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This site is about aviation in Washington State. There are a few very interesting things nearby such as in Idaaho and Canada. Enjoy!


My wife and I love to go to the abbotsford Airshow every year, especially since Paine Field no longer hosts an airshow. Paine Field's show was fantastic, but it's history. We like to go up to Sumas on Friday night and get a room at the Sumas Mountain Inn. The Inn is of log construction and there is a hot tub in just about every room. Then, we get up early on Saturday morning and arrive at the abbotsford Air show about the time the gates open.  
How would you like the job of tail gunner on a cargo plane? The Russians set up a little sales table next to this cargo plane where you could buy Russian military uniforms including a space suit used by their cosmonauts. A special warning was occasionally announced over the P.A. system to be especially careful with cigarettes around this plane because of the leaking fuel. It was interesting comparing the state of equipment in this plane with the American military planes. There was a shabbiness about this plane that was not even hinted at around the allied aircraft. However, the Russian tolerance for dust and dirt allowed them to produce military hardware more tolerant to dirt and mud than US hardware. Many of their firearms continued to function when US rifles would jam under the same conditions.  

The first airplane I ever flew in was my dad's red T-craft with the black stripe the whole length of the fuselage. My dad flipped that one over on takeoff one day and, since his passenger walked the whole length of the wing upon exiting the overturned plane, that plane was replaced. The next plane we owned was a red and cream colored T-craft. I love those little planes and this one is a great example.

The first flying lesson I ever took was in a little red T-craft seaplane at Kurtzer's flying school on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

This Russian Sukhoi exhibition was fairly impressive. The fighters fired decoy heat missiles which would attract heat seeking missiles away from the planes. In Afghanistan, Russian cargo planes routinely dropped these decoys as they went through their landing approaches.  

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