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Swiss writer Yves Naud quotes, in one of his works, the translation of an ancient Vedic text from India, which states as plain as day that the leaderdescribs of ancient India had collaborated with a secretive scientific fraternity from GREECE in constructing airships capable of circumnavigating the planet.

How many secret scientific fraternities down through history could have formed, robbing the masses of the most advanced intellects and initiating them into their secret 'underground' technocracies? I think it is more than we might imagine. What did ancient China, Greece, India, Egypt, MesoAmerica, Peru and similar ancient cultures have in common with us? They were all remarkably advanced in communication, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, medicine and other sciences which did not make their resurgence in a dramatic way until renaissance times many centuries later.

Incidentally, other ancient texts from India speak of complex machines, missiles, and even nuclear weapons! There are some researchers who believe that many of the original Egyptians and Mayas were descended from sea-navigators from India, known as the, the very 'tribe' that is said to reside within Mt. Shasta. Could this ancient India-Greek alliance explain why the legendary Mt. Shasta colony "Telos" is named after a Greek word with the root meaning "uttermost/purpose" yet is inhabited by neo-Mayan residents?

Yves Naud also relates an ancient account from China referring to a scientist who developed a ship that could travel to the moon. Following this an great 'space race' ensued which led to the colonization of other worlds. However as the result of the negative influence of a race of cavern-dwellers, the whole civilization collapsed and became corrupted, and not willing that this technology fall into their hands, one of the leaders of that ancient society ordered that there should be no more contact between the earth and those who had colonized the other worlds. The exact wording of the manuscript is that from that time onward "there was no more going up nor coming down". So one might see this as somewhat of a "Battlestar Galactica" scenario. Could the "lost tribes" of humankind be returning home?

The Paihute Indians of California, according to a Navaho man by the by the name of Oga-Make , have a legend of a race of ancient sea-faring people called the 'Havmusuvs' who entered the area in prehistoric times and had built a vast underground city within huge natural caverns that they discovered within the Panamint Mts on the west flank of Death Valley. In the course of time the inland sea that once filled the valley dried up, effectively cutting of their sea-route to the Pacific.

That was when, according to the Paihutes, the Havmusuvs began to experiment with aerial craft. The first ships were small, noisy, winged craft but as the centuries passed they became ever larger, more silent and even wingless. Could they have commenced to explore the solar system and later other star systems with these advanced craft literally thousands of years before the modern 'space race' began? The Havmusuvs by the way were described as being very 'Grecian', down to the pale sandals they wore on their feet, the headbands that held back their long dark hair, the white robes which were draped over one shoulder, and even the marble-columned cities that filled some of the ancient caverns, illuminated by crystal spheres which gave off a seemingly imperishable luminosity.

Jefferson Souza claims to have actually visited a huge "Federation facility" below Death Valley and the Panamint Mts, one that went on for mile after mile and in which he observed caverns with different gravitational, environmental, atmospheric and possibly dimensional conditions in order to accommodate various Federation visitors and dignitaries.


Souza claims that he has met both the Ummo people who he describes as being Scandinavian-like, and also the VEGANS of Lyra, who he described as looking very similar to the dark-skinned orientals of... believe it or not... INDIA! It was the Vegans, who took Souza to this base, and informed him of the alien Greys... actually three types of Greys... the original egg-layers, those that reproduce via cloning, and those that reproduce via polyembryony. Interestingly Billy Meier, who claimed that he was 'trained' in INDIA before his major contacts with the 'Pleiadeans' began, has stated that the Vegans and some Terran cultures had ancient connections with each other.

During the 1950's contactee Daniel Fry claimed that he was given a ride in a remotely-controlled disk, while speaking over an intercom to a being named "Aylan". Aylan claimed that his people were descended from Terran explorers who had left planet earth from the Tibetan plateau in ancient times, part of a fleet of four large space vessels, three of which made it safely to their new home, the planet Mars. Could this explain the similarities between the "monuments" of Egypt and Mars, that Richard Hoagland and others speak about?

So then, the possibility of physical beings existing on other worlds does not necessarily dispute the Torah or the Bible. There are those who might ask: "Why would God create life only on planet earth?" My answer is that it would be logical to do so, using planet earth as a common reference point or foundation to UNITE all of His creatures, who would eventually leave the "cradle" of civilization [planet earth] for other realms beyond.

In the book FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE , by Issac Asimov, we read of a galaxy with 25 million colonized worlds, and that in the space of a relatively few thousand years the entire galaxy is colonized, once instantaneous hyperspace travel is discovered.

