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Many UFOnauts have been described as being...

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There is a growing amount of evidence that ancient human scientists got together in secret fraternities, separating themselves from the "ignorant masses", and depeloped in subterranean secrecy their increasingly sophisticated and incredible technologies... many of these having discovered vast subterranean expanses where they constructed underground communities or even cities far from the prying eyes of the warring tribes and nations on the surface...

Many of these subterranean caverns were so large that they had atmospheres that were/are intersected by planet earth's electromagnetic fields, which when intersecting with the air molecules creates a misty phosphorescent luminescence like the "auroras" on the surface near the north and south poles -- which are ALSO caused by strong electromagnetic waves/currents interacting with the molecular structure of the atmosphere... that illuminates these subterranean lands. In some areas this luminescence is very faint, but after years of visual adaptation to this dim luminescence, many subterraneans have no problem "seeing" in such an environment.

Eventually these subterranean sccientific 'fraternities' suceeded in colonizing other planets and star systems. HOWEVER they were not the ONLY ones to do so...

You see, many of the early dinisaurs walked upright on two feet, and many of these species were highly mutable (not ascending EVOLUTION but lateral MUTATION). They "mutated" to deal with certain obstacles and chllanges (at least in THEIR slit-pupiled "eyes"), and with the help of the fallen angelic paratites that "incarnated" them, THEY were able to develop the occult-technology necessary to leave planet earth.

SO THEN, it was inevitable that the HUMAN colonists and the REPTILOID infestators among the stars (all ORIGINALLY from planet earth) began to wage fierce interstellar "wars in heaven" against each other, just like the WAR IN HEAVEN mentioned in the book of Revelationn, as having been faught against "THE DRAGON" race!

For those who wish to learn more about this galactic WAR that was mentioned in the 3rd chapter of the book of Genesis (where Almighty God prophesies that there would be ENMITY or WAR between the human race and the serpent race down through the ages...), HERE is a link where you can learn more about a subject that the serpent race has tried desperately to CONCEAL from humanity down through the ages, until recently when the walls of concealment and secrecy have begun to come CRASHINT DOWN and COLLAPSE.

If you wish to learn more about the DRACONIAN ENIGMA, then


There are many who claim that extraterrestrial life exists throughout the universe, and therefore they claim that the Bible must be discredited as a result, due to its implications that physical life was created for the first time on planet earth.

From a Judeo-Christian perspective however, the stars and galaxies would be inhabited by angels, both standing and fallen angels, however physical beings such as humans and animals would NOT have been CREATED on other worlds. For according to the Torah or the Bible , it was God's plan to CREATE man first on EARTH and no where else. That is, planet earth being the "cradle" of all physical life. Yet, as some have said, does one necessarily remain in the "cradle" forever?

So then, if there ARE human or animal beings living on other planets, then according to Judeo-Christian thought they would HAVE to have ultimately been descended from Adam and Eve, or from one of the many animal species that Jehovah originally created and placed in the Garden of Eden.

But does this mean that human beings do NOT exist on other worlds? No, it simply means that IF THEY DO exist, then they would ultimately have descended from Adam-Eve, or more realistically from the descendants of Noah, for before the flood there may not have been a visible cosmos to aim towards, but rather a thick canopy of watery vapor. In other words, no visible stars and thus no visible goal for potential "ancient astronauts" to set their "sights" on.

The antediluvians were, therefore, probably more interested in exploring INNER SPACE than OUTER SPACE. Another scriptural reference stating that the ARK contained ALL of the PHYSICAL life in the universe [at least until that physical life spread once again throughout the world and -- some believe -- throughout the stars] can be found in Genesis chapter 6, vs. 17: "..even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy ALL FLESH, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven."

Take note of the words "ALL FLESH".

Now of course this will not set well with those who are adamant in believing that the universe is one big accident, those who resist the thought that an Infinite "God" is fully in charge of the universe, its creation, development, and destiny. Many people, whether due of self-deifying thoughts and/or out of fear of being accountable to a perfect, infinite being, will reject the belief in an Infinite and perfect being who is -- in spite of the fact that humans are bestowed with free agency -- nevertheless in full control even though "God" has given the creation the power to CHOOSE between the perfect plan of the Almighty, or our own imperfect plans.

The belief in an infinite God who is distinct from this time-space-matter universe will also not sit well with those who pay lip service to "God" but in reality teach that there is no God [i.e pantheism] and that the collective consciousness of all the beings in the entire universe make up "God" and thus we all "created" this universe to dwell in ourselves. This is the teaching of a group of "higher dimensional" beings that some refer to at the "11".

I wonder, some remote-viewers have discovered at the very center of the "alien collective" 10 subspace beings who are in turn led by another being, the fallen archangel Lucifer to be exact... and that this collective controls thousands if not millions of multi-dimensional worlds that are tied-in with this collective.

