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The following information may be true, then again it may not be true. Or it could be a combination of both. These are actual claims made by abductees and contactees as to the nature of certain specific star systems in our general galactic neighborhood, as well as the nature of their inhabitants.

Just how much of the following claims are accurate, I do not know. Perhaps some of you out there have 'inside' knowledge that can serve to confirm, refute or refine some of these claims. If so, then by all means please share your feedback, so that we can begin to get a handle on the who, what and where of our interstellar neighbors, whether these "neighbors" prove to be friendly or not- so-friendly.

But first, a brief introduction of a possible origin of some of the 'aliens' in this sector of space, based on the claims of the late contactee Maurice Doreal:


In ancient times the earth was populated by a race of Nordic- like humans, and also a genetically engineered conglomerate race with a reptilian DNA base. Could the latter have been a genetically engineered race that got out of control?

Whatever the case, in what amounted to a species war during a prehistoric era, before the sinking of two major island- continents and a global cataclysm that shook the earth, these two 'races' fought each other for domination of the surface of the planet. These events, including the sinking of the continents and the polar shift, may have occured FOLLOWING the legendary deluge.

Massive explosions loosed during this war precipitated a polar shift, and both 'sides' escaped into underground facilities in order to survive. Those humans who remained on the surface reverted to a stone-age lifestyle and forgot the former world, except through the legends and myths that survived.

From their underground strongholds, the 'Nordics' and the 'Reptiloids' sent out space vessels beyond the confines of planet earth, and took their battle to the moon, to Mars, and finally to the stars.

The Reptiloids established themselves in Alpha Draconis, on a planet called Tiphon; whereas the Humans established one of their major bases in Vega, Lyra.

From these two star-bases, both 'sides' began to extend their civilizations outwards, colonizing other worlds, until the time came when the Draconians -- seeing the expanding Lyran empire as a threat to their agenda for galactic domination -- chose to stage a surprise attack on the Lyran colonial worlds, effectively destroying three of their major planets and scattering the seeds of human life throughout this sector, as refugees from that war escaped to colonize other star systems.

Here then are some of the star systems that have been referred to by a number of abductees or contactees. In most cases, more than one abductee/contactee has made reference to the same star systems, and their descriptions of the nature of the entities who allegedly dominate those systems tend to collaborate each other to a remarkable degree, in some cases:

ALPHA DRACONIS -- Home of green and brown skinned, 7-8 ft. tall Reptilian humanoids, many of whom have assimilated human DNA to enhance their emotional centers, and who rule a large number of subdued planets via psionic implants, linked together into a collective, hive, or group consciousness that is ultimately controlled by a massive computer network and sub-space transciever that exists at some undisclosed location near the home system, one that operates simultaneously on the material and astral planes. These Draco are said to serve an elite class of Reptilians, the White or Beige Dracos and dark-skinned winged Dracos called the "Ciakars". They maintain a major underground earth base below Dulce, New Mexico (source: Alex Collier, and others).

EPSILON BOOTES -- Home of a genetically engineered conglomerate race with an insectoid genetic base and assimilated reptilian and other types of DNA. Large heads, thin bodies, grey-white skin. These are known as the "Dows", and are subservient to the Dracos, several of which are also based in this system (source: Thomas Castello).

RIGEL ORION -- Once the home of Nordic like human race, Rigel was attacked by the Draconians and their subordinate 'Grey' mercenaries who were and are experts in psychic warfare, espionage, infiltration, deception and manipulation. Several surviving refugees fled from Rigel to Procyon, to the Jovian moons of Sol, and to Sirius [Sirius-A]? Some Sirian factions have been at war with the Rigelians ever since (source: Al Bielek, George Andrews).

PROCYON -- Home of Nordic like humans. Procyon was subdued by Rigelian greys in recent centuries, having succumbed to a 'Trojan horse' style takeover via infiltration. Recently, with the help of other Federated worlds, Procyon has been liberated (source: George Andrews, Alex Collier).

