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[IMPORTANT NOTICE: Downloading the Redbook Database and "mirroring" it on other sites is both permitted and encouraged! You can download HTML source codes by clicking the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and VIEW SOURCE or by clicking Netscape's VIEW option and then PAGE SOURCE, and then using the left mouse button to scroll-block the text and then copy {CTRL-C} and paste {CTRL-V}. Also, feel free to submit -- to the email address at the bottom of this page -- any updated information on the sites listed here, OR other sites not mentioned. Any intelligence agent, military-industrial worker, earth-based ET - OD - or ST, or even non-interventionist minded reptilians or other non-human entities or even changelings ;-) who may wish to submit anonymously or otherwise information regarding UNCONSTITUTIONAL, regressive, uncivilized or just down-right socially unacceptable activities taking place in the "underworld" domains, feel free to share your information for potential submission to the database. Also, if you have the guts to check out these places personally -- btw NEVER attempt to do so alone nor attempt to violate any established laws in the process -- then by all means submit whatever findings you may have uncovered to us...]

First there was Project Blue Book [Alien Aerial Phenomena], and Project Yellow Book [Alien Intervention in History], which have apparently been used as tools of propoganda to some extent. Now PROJECT REDBOOK [a global subsurface database on regressive alien activity sites] is here! No propoganda, just the flat out data! Unlike UFO's which are here today and gone tommorrow, underground facilities can not so easily "disappear" and thus PROJECT RED BOOK may be an even more valuable resource for investigators and activists...

REDBOOK is the most concise "public" database of its kind in the world. The data is given as is, with no claims as to authenticity. These reports may range anywhere from absolute fact to mythological fantasy. However the sites are there, and pinpointed in most cases, for those who are daring enough to probe the depths of these subsurface facilities [or the depths of the folktales or legends themselves, whatever the case may be]. I have tried to focus on those sites which might pose a potential security rist to the sovereign nations, states, and individuals of the surface. The Red Book database will deal with underground sites where (alleged) benevolent encounters as well as (alleged) malevolent encounters have taken place... or you might say, areas where both 'progressive' (or benevolent) and 'regressive' (or molevolant and/or "neutral") scenarios have been encountered underground. Those who may have information on specific sites that might be added to this database are encouraged to send this information to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

I have my own personal perspectives on just what impact an underground military/alien collaboration/assimilation might have [regardless of whether or not the 'aliens' are biogenetically engineered by the military or are from 'elsewhere'] on our spiritual, psychological and physical security. Others may either agree or disagree with these beliefs.

Note: Origionally I had planned to charge access to the Red Book at about 10 dollars a shot, however the "King of Kings" instructed me differently, and that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one. I've essentially sacrificed my social and financial well-being to devote my time to this area of research and compile the information which appears in the Brantonia site and its links [the Crimson, Mojave, Coscon, Omega, & Dulce databases, etc.] without charge, out of a motivation to preserve truth and liberty by trying to encourage investigators to "get to the bottom" of some of the darker levels of society and expose them for what they are... whether they involve truly alien manifestations or simple military-industrial atrocities using an "alien" cover.

This project was concieved in my mind several years ago and involves three phases: Project Searchlight [to track down and search out reports of subterranean anomalies -- this is complete and also ongoing]; Project Redbook [also complete and ongoing, involving the present database]; and Project Dungeonstorm [the literal invasion of specific underground systems harboring 'regressive' entities who are engaged in activities that pose a threat to our ACTUAL national security -- this is progressing slowly but gaining momentum within pockets of resistance {within various levels of the U.S. military and militia} to the alien/NWO agenda].

I've sacrificed MUCH to bring this information out into the light, and this in the face of almost constant spiritual/psychological/physical interferance from "entities" which would like to see my life ruined rather than continue in the areas of research with which I have been involved since the mid-1970's.

So, then, I will NOT require monetary reimbursement for access to the REDBOOK files, HOWEVER if anyone out there wishes to support this research financially so that I can do even more with it in the future, PLEASE DO consider contacting me at the e-mail address below with the subject heading "Donation Offer".

Thank you, and may God bless you.

Yours in the Terran Resistance. Alan

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