However could these 10+1 [11] beings be playing both sides of a vast universal machievellian conspiracy... for instance playing the role of 'Lord Sananda' of the Ashtar collective on one side, and 'Lord Lucifer' of the Draco collective on the other? Some alien groups refer to Lucifer as "Samanah", which sounds suspiciously close to "Sananda" to me. If the "fish" jumps out of the frying pan [the Draco collective] and "converts" from a path of animalistic indulgence to a path of "spirituality" [the Ashtar collective], yet IF that path of so-called "spirituality" MUST DEPEND ON electronic technological assimilation of its followers then is it really a purely spiritual path? I guess it COULD be, that is if technological "might makes right", which as far as I know it does not. Would these "converts" merely be jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

It would still be a path that, in spite of all its flowery yet mindless spiritual platitudes, is based on technological 'salvation' rather than spiritual 'salvation'. TRUE spirituality would demand absolute spiritual rule over the material on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS. To throw someone into a technology-based collective intelligence-matrix and have that collective do all of their thinking for them and be responsible for their spiritual growth is NOT spiritual! The battle between our spiritual and animal natures can only be fought and won through dependence on a purely spiritual power [God], not through dependence on a system which requires material technology just to exist, such as the Ashtar collective , which the so-called "Ascended Masters" must depend on in order to communicate with their followers, betraying the fact that they are NOT omnipotent and are in the end very much dependent on material technology to advance their so-called "spiritual" agenda.

So, for those who reject a Monotheistic Creationist version of the universe, please bear with me. The following is based on the belief that Creationism AND physical Alien visitation are both a reality.

Could early man, following the flood, have figured out a way to break free from the earthly "cradle"? In studying the accounts of several UFO "contactees" I have found some interesting references to human like "aliens" from other star systems who have informed their "contactees" of ancient ties between their kind and planet earth.

There are many indications that the National Socialists developed a space program [in league with existent alien forces] far beyond anything that most might comprehend. However we will deal from here onward with even more ancient Terran-based space projects and scenarios.

Several years ago an English family reported a series of contacts that they claim to have experienced with a group of beings who told them that they had originally lived on earth, yet had left our planet thousands of years before in order to colonize a distant world called Janos. Author Frank Johnson was told how the Janosians had suffered a massive asteroid shower, devastating their world and releasing deadly radiation from a shattered nuclear power plant grid. Some of the Janosians realized that the only way to survive would be to try to make their way back to planet earth by following the ancient star charts. In fact there are so many "alien" races now "returning" to earth with ancient claims of origin here that, according to contactee Alex Collier , the Andromedans, Pleiadeans, Procyons and other non-interventionists are keeping busy enforcing potential violations of the non-intervention directives.

In the mid-1950's, certain scientists and scholars claimed to have had meetings with blond, blue eyed beings who allegedly came from the star Iummo, or Wolf 424, from a planet they called "Ummo". The Ummo people, like the Janosians, also claimed to have been descended from ancient astronauts who LEFT planet earth a few thousand years before, to colonize the stars, and were now returning to see what was up at the old stomping ground.

Contactee Billy Meier, who claims to have had encounters with people from the Pleiades open cluster, was told by the star travelers that they had traced their lineage -- and in fact the birth of their entire "Federation" -- back to an ancient alliance BETWEEN the Vega and Sol systems.

Some "channelers" have stated that Earth was originally colonized by Vegans, and that human life in this galaxy evolved from the oceans of Vega. However could this be a deception perpetrated by fallen angels to discredit the Biblical view of creation, and thus try to discredit the revelation of God? Certainly, if there ARE humans now living physically on other worlds, who had their genesis on earth, the last thing the rebel angels would desire would be for these people to accept the Biblical history [contained within the Biblical text AND the Torah Codes] that ALL human beings are ultimately descended from Adam and Eve. Their goal would rather be to divide-and-conquer, NOT unify mankind under a common origin and theology. Could the Vegans have rather had their origins ON/IN planet earth?

MUFON director Forest Crawford tells of a meeting he had with an individual, "Oscar", who alleged that he was involved in a secret government retrieval of an alien disk that was shot down by the U.S. Military, and within which were three crew members, only one of whom survived the impact. Other contactee sources have stated that on board also was a woman who was considered by her people [Tau Cetians] to be a saint, on the level with Mother Teresa, who was here observing the plight of the children of planet earth.

Her death and dissection almost resulted in an interplanetary conflict, since the Tau Cetians wanted to invade our underground bases and take back the two dead and one living crew member. Such a conflict might have broken out, had not the Andromedans intervened and prevented it.

"Oscar" learned that the crew members were from the stars Tau Ceti AND Epsilon Eridani. "Oscar" found it interesting that the survivor -- who died a few months later -- had physical features very similar to those of a Mediterranean or Meso-American background.

Before he died, the survivor "told" him that his people were at war with a race of alien parasites, apparently a genetically engineered race of "Greys" [although they were more "whitish-grey", he was told] which preyed on human blood and human life-force in a vampirial manner, and that a race of humans in the Pleiades were helping them in their struggle. Oscar learned that the Pleiadeans were themselves forced to flee from their former system[s] near Vega Lyra when these parasites [the DOWS] and their Draconian or reptilian allies attacked [destroying three of the Lyran worlds, according to other sources].

