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Imitation, it has been said, is the greatest form of flattery. And thus it is that a subset of fans of the late, great TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a.k.a. "MST3K") have chosen to contribute some of their talents to the creation of their own "MiSTings" -- scripts in which "worthy" subjects, be they unsolicited spams, Usenet rants, bad fanfics, etc., are subjected to MST3K-style roasting, basting, and skewering. And thus is recycle-bin-filler transformed into unique works of art. (There are exceptions to this; MiSTings can also be made from some respectable works. For example, Joe Blevins has written one based on the Bible's Book of Joel, the "Anglo-Chinese Theater 3000" took on Poe's The Raven, and I have produced one based on the poetry of Walt Whitman.)

The purpose of this page is to provide a repository of tools and links for participants in this peculiar hobby. (And, not incidentally, to provide a centralized home for my own MiSTings.)

Source Formatter

The following formatter allows you to take a piece of source material, paste it into the text area, and format it into a "conventional" style. This convention usually calls for a line length of around 70 characters, with each line prefixed by a "> ". This editor allows for that, or allows you to play around with variations of that by changing the line length and/or prefix character.

Once you have formatted the text as you like it, assuming your level of JavaScript suports that function.

Note that the size of the source material that this formatter can contain and process at one time varies depending on your browser, available memory, etc.. The Resize function especially takes a while to execute. For larger sources, you may need to cut/copy/paste in multiple stages. (Hey, what do you expect from a free, non-database connected web-based formatter? ;-) Of course, if you're offering to pay me to develop something more fancy...)

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How-to Links

The following links contain advice, hints, tips and tricks on the ins and outs of writing MiSTings.

How to Write MiSTings
Authoring page from Send them the Post, Frank.
Catch Phrase Catalog
Oft-repeated catch phrases from the show. Consider one or two for your own MiSTing, won't you?

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Potential "'Bot Fodder" Sources

Here are a few places to check out for "'bot fodder"; i.e. source material that you might be able to use for a MiSTing. However, remember to ask permission where applicable, and respect copyrights.

Fan Fiction

Kooks, Weirdos, etc..


Movie Scripts and Transcripts

Printed Media

Visual Media

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MiSTing Collections

Here are some places where you may find (and in some cases contribute to) MiSTings.

Written MiSTings Video MiSTings

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My-my-my-my MiSTings

These are MiSTings that I've authored. Please enjoy. I appreciate any

Written MiSTings
Y2K Fuss and Libido Plus
My first MiSTing, a combination of two Email spams.
Cash is King
My second MiSTing was of a super-long MLM scam that didn't want to end.
Responses from Other Networks
When SciFi announced their plans to cancel MST3K, fans took it upon themselves to write other networks, asking them to pick up the show. This is a MiSTing of some of the responses.
A Whitman Sampler
Walt Whitman is one of the best poets in American Literature. This is not to say that all of his material isn't MiSTable...
Bill Gates, Anti-Christ
A newsgroup rant claimed to "prove" Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ.
Night of the Ghouls
The source: Detailed synopsis of a movie by Ed Wood. 'Nuff said?
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
MiSTing of a web page which calmly explains why humans should systematically eradicate themselves from the planet.
Glen or Glenda?
Transcript of the infamous Ed Wood classic.
Varney the Vampyre
The first three chapters of an 1840's "Penny Dreadful."
A Kidnapped Santa Claus
L. Frank Baum's story of a den of dastardly daemons who conspire to kidnap Kris Kringle.
This Deep Space Nine fanfic continues the adventures of the friendly Borg from The Next Generation.
Superboy: Depression
A fanfic featuring DC Comics' revamped superteen, by the author of Hough.
A Christmas Hickey
Santa Claus is flamed by Grandmother Hickey.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Beatrix Potter's famous rabbit is roasted.
A Halloween Hickey
Mother Hickey offers parental advise, and an opinion or two, for the un-holiday.
An Easter Hickey and a "Passion"-ate Rant
Mother Hickey offers even more pearls of holiday wisdom, and a self-proclaimed pastor lambastes that "deadly abomination" that is The Passion of the Christ.
Video MiSTings

Here are some of my own "cuts" that I made at RiffTrax's cuts.com site with some indirect assistance from Mike, Kevin, and Bill.

Batman: Dead End - cuts.com version, YouTube version
The famous fan film featuring Batman vs Joker vs Alien vs Predator.
LSD TripTrax - cuts.com version, YouTube version
An anti-LSD propaganda film from the late 1960's.
Glen or Glenda? Trailer - cuts.com version, YouTube version
Trailer for the infamous Ed Wood transvestite film.
Attack of the 50-Foot RiffTrax - cuts.com version, YouTube version
Trailer for the camp classic Attack of the 50-Foot Woman.
A Brief The Sixth Sense Clip - cuts.com version
A brief clip from the film.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Trailer - cuts.com version
Trailer for the film. Sorry, in this version there's no Richard Basehart...
Bambi Meets Godzilla - cuts.com version
Short film classic matching Godzilla with yet another iconic character.
Miss Teen South Carolina's Mapquest - cuts.com version
During the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant, Miss South Carolina is asked "a thought provoking final question," and her answer is all over the map.
Tarantula Trailer - cuts.com version
Here it is, hairier than Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the giant spider from the classic 1955 sci-fi fright flick.
Sing Along with Halliburton - cuts.com version
Straight from its tax haven in Dubai, here's the famed no-bid government contractor with the music that's constantly playing in Dick Cheney's head.
Leave Hillary Alone! - cuts.com version
Hillary Clinton tears up when talking about how much she cares about the state of her campaign -- I mean, the nation...
The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T Trailer - cuts.com version
Trailer for a 1953 film co-written by Dr. Seuss & bearing his imagery, but as reviewer Glenn Erickson wrote, is "disorganized, paceless, & somewhat pointless."

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The Next Generation

It was after the umbilicus. No one was prepared for the... riffing afterbirth.

As of today, like a bloated amoeba, the cohesive mass that produced MST3K has divided into three new entities. These are:

Official MST3K Site
This site sells old episodes, features flash cartoons, sells old episodes, shows host clips from Comedy Central & SciFi eras, and sells old episodes. (Did I mention they sell old episodes?)
Mike Nelson headlines this site whose main attraction is recorded commenaries featuring MST3K-style riffing to various popular films. Kevin Murphy and/or Bill Corbett often guest star, and on occasion other MST3K alumni and other celebrities will render an assist.
Cinematic Titanic
Joel Hodgson (a.k.a. "The Creator") and other MST3K alumni produce and sell films featuring riffing and a reinvented style of shadowrama.

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Miscellaneous MST3K Links

Keep the MST spirit alive - don't take life too seriously! --Bill Corbett

Some General Sites

There will be no other show like MST, quote me on that. --Kevin Murphy

Some Places to Acquire Episodes


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