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The late actor Roddy Piper admitted that the movie "THEY LIVE"...

Matthew 13:25

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"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed (the serpent race) and her seed (the human race); it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."
Genesis 3:15

The Seed of the Serpent



The Mormon-Reptilian Connection

Mormons are taught that they can become GODS... which is the teaching of the very FIRST (reptilian)
false prophet


Isaiah 44:8 -- King James Version
8 - Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any.


Isaiah 43:10 -- King James Version
10 - Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.

kamala harris sotu lizard eyes

Scientology and the Lizard People


Google Image Search For...

reptilian shape-shifting 'people' with slit pupils

Beware the...

Important Note: Many of the human-reptlilain 'hybrids' have a human soul-matrix, and they apparently have the CHOICE whether or not to favor the HUMAN race or the SERPENT race. But even if they have no soul matrix and are full-blooded reptiloids, they still MAY be able to break free from the Luciferian HIVE and develop their own INDIVIDUALITY and FREE-CHOICE, for it is written in Psalm 148:7... "Praise the Lord from the earth, YE DRAGONS, and all deeps". ALSO in Mark 16:15 we read... "And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE..." Also Psalm 150:6... "LET EVERYTHING that hath breath praise the Lord". And Romans 10:13... “ALL THOSE that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. And finally, in Revelation 22:17 we read... "And WHOSOEVER WILL, let them take the water of life freely."

Do not be discouraged that the sauroids/reptiloids, incarnated by fallen angelic parasites/hosts, have through demonic inspiration developed the occult technology necessary to leave planet earth and colonize (infest) the stars... because even through these vir-men were able to leave planet earth and conquer the 2nd Heavens (stars and planets), SO ALSO ancient HUMAN scientists collaborated together and removed themselves from the ignorant masses in their fraternal scientific collectives (often developing underground communities and cities in the process)... and have ALSO been able to COLONIZE OTHER STARS AND PLANETS which now for a large part are AT WAR with the "serpent race" among the stars...

the reptilian sexual offenders database

Was the late CIA director and Skul & Bones member George Bush Senior a reptilian shape-shifter?

Shapeshifting Reptilians in our Government!?

The serpent race was CREATED BY GOD, not Lucifer... and God originally gave them the POWER TO CHOOSE... or in THIS case choose between...

the HIVE or the VINE

Some people, as strange as it may sound, believe that there is a conspiracy in effect upon and beneath planet earth, one that is designed to slowly and subtly enslave us through a constant barrage of subliminal programming, economic manipulation, and preconditioning. This plan is one involving a scenario that is designed to set all countries, nations or republics against each other [eventually doing away with all sovereignties altogether and replacing them with a global religio-eco-political control system], using infiltrators who operate within the leadership ranks of all countries, especially the USA, Europe, Russia, Red China, Australia and so on.

In other words our planet is the chessboard, the countries are the squares, we are the 'pawns', and the draco are the chess players.

If this conspiracy continues as planned they could "divide-and- conquer" us into oblivion, with MOST of the human population being eliminated (wars, famine, plagues, etc.). THEN they plan to emerge from their underground empire consisting of multi-connected bases -- Dulce, Pine Gap, Gizeh, Neu Schwabia, etc., where most of the humans have since been 'replaced'. When they emerge, they plan to take total control of our society, or what's left of it.

Abductee Billy Dee tells of a personal friend of his who worked within a deep-level intelligence agency, and who had interrogated a draco that had been captured. After the interview was over the man blew the aliens' head off. When Dee asked why, he replied that the thing was so evil it had to be killed, since it bragged about the fact that 'they' have been waiting and preparing within their underground systems for centuries for their invasion of the surface in collaboration with their allies in other star systems. It showed absolutely no regret for its desire to see all humans slaughtered, and so the agent pulled out his pistol and killed it, mercilessly.

To try and understand this conflict it might be useful to try and see it as a WAR between the sovereigntists (free agency / free thought / spiritual rule over the material) and the collectivists (no free agency / no free thought / material rule over the spiritual). Lucifer's original 'sin' was when he left his 'space' and invaded the 'space' that rightfully belonged to other created beings. He invaded their 'ring pass not' and became increasingly worse as time passed, until he eventually became the 'spiritual black hole' that he is, having eliminated within its being any remaining spark of light or conscience through which the Almighty might have been able to bring Lucifer back into the 'light', and instead becoming the ringleader for most of the dark forces in this multi-dimensional Omniverse.