These reptilians were themselves a genetically engineered race [a genetically engineered cross between human and reptilian DNA? Perhaps a genetically enhanced version of the early humanoid bi-pedal saurians like the velociraptors or stenonychosaurus-eguallus?].

One contactee[?], whose name escapes me, made the statement that the DNA of both the Pleiadeans and the Tau Cetians was originally "cooked" here on planet earth.

Contactee Thomas E. Castello -- who was alleged to have worked within a joint NSA-Alien underground base near Dulce, New Mexico called the "ULTRA" facility, which interestingly enough is also the name of a super-secret NSA agency AND a secret German-Nazi research agency that was in charge of German activities in Antarctica -- claimed that a race of reptilian humanoids currently residing in Alpha Draconis [and thus known as th 'Dracos'] were insistent that planet earth was and is their ORIGINAL home world, and that they were now returning to challenge the current human residents, who they consider to be 'squatters', and to join-up with others of their kind within a series of deep cavernous systems beneath the earth which contain the humid and stable atmospheres that their race needs to survive.

Castello also speaks of aliens from Epsilon Bootes who work with the Draco. Epsilon Bootes has been associated by some with the "white-greys", which are apparently a repto-arachnid-cybernetic and genetically engineered conglomerate race often referred to as the "Dows".

Contactee Maurice Doreal may add something new to this scenario, with his claim that he was invited into an ancient neo-Mayan city under Mt. Shasta, California called Telos [interesting enough, "Telos" is also a Greek word meaning "uttermost" or "purpose"]. During later contacts Doreal was shown some ancient 'holographic' libraries beneath the Himalayas, and holographic records of a technically-advanced race of tall, blond and blue-eyed humans who ruled a vast empire where the Gobi desert now lies.

These 'Nordics' were at war with a race of reptilian or neo-saurian humanoids -- velociraptor type humanoids, possibly the result of ancient genetic engineering gone out of control? -- based on what at the time was the semi-tropical continent of Antarctica. The 'Nordics' literally drove the reptilian humanoids off the face of the earth, the reptiloids taking refuge in vast underground cavern systems [possibly akin to the legendary underworld of "Snakeworld", "Patalas" or "Nagaloka" with it's reptilian capital "Bhoga-vita" -- which is according to Hindu tradition part of a seven-leveled subterranean realm stretching from Benares India to Lake Manosarowar Tibet that is inhabited by deadly reptilian humanoids called the 'Nagas']. There they developed a hive-like society in order to advanced their occult-technology.

The Nordics also colonized the underground realms below the Gobi region and elsewhere [the Agharti network] and, not to be outdone by the reptilians, they also set out to explore and colonize the moon, the Solarian planets, and nearby star-systems, with their "silver fleet", which works closely with their allies below North America, who have their central focus of activity under Mt. Shasta, California.

In fact Richard Hoagland claims that there are signs on the moon AND Mars of ancient battles and writer George H. Leonard has also stated that secret NASA photos show the remains of two types of aliens on the moon... one humanoid and one akin to the reptilian-grey type aliens, who apparently have very little regard for humanity. As the humans and reptilians battled their way out of the system, they apparently colonized other star systems, if we are to believe some contactees. The humans focusing on the Lyra sector and the reptilians on the Draco sector. After the ancient 'Nordics' of the Gobi left the surface, others of their kind, according to Doreal, migrated west and founded the Scandinavias, the Vikings and so on. Could other remaining Gobian 'Nordics' have attributed to the ancient 'Aryan invasion' of the subcontinent of India?

Writer Jose Argueles wrote in his book THE MAYAN FACTOR of his meetings with an old Mayan sage by the name of 'Humbatz Men', who informed him that the ancient Mayas did not disappear but rather left the surface of the planet [to other dimensions or to colonize underground systems?]. This is similar to what Doreal claimed, who added that his organization BROTHERHOOD OF THE WHITE TEMPLE held several Guatemalan members, some of whom had told him of Mayan's who lived underground [like the legendary underground Mayans who have been associated with the Loltun caves of Yucatan?] and some of whom are friendly, whereas others of whom were not so friendly or downright dangerous. Some of these "dangerous" types have been seen guarding the entrances to ancient caves and tunnels in Guatemala and Yucatan, and have been described as appearing to be some kind of cross between humans and lizards.

Also the underground city of Telos below Mt. Shasta, inhabited by neo-Maya's known as the Naga-Mayas and Quetzals, may be in part what Hubatz was referring to. The Mayan sage continued by stating that these Mayas had developed space technology and had succeeded in navigating at least 7 star systems. Some who have visited Mt. Shasta claim that there seems to be somewhat of a conflict taking place there between pro Draco-Grey factions and anti Draco-Grey factions [similar to the current "intelligence/infiltration wars" within the U.S. government itself, between the NSA's pro-grey MAJI, AQUARIUS and ULTRA agencies vs. the NAVY's anti-grey DOD, CABAL and COM12 agencies].