The hero of the series searches for the mythical lost home-world, the wellspring of the human race, which he believes is lost somewhere amidst the billions of stars like a needle in a haystack. He is convinced of it's existence even though most of the galaxy, save for scattered secretive religious groups, had long forgotten even the "legends" of the ancient world of genesis called Earth, if not ridiculed and scoffed at such legends all-together.

Another similar theme is seen in the movie and the TV series Stargate.

Could the galaxy NOW be populated by physical beings, most of whom have forgotten their common origins on "mother" earth? Could this explain why humanoid and reptilian or neo-saurian types of aliens seem to be consistent among many UFO encounters? Are all of the other strange life-forms encountered merely genetic alterations of a common super-genetic-pool on planet earth?

Many contactees have stated that in all the universe, planet earth has by far the MOST GENETIC DIVERSITY of any world, whereas humans, animals, and vegetation is concerned. Could planet earth be the original "gene pool" of the galaxy?

So then, human beings and genetic hybrid beings [like the insectoids and reptilians] could NOW exist on numerous worlds throughout the galaxy, even IF planet earth was at one time the ONLY inhabited world in the physical universe, as the Koldasians claim it was.

Many of these races may have traveled back in time , but they could not have interfered and altered the root timeline of earth nor created third dimensional paradoxes, since traveling in time would be equivalent to traveling through dimension also, in other words nature would deal with the possibility of paradoxes by slightly phase- shifting the time-travelers into a dimensional level just outside of third dimensional solidity, so that they could not PHYSICALLY change the time- line.

There would of course be cracks and breeches in the earths magnetic field where they could enter into the third dimension from time to time, into those areas where the integrity of the timeline is not threatened and where they can interact without creating paradoxes. However if they insisted on trying to change an established time-line they would simply be pushed back out of the way like a car trying to block an oncoming train. In a battle between the train [the timeline] and the car [the time traveler/machine], the timeline will ALWAYS prevail, because the energy of the timeline is considerably stronger then that of the time traveler or travelers.

Or rather, its easier for the TIME-LINE to push the time traveler out of the third dimension and into a parallel quasi-reality than it is for the TIME- TRAVELER to push the entire time-line out of the third dimension and into a parallel quasi-reality.

Linear time and material solidity can only exist in the third dimension, so any paradoxes will essentially be phased out of the third dimension and into a time-dimension where objects and events are less 'solid' and more fluid and 'time' is more multi-linear, a dimension where paradoxes can exist and the third dimensional laws of physics as we know them may not apply. So there may be space-time-dimension travelers who left earth and traveled into the past, yet their descendents could have "caught up" with us over thousands or even millions of "years", but they would essentially be living in other dimensions.

If a third-dimensional spacecraft from earth were to land on another world, they might find it seemingly barren, however in another dimension it might be teeming with 4th and 5th dimensional life.

According to Billy Meier, after the Dracos invaded the Lyra systems, refugees from the attack fled to Vega, the Hyades, and the Pleiades. The Andromedans themselves, according to Alex Collier, claim to have originally descended from LYRANS who had escaped the devastation of the Dracos, which had also apparently chased most of the free-thinking humans out of the Orion systems as well. Three of the Lyran worlds , Bila, Teka and Merok were devastated, and in the initial slaughter alone over 50 millian Lyrans perished. Apparently the Dracos felt that the humans posed a direct threat to their intended conquest and domination of the galaxy and universe.

Many of the Lyrans were scattered, refugees, hiding from their would-be destroyers. The refugees were under militant rule at that time since their existence was a continual struggle for survival. They were always on the run, hiding on planets, on moons, within asteroids... anywhere they could find respite. Eventually some of these refugees colonized two star systems in the Andromeda constellation [not the Andromeda galaxy... i.e. the stars Andromeda 42 - Zenetae, and Andromeda 44 - Tishtae]. Other refugees were scattered to other star systems.

Orion was also apparently colonized by Lyrans, but it too was conquered by Dracos and Greys, and the refugees from Rigel Orion were scattered... some escaped back to the Jovian moons of Sol, others to Procyon, and others to Sirius-A, from where they continued their warfare with the Orion-based Dracos and Greys.

Eventually the Sirian-A's colonized a world in Sirius-B, and another world in Sirius-B was colonized by the Dracos... a situation that would eventually lead to devastating civil wars in the Sirius-B system between Draco-backed Interventionists and Andro or Andromedan backed Non-Interventionists.

Another interesting thing is that, according to Alex Collier, the Lyran and Pleiadean alphabets ORIGINATED on earth, in the form of the pre- Sumerian language-script called TAMIL, the 'parent' language of most of our alphabets on planet earth, and apparently many throughout the galaxy.