So in fighting the Draco collectivists, it would be rather self-defeating to fight them using a collectivist New World Order agenda that despises individual sovereignty (especially an agenda that 'they' have already infiltrated to the core).

If we are to practice non-interventionism, we MUST respect sovereignty on ALL levels regardless... on the inter-planetary, inter-national, and inter-personal levels. In otherwords "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU." Or "You respect my space and I'll respect yours". Once we are able to access the technology that the 'elite' have STOLEN from us then we can finally break out of this 'cradle' and our energy, population, pollution, and economic problems will cease... however we should and must of course refrain from violating the sovereignty of other worlds in doing so.

I think that's why the draco are so concerned with this planet. Most of us meta-gene warrior-instinct sovereigntists will NOT put up with their crap once we AS A FREE RACE finally break through to the stars. The thought absolutely terrifies them no end...

We can not change the past, however we CAN change the future. Remember, there are only three kinds of people in this world. 1 - Those who MAKE things happen; 2 - Those who WAIT for things to happen; and 3 - Those who WONDER what happened!

From: "Andrea"
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Subject: I have an interesting story for you....
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 11:21:27 -0500


I read your article on the net about the nazi and ufo connection.

I experienced something when I was 19 that has baffled me and changed my life since.

At the time, I was on the look out for a soul mate - the one - I wanted to find my soul mate and get married. In fact, at the time I was athiest and didn't even believe in such non-sense as 'soul mates'. I just wanted someone who I had alot in common with.

Well, one night I was at a night club for people under 21 and some guy came up to me and asked me to dance. Right off the bat I realized that we talked alike - meaning we used the same phrases and communication style - and I felt a connection. He asked me to dance to a slow song. I did.

While dancing I gazed into his eyes. All of a sudden I saw what seemed like a dark brown straight ray of energy from his eyes to mine, and I seemed to be in another dimension - all of a sudden I saw a transparent door open with a bunch of little greys aliens. They didn't look like the typical grey I've seen on book covers. They were really short ( about 2.5 - 3 feet tall ) and looked like they were wearing big bulky military boots, they had a very thin stick like body, and a big head - but the head looked like a black shiny helmet.

They motioned me to go in the door. I got scared and all of a sudden I was back on the dance floor gazing into his eyes like nothing happened. - Weird.

Even stranger is that I STILL CONTINUED TO DATE THIS GUY - I wasn't scared??? Anyhow, for our first date, he showed up at my house and someone called while he was there. I answered the phone and it was a guy that I was friends with but I didn't want it to go further than friendship and he just didn't get that. He was obsessed with me and become annoying.

Anyhow, when I answered the phone, the guy (Steve) was sitting on my couch to the left and in front of me. I remember him getting up and that's it. I was still on the phone with the guy and trying to get him off the phone because I was on a date and I didn't want the date to think I was seeing someone else. I hung up the phone and looked at the couch where I expected to find Steve sitting - I FORGOT that I had seen him get up a few seconds ealier. When I turned around - he scared me because he was DIRECTLY behind me and HE TRANSFORMED into something else.

He had a HUGE round, bald white head with HUGE black almond shaped eyes and small chin. His skin was milky white. He had a slit for a mouth and I don't remember but maybe two holes for a nose but I am not sure.

He looked mad and was just staring at me. I was cornered between him and the couch and the back door to the outside was to my right. All I wanted to do was run out that door.

I was afraid he would hurt me - that's the feeling I got because he looked mad. I remained calm and told him he could drive, let's go to the mall - all I could hink of at the time was to get away from him without getting a violent reaction.

I then walked out the door with him following me and I was about to bolt when all of a sudden he changed back to normal and my fears went away because he seemed normal again and not threatening.

When he changed back to normal he knew I was scared and (he) seemed to look away in a shameful way or something - Like oops I scared her and I am sorry or something and he was embarrassed or whatever.

Anyhow, our first date was at the mall. We had some fast food and sat down.

It was at this time that I was amazed - I was looking for someone with whom I had alot in common with, but I never dreamed I would find someone EXACTLY like me. We talked alike, had same interests, acted the same - he was like a male twin version of me - and for some reason I was afraid to tell him this????

Anyhow, we ended up breaking up three months later and I ran into him here and there after that. Each time something strange would happen, like once, I couldn't move or talk when I was around him - this probably happened a few times. Another time, it was as if something light and white came out of him and into me. Physically, I never felt the same since we dated and broke up.

