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This site is about aviation in Washington State. There are a few very interesting things nearby such as in Idaaho and Canada. Enjoy!


Paine Field, Everett, WA

Garrett Whiteman gets his license and begs people to go flying with him. Garrett paid his way through flight training by working as a bag boy at Safeway during high school. I paid my way through flight school by working as a gardener's helper at a millionaire's mansion in the Highlands during high school. Every once in a while I would help Garrett with his ground school stuff until he caught on that he was smarter than me.  
Let's see.... Who has the right of way, the Sanyo blimp or the teenage pilot? So Garrett convinced me we could share the cost of renting a Cessna 152. We flew to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands and he did very well.  
On downwind over Paine Field. This is part of the Boeing Plant at Paine Field where 747s are born.  

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