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Philosophy Versus Fantasy

philosophy (from Greek), philosophia; from philos, love; or philia, friendship, affection, affinity for, attraction toward, + sophos, a sage, a wise one; or sophia, wisdom, knowledge, skill, practical wisdom or expereience, intelligence) a term with as many meanings as there have been philosophers engaging in it. Some basic definitions:

  1. the speculative attempt to present a systematic and complete view of all reality.
  2. the attempt to describe the ultimate and real nature of reality.
  3. the attempt to determine the limits and scope of our knowledge: its source, nature, validity, and value.
  4. the critical inquiry into the presuppositions and claims made by the various fields of knowledge.
  5. the discipline that tries to help you see what you say and say what you see.

Pythagoras was the first to call himself a philosophos, a philosopher. Sophia meant for him the knowledge of the underlying reasons or causes for things as they appear to us, knowing the reasons why a thing is what it is. This entails an esoteric knowledge of mathematical forms that constitutes true reality as opposed to knowledge of everyday appearances.

From "The Harper Collins Dictionary of Philosophy, 2nd Edition"
This website is dedicated to the discussion and exploration of Philosophy. We will discuss logic, truth, argument, counter-argument and many associated ideas. To that end, check out our page of Forty Fallacious Arguments. Come back often and enjoy the love of discussion. This page will probably change weekly.

For a HUGE encyclopedia of Philosophy try the

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Stanford site is constantly updated
by committees, professors and
an oversight board.

It is tremendous!!



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