My health started to go down hill. I would sometimes slur my words and my strong sense of inuitition went downhill.

I felt like I couldn't think straight and then years later I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.

Well, that's my story. I haven't told many people for fear of looking crazy.

Heck you may think this is a hoax or a crazy person - BUT I KNOW WHAT I SAW AND EXPERIENCED. THIS IS NO HOAX and I am not crazy. It is all true. If you have any questions or ideas on WHAT I ENCOUNTERED or WHAT HAPPENED to me, please e-mail me back. He is a live person and still walking around out there somewhere.


Did the Philadelphia Experiment open up more than just a hole in hyperspace? Could it have actually opened up a doorway for other-dimensional 'Dracos' to come flooding into our world in massive numbers, even to the point of infiltrating our world and replacing key political figures in order to impose their agenda upon us? Read the following and you might just begin to wonder.

A reader of the CAC [Cosmic Awareness Communications] newsletter sent the following message to CAC, which responded in a derogatory manner suggesting the information was false. Being that the CAC information is CHANNELLED, one has to wonder about the motives of beings who cannot or will not appear out in the open and provide physical evidence, but merely hide behind the channeled words of mediums like Paul Shockley and others. It could be that CAC is an 'outlet' for an alien collective, however again you have to ask if such an information source has all the facts or whether they twist information to fit their own agendas. If the CAC sources are part of an interdimensional alien collective, then some elements within the collective might feed this particular outlet of the collective with false information or propoganda, whereas other information might be more accurate, all depending on what part of the collective they are 'tuned in' to, those that are controlled more by malevolent forces or those that are controlled by more neutral forces or entities that have not been fully "assimilated" psychologically into the alien "Hive".

But some things that CAC refers to seem to make sense, especially the following quote in response to reports that an alien conflict resulted in a planetoid and accompanying ships crashing into Jupiter. This planetoid was reportedly arriving from a dark star outside of our system called Nemesis, in the direction of Orion -- a sphere which if it had enough mass would have become our nearest stellar neighbor, yet lacking mass it condenced into a large frozen planet about the size of Jupiter. A DARK star. This planetoid was reportedly filled with 40 million Draco warriors in cryogenic freeze. The loss of this armada reportedly set back the Draco/New World Order takeover plans for planet earth considerably. It could be that this report was completely false, but even if so there is still much evidence suggesting an alien connection to the New World Order nonetheless. CAC stated:

"This Awareness indicates that this is a great setback for the New World Order, for the New World Order was a plan BY AND FOR the Reptoids, and it would have benefited greatly had the Reptoids made their invasion on earth. It would have led to the need for a New World Order..."

It makes sense. Unite all nations into a central power and you will only have to take control of a few key individuals rather than dealing with numerous stubbornly independent sovereignties.

The query that was sent to CAC was as follows:

"Someone by the name of Angela Douglas, out of Ormond Beach, Florida, who has a business called Artistic Creations sent a couple of unsolicited statements which have a ring of truth, but I suspect there's something here that could be fantasy also. Anyway, I'm going to run this by Awareness before I throw it out. It's called 'Reptoids Involved With Sex-Change Operations.' And it reads: 'Reptoid aliens were associated with sex-change surgeons in California and New York as part of an experiment by them to learn how to control the behavior of humans and are believed to have taken the testicles of the thousands of men who underwent sex-change surgery to female for unknown reasons. Over 50,000 men in America have undergone sex-change operations. Most also receive silicon implants to create artificial breasts and others had implants of silicon placed in other parts of their bodies. These could also be Reptoid implant devices. One transsexual has disclosed that one of the Reptoid aliens revealed itself to her. The Reptoid had some means to disguise itself completely as another human transsexual and was associated with the human transsexual for four years. The Reptoid had been associated with a sex change surgeon in California for many years. In addition, there is now growing suspicion that Reptoids are immune to AIDS and released AIDS to kill off most of humanity by the year 2100. At present experts say around 50 million people world wide by the year 2000 will be dead or dying from AIDS and up to a billion will have the incurable disease by 2100.'"

