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Hello. Welcome to Mountainwinds. Glad you paused on your trip around the web. Come and join me for a few minutes of traveling through mixed moments of madness. I can't promise works of great art or memorable words of wisdom. I can show you what I've been up to and what happens to interest me lately.

As usual, I try to add a few pages whenever I can but work certainly interferes with my creative time. I am still working on the genealogy related pages in my spare time. I've been tracing the family tree and sometimes it gets to be an obsession. I also added a few more fun items. The fun pages keep me from going nuts on the genealogy ones.

There's just about always something happening to my pages. Still have a bad case of "Let's try this Now". It's always under construction or destruction if you will. I've also started making some graphics of my own and that, too can be an obsession. Some of the graphics are so bad that I don't claim them. Just pretend that I stoled them from some web site.

I have included some links to sites that interest me. Some are geneology related. Others are there just because it's easy to put them on my page instead of cluttering up my Favorites folder. And I mustn't forget about the links to my friends and families' pages. Be sure to tour them.

I've added a page with links to humor pages that I have created out of various jokes or such that have been sent to me. All are clean and suitable for the whole family. Some are extremly corny and you can groan all you want.

I hope you will tour the various pages and let me know what you think. I probably won't listen to complaints, but feel free to send them. Anyone that can help with the missing branches of the family tree will be loved forever. But not entitled to a share of the fortune I know is out there if I find the map to the buried treasure that I'm sure some forgotten ancestor has left for me to find. And I would love to have you sign my guestbook so I'll know you've been by to visit.


The Family Forest-Genealogy
The Krystal Addiction
Bathing Your Cat
$3.00 Worth Of Entertainment
A Bear In The House
For My Nieces
I've Got WHAT?
Graham Crackers Are Not Nithe
Bill of No Rights
Tribute to a Child's Hero
Best Is Yet To Come
Vocational Error
I Think It's Funny!
The Boomer Generation
Mountain Home

Never Ever Forget

September 11, 2001
6 months later
America Cries
Always In Our Memory
Schwartzkof Quote

Family Pages

This section has a lot of family photos in it. I figure it's a good place to embarass all of us. And while you're laughing, remember your Mom probably has some like these hidden away somewhere. Just waiting for the day you need to be taken down a notch.

My Family
Photos By Generation
My Brother Hard At Work
The Hat That Came Home
Our Wedding Day

Holiday Pages Past

Happy Mama's Day
A Charlie Brown Christmas by Snoopy
Snowy Day
The Hayride
A Halloween Story

Pet Pages

Lend Me A Pup
Furry Friends
Friends on Four Feet
Fur Kids in 1999
Cattails In The Morning
Not At My House
Form 1040DOG
Goodbye Little Girl
A Time Too Short

Experimental Pages

To My Husband
Walk Beside Me
Play With Colors

Friends and Family Links

Georgia Belle
Southern Comfort

Miscellaneous Sites

Smoky Mountains on the Web
Hurricane/Severe Weather Pages
Norfolk,Va Newspaper
U.S. Newspapers
Freeware/Shareware Link
Links to Stuff
Hampton Roads (Tidewater) Virgina


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