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Pagan Teaching Circle's On-Line Lessons

Welcome the the Pagan Teaching Circle's on-line lessons. We have but one favor to ask and that is please, please give credit where credit is due. If you happen to use any of this information please let it be known that our authors are stated at the top of thier works. Thier e-mails can be found in the Credits or by contacting the webmistress.

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Lesson 1: Grounding, Centering and Cleansing
Lesson 2: Prayer
Lesson 3: Meditation
Lesson 4: Sheilding
Lesson 5: Devotionals
Lesson 6: The Elements
Lesson 7: Candle Magick Basics
Lesson 8: Writing the Rituals
Lesson 9: Sacred Space
Lesson 10: The Ritual
Lesson 11: Earth
Lesson 12: Air
Lesson 13: Fire
Lesson 14: Water
Lesson 15: Spirit
Lesson 16: Dedication
Lesson 17: Choosing a Magickal Name
Lesson 18: Deities
Lesson 19: Familiars
Lesson 20: Nature
Lesson 21: The History of Halloween
Lesson 22: Labyrinths
Lesson 23: The Tarot
Lesson 24: Pagan Terms
Lesson 25: Pantheons
Lesson 26: Love Magick
Lesson 27: Moon Phases
Lesson 28: Days of the Week
Lesson 28: Lord Shiva as Nataraja : Aesthetics of Dance and Destruction
Lesson 30: The Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art
Lesson 31: Native-American Herbs and Philosophy
Lesson 32: Creating a Magickal Home Part One
Lesson 33: Durga: Narrative Art of an 'Independent' Warrior Goddess
Lesson 34: Creating a Magickal Home Part Two
Lesson 35: Feng Shui
Lesson 36: Grief
Lesson 37: Care and Feeding of Houseplants