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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Scotty Howell In Memory of Yuri Shumakov

May/June Issue

Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide

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Featured Articles

Stuart Anderson

"Intruders Tube Fly Style"

Intruder tied Tube-Style

Stuart Anderson, owner  of the Canadian Tube Fly Company writes "No other pattern in recent years has dominated the west coast steelhead and salmon scene as much as the Intruder." In this article, he shares his secrets, including patterns and step-by-step instructions for tying these popular and highly effective flies - on tubes. You will find this an invaluable resource and guide for tying these and other tube-style flies. MORE...

"Russian Bullets Tube Fly Style"

Russian Bullet - Pink

Stuart follows his Intruder article with one just as fascinating about tying Russian Bullets on tubes. These flies were made popular by the late Juri Shumakov who was a contributor to this site, and as Juri proved, they can be a deadly fly. You will want to read both articles by Stuart Anderson to absorb all you can about tying tubes in the Russian Bullet and Intruder patterns. MORE...

Andrew Marshall

Black Dog according to John James Hardy

The Black Dog Mystery

Contributing tyer and author Andrew Marshall examines the mysterious history of The Black Dog, an Atlantic Salmon fly which took on many different forms over the years, has been described in many different ways, and has been attributed to many different sources. Andrew has done some exhausting research to uncover the mystery and we are sure you will find this article fascinating to read, especially if you are a fan of the Classics. MORE...

Contributing Fly Tyer Series

William Lovelace Flies


In this issue, William Lovelace introduces the Electric Soft Hackle, a fly he created the night before the 2010 Northwest Fly Tying Expo in Albany Oregon. All you have to do is look at this fly to know it will be effective, so I am sure you will want to tie it.  Bill provides step-by-step instructions and several pattern color variations for fit all kinds of situations. MORE...

Favorite Flies

Air BC

In this issue, we continue with the Favorite Flies series with surface flies for steelhead. Bombers, were originally designed for Atlantic Salmon, but now are a popular fly for steelhead. These days, they come in a large variety of  colors and styles and  so  Favorite Flies takes a look at that variability to highlight the endless possibilities for the tyer. We also take a look back at two other highly effective surface flies developed by Northwest guide Dennis Dickson for his fall wilderness steelhead trips to the Grande Ronde River in southeast Washington. MORE...

Mystery Fly Tyer

Young Fisherman 

This young fisherman started tying trout flies in 1959 when he was about ten years old, grew up in Oregon, and felt fortunate to be have spent time  around some of the great Northwest fly tyers,  like Dave McNeese, John Shewey, Rich Youngers, Alec Jackson and others. He also is a life member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, worked on the Grande Ronde and Hells Canyon Complex Bull Trout Recovery Unit Teams for the USF&W Service, just retired after 2 terms on the ODFW Fish passage Task Force, and was recently appointed by the ODFW Commission to serve on the ODFW Restoration and Enhancement Board. Can you guess who it is?  MORE...

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