Let us consider the possibility that ancient Terrans developed space travel and eventually colonized the Lyra systems, and then later the Pleiades systems -- which comprise over 200 stars, not just the visible 'seven sisters' [Incidentally, Alex Collier says that the Sirians, Arcturians, Antarians, Pleiadeans, Andromedans, Cignus Alphans, Sagittarians, and Cassiopians were all human-based races who had their ORIGINS in the LYRA systems, before the war with the Draconian reptiloids and Orionite greys broke out].

Eventually, as Billy Meier claims, they figured out a way to break-in to our "twin" antimatter or "DAL" universe, and began colonizing the antimatter counterparts of the Pleiadean, Solarian and other star systems.

Suppose that within these other time-space dimensions the flow of 'time' was different than on earth, let us say 3 hours on earth is equivalent to 3 days or three weeks in another space-time dimension. So you could not say that 3 thousand years is not enough time for earth-men to colonize the whole galaxy, for 3 thousand years in our dimension could be equivalent to 30 thousand years in another dimension of time-space.

So, the 'Dal' universe residents might travel back to the proto-matter universe, but instead they emerge into a time-frame where planet earth is the ONLY third dimensionally inhabited world in the proto-matter universe -- having not yet sent out colonists to other worlds -- because the flow of time in the Dal universe is on the opposite side of the 'circle of time' you might say.

Sound strange? This is EXACTLY what contactee Carl Van Vlierden claims, in his book THE TWELVE PLANETS, detailing contacts with the 'Koldasians', who claim to hail essentially from the antimatter equivalent of the SOL system and nearby systems.

As for THIS universe, however, much has apparently happened during the 6000-or-so years which make up THIS third dimensional time-loop, if we are to believe the reports of numerous sources whose collective claims and statements can be linked together into a scenario of interstellar migrations and forgotten histories, involving many of the earthborn races now resident among the stars.

Aside from physical humanoid and reptiloid beings, we must however remember that there are OTHER 'beings' that are out there in force... i.e. the standing angels and the fallen angels. Some of the fallen angels have apparently acquired physical bodies-suits-containers which they can 'wear' in order to interact with the material universe.

This is in line with what Whitley Streiber says about the subspace aliens he encountered, astral beings that have acquired or developed physical 'suits' that they can wear so that they can interact with the third dimensional environment much as a human diver might 'put on' a diving suit in order to interact with an aquatic environment.

This is a step above mere 'human possession', since with these physical 'suits' they do not have the element of human will to fight against. However they DO require a steady supply of life- force or manna FROM humans and other living beings, in order to keep these 'bodies-containers' animated and third dimensionally intact.

Many contactees have seen these 'poltergeists' or 'astral parasites' in semi-transparent form or shape-shifting in order to appear in human-like form by drawing ectoplasmic emotional energy from the society surrounding them, enabling them to 'phase in' to our dimension. Also some of the [possessed?] reptilian beings have been observed shape-shifting or creating an illusion -- of being a 'Nordic' for instance -- in order to deceive.

So ANY one who attempts to 'connect' with or study 'humans' from other 'worlds' are BOUND to encounter some HEAVY deception from these fallen angelic impostors, or from the reptilians/insectoids, and even from some of the mind-controlled or deceived humanoids themselves, mostly those suffering from accute "collectivitis" [i.e. "group mentality" type ET collectives].

The key is, do NOT take the claims of ANY so- called alien at face value, especially those who would put themselves ABOVE you as some kind of demigod or spiritual 'master'. ALWAYS 'test the spirits'. Interaction with ANY alien being which would lead you astray from the fact that all mankind is created EQUAL is dangerous! However if you insist on interacting with such high-minded beings, EXPECT to be treated as their INFERIORS, if not their slaves.

You have been warned.

Also, Aliens ARE mentioned in the 'Bible Codes', as we can see in the
Warning however... the webmaster of this site, even though she does admit that aliens and UFOs are encoded in the Torah... has nevertheless been influenced by certain individuals who do not accept the New Testament as the Word/Logos of the Creator, and who have taught her that Paul was not an apostle... and she has used single-word codes to try to prove this... however there are entire
which DO confirm that Paul was an apostle... one NOT of the original 12, but the only former Pharisee among the disciples... and this has ever made him the target of other 'Pharisees' down through histoty... However we should not use this to detract from her other, much VALUABLE, research on codes which speak of an Earth genesis of 'aliens'... both human and reptilian.

