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About This Web Site

This site is about aviation in Washington State. There are a few very interesting things nearby such as in Idaaho and Canada. Enjoy!

787 first flight

Boeing  787

Boeing 787 Dreamliner maiden flight scheduled for Tuesday, December 15, around 10 AM to 4 PM

GO TO => Official Washington State Department of Transportation




Arlington Airport East
Arlington Airport West
Arlington Airport North
Arlington Airport South
Harvey Airfield(Snohomish)
Olympia Airport
Skykomish Airport East
Skykomish Airport SouthEast
Skykomish Airport South
Skykomish Airport West

Check weather on cameras all over Washington State.

 Click here to go to a website with a kewl Quicktime move of the largest seaplane in the

world dump a load of water. The last two Martin Mars flying boats are based about 100

miles northwest of where I am sitting.

More pictures of Boeing AST
This plane has been based at Boeing Field for several years. I've heard that it is a Star Wars testbed with a laser gun in it, I've heard that it is a photo plane which takes pictures of satellites. I've been informed that it is a part of missile testing flying to Kwajalein to photograph incoming missiles launched from California. Going to this page requires some scrolling because these pictures are large.
The Seattle Flight Museum, Seattle, Washington
You know you're getting old when the plane you started your flying career in is in the museum. Yes, there is also a flyable Boeing Tri Motor in this museum. Going to this page requires scrolling. The pictures are full size and haven't been made smaller to fit your screen.
Aviation Stories
This is a collection of aviation stories I think are interesting.
Miraculous Aerial Rescue Of Injured Climbers On Mt Rainier
READ THIS AMAZING TRUE STORY. It may give you goose bumps.
Flying Clubs in Washington State
A list of flying clubs in Washington State. This could be a good way to fly.
Aviation Museums in Washington State
There are several fine aviation museums in Washington State and we will list the all here beginning with museums which have websites.
Northwest Aviators
Personal Non-Commercial Web Pages of Washington State Aviators. Add a link to your Washington State Aviation Webpage.
Martin Mars, World's Largest Operational Seaplane
The Martin Mars on a Lake on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, less than 100 miles from my home. This plane and its sister plane, are used to fight forest fires.
Lake Washington
Lake Washington is on the east side of Seattle. There are major seaplane bases at Kenmore (Kenmore Air Harbor) at the north end of Lake Washington and Renton (Renton Airport) on the south end of Lake Washington. My page has a formation take off of 4 DeHavilland Beaver Seaplanes.
Lake Union, Seattle, Washington
Adjacent to downtown Seattle. The place I took my very first flying lesson in a Taylorcraft on pontoons at Kurtzer's. Now home to several seaplanes and a terminal for Kenmore Air Harbor's flights to the San Juan Islands, Victoria, B.C., and points north.
Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington
Home of the world's premier jumbo jet company and the Seattle Flight Museum
Paine Field, Everett, Washington
Where Boeing 747s and 777s are born and location of the largest building in the world. Also, planes bound for the Seattle Flight Museum are prepped here.
Kenmore Air Harbor,
The Largest Seaplane Base in the World with tons of DeHavilland Beavers, Otters, Cessnas and other seaplanes.
Air Traffic Control Center, Kent, WA
Miles from the nearest airport, this radar center is extremely interesting.
Renton Airport, Renton, WA
Where the most popular jet liner in the world is born. The 737 is built here and Boeing's first factory was here.
NAS Whidbey Island Past Airshow Pictures
The Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Air Show is one of the finest in the Northwest. Now that Paine Field's Air Show is gone, this is the closest big Air Show around Shoreline. The unlimited hydro plane races on Lake Washington have a great Air Show, but you can't walk around the planes and get near them.
Boeing Osprey
The Boeing VTOL craft built for the Marines. I personally enjoy the technology, but don't think this is a practical aircraft. I believe it is so inherently dangerous, that it won't really make a mark in military aviation.

I'm looking for pictures of weird looking and ugly aircraft. If you have any links to sites with airplanes like that, I would appreciate your sharing them with me. Attach them to e-mail to me at


A Page Full of Links

This is a page with about 160 Links to other sites including about 30 links to seaplane pages, to NASA's photo gallery and 120 links to aviation sites in Sweden.

Read about Dr Dan's genealogy by clicking here.

See Dr Dan's Seattle Temple Corps History by clicking here.


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