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About This Web Site

This site is about aviation in Washington State. There are a few very interesting things nearby such as in Idaaho and Canada. Enjoy!

Abbotsford, Canada
Home of the world reknown abbotsford Airshow
McChord Air Force Base Anniversary Airshow, Tacoma, Washington
On Interstate 5 near Tacoma, Wa., this air base had an anniversary airshow at the same time we had a Brazilian exchange student, Renato from Recife, temporarily living in our home. I took him to the airshow and he is included in many of the pictures.
Arlington, WA
 09 Jul 03 - 13 Jul 03 - It's over. It was great! The weather was perfect.
 Arlington Airshow (Experimental Aircraft) Official Website


Official Website of McChord Air Force Base and the Official McChord AFB Airshow website.
NAS Whidbey Island

Will there be an airshow this year (2009)?

Although Thunder on the Rock has been a huge success in the past, there will not be a repeat this year. In addition, no future airshows are currently being planned.

Seattle Seafair
Along with the unlimited hydroplane races, the Seattle Seafair includes a great airshow. In fact, it was at this airshow that the first 707 did a barrel roll as a demo. A photographer was on board and there is a photo showing the engine pods and wing inverted with Seattle in the background. This photo is a published item and is available for those who look for it. Here's the official Seattle Seafair Airshow Page and the main attraction: The official Blue Angels Website.

***** Olympia, WA It's over. It was great! The weather was perfect.   Gathering of War Birds 2003 - OLYMPIA FLIGHT MUSEUM Official Website  Gathering of Warbirds 2002 ( History and General Info) Official Website  MY PICTURES FROM 2002


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