Note: The following link contains my latest "synopsis" on a potential "key" to the history of the galaxy. Since there are apparently millions of different scenarios taking place in the galaxy at any moment it might seem rather difficult to create a root synopsis connecting them all. But I've attempted to do this. If this synopsis sounds too far out to you then consider it "science fict-ion", however if it seems to tie in with the above revelations then consider it "science fact-ion". Could this synopsis help explain some of the unexplained scenarios taking place on our planet in these times?


Is there evidence that the ancestries of the Pleiadeans and the Terrans


Some television programs use the 'Earthborn' scenario as part of their plot sequences. For instance, the STARGATE series follows the premise that humankind exists throughout the galaxy on many worlds, however they were originally taken to those worlds by an alien race as slaves, FROM PLANET EARTH... yet many of these humans rebelled and broke free from the slavery, and in these shows they have developed their own individual societies.

For those interested, they can watch the STARGATE (SG-1 & Atlantis) episodes online


The website of my friend...


( Note: The Powers of Darkness have been working overtime to twist and cloud the truth... and their teaching that we can become as 'gods' is essentially ATHEISM because if EVERYONE were supposedly a "god" then there would be no Supreme Creator "GOD", and all life would merely be the result of an evolutionary accident. However, most do not realize that evolution IS ACTUALLY a "theory", and a "theory" that is NOT SUPPORTED BY SCIENCE.

In other words, Evolutionism is NOT a "science" but rather a prime manifestation of "Atheism"...

So, in light of these facts, consider the following information as a mixture of truth and mistruth... and learn how to "eat the meat and spit out the bones", or "throw out the bathwater but not the baby", or "separate the wheat from the chaff"... and so on...

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The U.S. NAVY has allied itself with benevolent ExTerran-QuanTerran-SubTerran human forces to fight the reptilian infestations...

throughout the Omniverse

Planet Earth, being the "cradle" of all created physical life, is a focal point throughout the entire omniverse/metaverse, simply because all physical life throughout the cosmos has a subconscious connection/sense of planet earth's significance in the colonization of the galaxy(ies)... just like the premise in Issac Azimov's FOUNDATION book series, which describes a massive galactic federation that had long since forgotten the world from which it all emerged...

Here is a list of "Google Video" searches for some of the most common 'worlds' described by UFO "contactees" who have encountered HUMAN ET's... THEN following this there is a list of some of the most common worlds described by UFO "abductees" who have been manipulated by REPTILIAN ET's (from the tall reptilian "lizard men" to the smaller reptilian "grays")...


Zenatae Andromeda

Taygeta Pleiades

Tau Ceti

Epsilon Eridani


Ummo - Wolf 424






DAL Universe

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Alpha Draconis

Rigel Orion

Zeta Reticuli

Epsilon Bootes




According to some sources, the Lyran sector of our immediate galactic neighborhood (which may have been colonized by identical-appearing people FROM EARTH)... 14 planets in that sector were attacked by the Alpha Draconian reptiloids and their allies/collaborators (which according to some sources also had their origins on earth) during the Lyran/draconian wars. Three -- or five -- of these worlds were annihilated. About 50 million Lyrans were slaughtered. It is very interesting to note that the late UFO contactee Jefferson Souza claimed to have been taken to a huge underground Federation mega-base beneath Death Valley and the adjacent Panamint mountain, where he encountered Vegans/Lyrans, among many other Federation groups, like the Ummo! Most of the refugees who survived the war with the dracos fled to other Federation worlds for refuge.

In the FORUM section in the Swaruu/Pleiadean web page, here is an example of one of the thoughts of one of the members of that Federation now living/working in/around planet earth:

May the past tear's of Lyra, give infinite strength in our rise against the Draco.

The Swaruu-Pleiadean Forum

The Lyran-Draconian Wars
(However the "hundreds of millions of years ago" reference is greatly exaggerated)

Note: The Havmusuvs -- a Grecian-like ancient race of EARTH people, without any help from "ET's" -- LEFT this planet and colonized other star systems. I believe that one of the star systems that they colonized was Vega, in the Lyra constellation. WHY do I believe that? Because among many extraterrestrial races, LYRA is considered to be the place where the human race had its 'origin'! But IF the Lyra sector was ORIGINALLY colonized by the Havmusuvs from EARTH, then that would make planet earth the ORIGINAL SOURCE of all physical human life. Some may oppose this conclusion, and that is their right to do so. I simply express things as I see them, based on the years of research that I have done. - Branton

There are many sources who claim that the reptiloids who travel among the stars originally had their origins

Planet Earth is the CRADLE of all Human Life