[Note: It is interesting that former Dulce base Security Officer Thomas E. Castello has stated that sex-change technology first originated within the Dulce base, where Reptiloids and CIA/NSA scientists collaborated. Any connection? Incidentally, a LARGE collection of reports of these reptilians, these "chameleons" masquerading as human beings, has been collected. These reports involve several areas within the continental U.S., and especially near the Dulce, New Mexico area, although such creatures have also been seen aboard alien craft, by abductees - Alan]

"She enclosed something else I'd like to check out. She says: 'A Reptoid who has rebelled against his Reptoid masters has revealed that MANY Reptoids are disguised as humans and is exposing the Reptoid plot to kill off as many humans by AIDS as well as reduce the number of humans born by promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion in hopes that fewer humans would be born, but resistance to homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion by most humans forced the Reptoids to create the AIDS virus and release it to kill as many humans as possible and also scare humans from having sex. That's helping to lower the birth rate as well.'"

Just WHO might these infiltrators be? Anyone who we may know??? Check out the following and decide for yourself. Remember, some contactees have stated that the CIA is literally infested with implantees and clones if not alien 'imposters' themselves, and it would indeed be the logical agency for an alien force to infiltrate and take over if they wanted to infiltrate and subvert our society. In fact the CIA's 'Trojan Horse' treaties with the Dracos and Greys in the past would certainly have 'opened the door' for at least the abduction and implantation of key figues within the agency...

Trance Formation of America

"Trance Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. Cathy O'Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency's MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation. Chiseled deep into the white stone of the CIA's Langley, Virginia headquarters is a partial verse lifted from the Holy Bible and writings of Saint John...'and the truth shall make you free.' This statement, like the agency, is total reality. The building that it is engraved upon houses the world's most successful manufacturer of lies to facilitate psychological warfare."

On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O'Brien was subjected to an occult ritual she called "The Rite to Remain Silent" in alleged preparation for her future interdimensional expeditions.

"I work for the Vatican, and now, so do you," [Michigan State Senator, Guy] VanderJagt told me. "You have just entered into a covenant with the holy Catholic church. You must never break that covenant."

Still capable of questioning at that time, I asked, "What is a covenant?" VanderJagt answered, "A covenant is a promise to keep secrets, the secret that the church knew all along. The Pope has all the secrets locked away at the Vatican. Your Uncle Bob and I have been to the Vatican. It is time you entered into the holy covenant and learned the secrets of the church that were written long before Christ even came into being. The Dominican monks kept the covenant that Noah carried into the new world. They kept the secret with them. It was written on parchment and kept in a secret place in the Vatican. They took a Vow of Silence to never reveal its location, or its content. You must enter into the covenant. You must carry the secret to your grave. Keep it secret from your mom, dad, everybody."

VanderJagt proceeded to fill my suggestible young mind with biblical interpretation that laid the groundwork for future "inter/inner dimensional" programming themes utilized by Project Monarch programmers to control the compartmentalization of memory synonymous with MPD/DID. [MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder]

"Christ saw them all," VanderJagt was telling me. "They are dimensions, places you can see on your way to death. That's why they're called die-mentions. You must remember that Christ died and came back to tell us everything he saw while he was on his way to heaven. He was gone three days, but it was much longer than that where he was because time isn't the same in other dimensions. Purgatory is one other dimension. Hell is one. And there are lots of others in between. Oz is another dimension. The sky is not the limit to all the worlds out there waiting to be explored. You can travel in and out of all these dimensions, learning the secrets of the universe. You have been chosen to explore these other worlds for the church. Listen in the stillness and you will hear his voice guiding you on your missions. The rosy cross is like Dorothy's ruby slippers. Never take your rosy cross off, Cathy, when traveling other dimensions and you will always be able to return home."

Father Don [apparently from Muskegon's St. Francis of Assisi Church] joined VanderJagt in a ritual which bathed me in the blood of a slaughtered lamb, and subsequently, through this hideous blood trauma, locked their stated perceptions and a basis for mind-control programming deep in my mind. This basis for programming was anchored in the Vow of Silence which the Jesuit monks take "not only to keep secrets, but so they can still their mind and hear their inner guidance." Certain that the "Rite to Remain Silent" which they had performed would ensure that I keep their secrets, Father Don and Guy VanderJagt subjected me to their pedophile perversions. The two joked that I had become "a good Cathy-lick".


