss N Dubb Purple

First Wing

Magenta/Purple Rabbit Zonker Strip Tied in after the Magenta Body Hackle

Hackle Purple Chickabou And Black Chickabou as a Collar infront of the Second Wing
Second Wing 4 Strands of Red Mirror Flash, Black Rabbit Zonker Strip
Cheeks Jungle Cock

Fluo Pink Varnish

Legolas Custom Zonker is tied by contributing fly tyer, Swedish fly fisherman and tyer, Tobbe Hedin. We will be seeing more of his flies in the weeks to come and next week he will be introduced with a new page about him. Tobbe felt that this fly as well as others that he has designed for Sea Trout would be as successful for Salmon and Steelhead as it has for him on his native Ljungan - a river that runs through the middle of Sweden. This is what he had to say about Legolas Custom Zonker.

"This Fly is a real Killer for the Seatrout in Ljungan. The man behind the Legolas is a Swedish Flytier named Pär Palm. It´s a Great Morning and Evening Fly. Try It, You Might Like It"

Read more about Tobbe Hedin and see more of his flies at The Flies of Tobbe Hedin .

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