TAU CETI -- Home of humans who on the average are of a stalky or muscular build, and about 5 1/2 ft. tall. They usually wear their hair in a crew style cut, their faces are somewhat broad and their ears slightly pointed, but 'human' in every sense of the word. They have been at war with the white-greys or Dows for several generations. The Dows have kidnapped a large number of their children and have committed numerous other atrocities against their world (source: Forest Crawford).

EPSILON ERIDANI -- Also the home of human colonials, who work closely with the Tau Cetians (source: Forest Crawford).

WOLF 424 -- Also known as Iumma, with its inhabited planet Ummo. They are tall Scandinavian like people who work closely with the Vegans. They are part of a free capital type of society, and some of their ambassadors work closely with certain scientific fraternities in France and Spain (source: Ummo Papers). They are also believed to use a massive Federation base beneath Death Valley, California.

VEGA LYRA -- Most of the current Vegans are humans who are similar in appearance to dark skinned orientals like those of India. Also some blond and red-haired humans live in the Vega system. They live in an egalitarian, communal type of society and maintain a massive earth-base below Furnace Creek, California. Many Vegans were originally refugees from the other Lyran worlds that were attacked by the Draconians (source: Jefferson Souza, Navajo researcher Oga-Make).

BERNARDS STAR -- Home of the "Orange", replicated human 'hybrids' with assimilated reptilian DNA and/or cybernetic enhancements. They have often been described as having course yellow, orange or reddish hair that stands upright on their heads in stalk-like fashion (source: William Cooper, Paul Bennewitz).

ZETA II RETICULI -- Grey skinned, large heads, slanted dark eyes and thin bodies. Some of the more commonly reported aliens, although Dracos and Dows seem to be making a big showing in recent years. They have a reptilian DNA base with assimilated insectilian and plant-based genetics, the latter of which provides a greenish chlorophyl-based circulatory system. They have no working digestive tract, being that they are mostly clones [the "original" are taller and far more scarce, and are revered by the rest as the elite of their race]. They must apply vital fluids from other life forms or vegetable juices to their skin, through which it is absorbed and later excreted out in a 'shedding' fashion, or as urine which creates an intense ammonia-like stench. They work closely with, or are controlled by, the Dracos (source: Betty & Barney Hill, and many other sources).

ZETA I RETICULI -- Greys and hybrids with assimilated human DNA. Some of these work with Federated worlds who adhere to Non-Interventionist ethics, and tend to resist the Zeta II / Draconis agenda (source: Alex Collier).

ALCYON -- The central star in the Pleiades cluster. A genetically conglomerate race who are rather isolationist, yet do not necessarily adhere to the Non-Interventionist ethics of certain groups in the Taygeta system (source: Jefferson Souza).

TAYGETA PLEIADES -- A Terra-formed planet named Erra within this system is the home of Nordic like refugees from the ancient Draconian attack on Lyra. Several types of animal life were transferred from Earth to Erra to prime its natural cycle, since the Taygeta system is relatively young. Erra is only one of several planets that have been colonized in star systems of the 200-plus Pleiades open cluster [7 or so of the brighter stars are visible to the naked eye]. The Taygetans are tied-in with other colonial worlds in the Hyades and the Zenatae and Tishtae star systems in the Andromeda constellation. They also have contact with the inhabitants of another universe, the anti- matter counterpart to ours, known as the 'Dal' universe (source: Billy Meier).

ALDEBARAN -- Human militarists of a fascist slant who have traditionally sided with the Dracos and Greys. They collaborate within a large underground facility below Egypt, the base of a secret "Kamagol-II" cult which has connections to the Bavarian Thule Society and the Montauk time-space projects. This cult is also referred to as the Gizeh empire or Gizeh Intelligence, and they are working with secret societies on earth in an effort to dissolve all national sovereignties into a global religio-eco- political order. There are also Insectoid forces involved with Aldebaran. Apparently a neo-Nazi space force may have helped to colonize that system by sending time-space forces back into the distant past to inhabit the 4th dimensional realm of one or more of its planets. These forces from the past are currently involved with the New World Order scenario, attempting to carry out their dictatorial agenda on earth from their "base" within another time-space dimension of Aldebaran (source: Preston Nicholes, and others).