Cox was ordered out of Johnston's office, and he turned his full attention to me. When alone with the Senator [U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D. West Virginia], Johnston [U.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston, D. Louisiana previously of Shreveport General Dynamics R & D, now apparently affiliated with USPECC, on the Reston, VA Columbia Gas board of Directors and CEO of the Washington-based Johnston and Associates] manipulated my mind, and ultimately my beliefs and perceptions, for future programming. He referred to a picture of himself shaking hands with unknown Navy brass as he dramatically told me, "I was there that fateful day in 1943 when a hole was ripped in the fabric of time through what later became known as the Philadelphia Experiment. All those fine boys vanished along with their ship in a bizarre twist of events that parallels the Atlantis disappearances. A vortex was created in an effort to slip dimensions and become invisible to the enemy. It was a success beyond the highest expectations and launched us all into universal travel. It is no wonder at all that we have had a man on the moon. Traveling to distant planets and galaxies is Mickey Mouse stuff in comparison to the high tech wizardry of trans-dimensional travel. Trans-dimensional travel circumvents all measures of time, including distance and speed. When the fabric of time was torn, we opened ourselves up to intergalactic travel -- both in and out of this dimension -- and in and out of the future, as well as the past. We can alter the course of history by traveling back in time to alter events, or we can blast off into the future and gain wisdom and knowledge of events yet to come. We can control the future by controlling the past. At present, this is a relatively easy task according to the theory of relativity and abilities gained through the Philadelphia Experiment. I came back an ET (extraterrestrial) myself. And our ship returned to this Earth as a spaceship. I gained the keys to the universe on that fateful day, and I carry them with me now, sharing only a Key or two at a time with those who are Chosen. You are a Chosen One (Johnston was deliberately interfacing with Rite to Remain Silent conditioning), and therefore must learn the ins and outs of interplanetary travel. Your mission is trans-dimensional. You can span infinite dimensions by learning from me. Take it from me, you're going places, kiddo. And I'll teach you to get there by riding the light. I'll teach you the groundwork, and you do the light work. The key to the universe lies in the speed of light. The only way to travel is by beam of light. You will learn to go to the light...Your mission is to learn how to Tinker with time. I'm going to take you on that journey myself. Come with me now. It's time we were leaving this plane and boarding another."

Johnston took me the short distance from his General Dynamics Corporation provided office to the Barksdale Air Force Base airfield. He was apparently well known at Barksdale, and a small cargo plane was ready to take us to our destination -- Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.


I was then quickly taken to [George] Bush's Residence Office, which heretofore was unfamiliar to me. Although it had slate blue, plush carpets and fine furnishings like the White House office, lattice work and smaller rooms provided a different air. I sat in a hard-back wooden chair as ordered, while Bush carefully positioned himself in front of me on a little wooden footstool. This allowed me clear visibility of the large book that he held in his lap. All illustrations faced me, while all text except the last page was printed in the holder's direction. This book was a unique, high tech piece of art specifically designed to enforce Bush's favorite method of programming, "You Are What You Read". The juvenile face depicted on the front of this hardcover book gave it the appearance of a children's storybook. It was entitled About Faces.

Bush explained the dynamics of "changing faces" and "becoming what I read". Although I had been conditioned to this idea all of my life through Disney stories, The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, etc., I was not prepared for Bush's version of "You Are What You Read" programming explanations. The illustrations themselves were elaborate, consisting of mirrors add hypnotic depictions. He seemingly made the book come alive in my mind as he read page after poetic page of hypnotic, metaphorical language, all the while creating powerful illusions. His impersonations of the characters further enhanced the desired affect of fantasy becoming reality. This extraordinary effort to scramble reality would have worked -- perfectly -- had it not been for another victim and myself discussing it only a few days later.


Throughout my tenure as a Presidential Model mind-controlled slave, I was provided specific books according to Bush's program. These books, delivered through pre-established channels such as Ken Riley, Alex Houston, and even Ronald Reagan, came complete with specific commands on how they were to be interpreted and used. Some books were used to instruct me on operations; some were an attempt to scramble my memory with fantasy; others were used to load my mind with pertinent data such as bank account passbook numbers, and so on.


I read stories of espionage, including Robert Ludlum's Bourne Identity, and William Diehl's Chameleon. Mostly I was provided steamy sex novels for further training as well as scrambles. Kelly was conditioned to fairy tales, Steven Speilberg's ET, NASA NSA operative George Lucas' Star Wars, and the nightmarish Never Ending Story. Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men caused Kelly constantly to quote the defendant character of Lenny for years saying, "Tell me what to do, George". She still does this each and every time I am allowed to visit with her in the mental institution. The attending therapist overseeing the visit has yet to pick up on this programming cue, and I am forbidden by Juvenile Court order not to discuss Kelly's past or therapy.