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Ju Jitsu
Edison Martial Arts Academy
1655-298 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820
(732) 548-2660


Junior Black
First Degree
Second Degree

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  1. Exercises: 1000 Jumps (Fast, Slow, One Leg and Deep Power Jumps)
    Push Ups (Slow Count, 6-8-10 Squeeze, Three Count and Regular Push Ups)
    Stomach Exercises (Slow Count Crunches, Sword Crunch, Leg Raises)
  2. Blows: Left Jab, Right Jab, Left Right Combinations, Jab Hook, Four Punch Combination, Double Left Jab, Right Punch and Left Jab
    All Ju-Jitsu Blows: Palm Heel, Web Hand, Tiger Paw, Hammer Strike, Ridge Hand, Finger Spear, Elbow, and Shovel Hand.
  3. Break Falls and Roll Outs
  4. Locks: Finger, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder
  5. Defense Against: Wrist Grab, Elbow, and Shoulder (Single)
  6. Defense Against: Double Shoulder, Front/Back and Double Wrist Front/Back (Belts higher than white belt must do at least 3 different movements with each attack)

    ***Please Note That All Grabs Can Be Defended Against Before The Person Makes Contact***
  7. Defense Against: Straight Punch, Hook, Jab (Belts higher that white belt must do at least 5 different movements with each attack)
  8. Defense Against a Running Attack
  9. Blocking Kata (See instructor for more details)
  10. Knife Catching Kata (See instructor for more details)
  11. Defense against the knife (3 defense movements)

    ***Note that this is not the order the test will be given***
    ***Also, you may not be tested on everything listed here. The best way to prepare is to consult your instructor on which moves you need to know.***
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