ARCTURUS -- Home of a number of different genetic sub-races who range from interventionist to non-interventionist and everywhere in between. Arcturus is the hub of a huge collective of different worlds which stretch out multi-dimensionally into the galaxy sectors beyond our own (source: Robert Renaud).

ALTAIR AQUILA -- Home of Nordics and Greys who have collaborated in the past. Recent reports however have alleged that the human or Nordic elements, with the help of certain fascist alternative-3 type forces on earth who are in collaboration with the Greys and Dracos, have suffered a major loss of their sovereignty, and have essentially become an enslaved race (source: Michael Wolf, and others).

CAPPELLA -- Formerly an independent race of bluish-skinned Reptiloids, the Cappellans are a female dominated warrior society who were drawn under Draconian domination after the Greys approached them a few centuries ago claiming to be fleeing from Draco overlords, and asking the Cappellans' assistance and cooperation. In reality the deceitful Greys were working fully under the Dracos direction, and used their collaboration with the Cappellans to betray and conquer them. In recent times the female Cappellans -- who are naturally taller than the males -- rebelled and liberated themselves from the Greys and Dracos. They have since joined the Federated worlds in their efforts to blockade the Sol system from Draconian interventionists (source: "Tau", a Canadian contactee).

SIRIUS-A -- Home of a race of Federation backed Nordics, Sasquatch, and genetic human-feline hybrids. They have recently engaged in a "civil war" with a certain planet in Sirius-B that is controlled by Reptilian and Amphibian humanoids (source: Alex Collier, and others).

SIRIUS-B -- At least two planets in Sirius-B are inhabited. One is controlled by reptilian-amphibian humanoids, some of whom can disguise themselves in human form, and who have established a treaty with the Alpha Draconians and Rigelians. This triple- alliance is determined to bring planet earth into its fold, and they are in the process of sending a steady stream of military craft to earth in order to assist in an attempted takeover from within when a global economic collapse opens the way for their fifth column agents on earth to implement total electronic control. They want control of earth so that planet earth and its resources can be used as an attack-base to conquer the Federated worlds. Several 'underground' armies are already on earth, hiding within a network of underground bases, waiting for the time when they can "divide-and-conquer" those of us on the surface and take control with the help of their collaborators here. Three large Draco-Rigelian-SirianB ships came into the Sol system, hiding in the tail of Hale-Bopp comet, only to "jump ship" as the comet was swinging around the sun, taking up orbits around Mercury. The other inhabited Sirius-B planet, Bellaton, seems to have been involved in a civil war in the Sirius system. Bellaton is the home of Nordics and Insectoids, some of whom are apparently allied with the Non-Interventionists, and some of whom are allied with the Interventionists in Orion and Alpha Draconis (source: Ray Keller, Alex Collier, and others).

BELLATRIX ORION -- The home of a genetically engineered race [the Skril?]. These are very nasty and mean Reptiloids with genetically assimilated insectoid features, and heavily cyber-enhanced. Bellatrix also harbors many of the 'original' egg-laying Reptilian 'queen-breeders', who assimilate the various genetic resources that are acquired from different worlds in order to enhance their race, or to develop various other genetically conglomerate sub-races, each of which serve different purposes within the empire or the Draconian 'Hive'. The security levels surrounding these 'queens' are some of the most intense in the galaxy (source: Ray Keller, and others).

ALPHA CENTAURI -- Home of Nordics who are somewhat independent, yet do relate to the Federated worlds on certain levels (source: Gabriel Green).

POLARIS -- Reptiloids and Greys, collaborators with the Alpha Draconians!? (source: do not recall exactly where I read about this one).

BETELGEUSE -- A large star on the outskirts of Orion, jointly occupied by Greys, and giant humans some 9-12 ft. tall called the "Nepheli" or "Els", who interact with others of their kind who dwell within deep cavern systems under the western part of North America. These two races, the Greys and the human-based Nepheli, are apparently not on friendly terms with each other (source: Jason Bishop).


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