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McChord Air Force Base Anniversary Air Show

If you have any information about any of these planes, or if I make an error in identifying them, please send info or corrections to


Yukiko in a helicopter. We took Japanese students Yukiko, Aki and Sayako to the airshow 17 Jun 01.

They say they loved it. They even got the Thunderbird pilots to autograph their programs.


The large plane, the Globemaster II, has an elevator in the main floor which drops a loading platform to the ground. The platform can be loaded and retracted back up into the plane. Inside the plane, panels along the sides of the plane can be lowered to make a "second floor" which can seat passengers. The smaller plane is a very old bomber, the BA 18. This was the first airplane to be stationed at McChord and was based there when McChord AFB was created.


The venerable Antonov An2 is still being built in Russia after having been introduced about 1949. This particular plane is used mainly for parachute jumps and is based in Auburn, WA. The owner is a dealer and can make you a good deal. These planes can be bought in Sweden for about $20,000 US so you could get a good deal of plane for a few bucks. It carries 14 people, but uses about 45 gallons per hour of fuel. Our exchange student, Renato Paes, is standing in front of the plane. Renato hails from Recife, Brasil.


This plane is beautiful with an austere, but nice interior. I made Renato get in a lot of these pictures.

Washington Air National Guard F-16

B1 Bomber. I have a photo of the instrument panel of one of these, but It's temporarily lost.


This plane was part of one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen at an airshow. Six C-141s flew down the runway at under 500 feet dropping paratroopers. That was impressive. However, before they did that, another C-141 flew down the runway and abruptly pulled up spewing its cargo out the back. It was amazing. Cargo and parachutists all deployed simultaneously. It looked like someone had thrown a bucket of confetti out the back. Unfortunately, both of my cameras ran out of film just as this happened and Renato has his pictures in Brazil. Phooey.


Renato in the tail end of a Royal Canadian Air Force Chinook helicopter.

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