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White Belt
Edison Martial Arts Academy
1655-298 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820
(732) 548-2660


Junior Black
1st Degree
2nd Degree

  1. Combinations
  2. Kata
  3. Self Defense
  4. Curriculum


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Kata (Kam-Sah/ Appreciation)

Cardinal Directions "Left, Right, Forward and Back" are relative to you are currently facing. These will be seperated from the move with a comma, like this:(Step Left, Left Hand Middle Block). If it is labeled with Side on the end, it is signifying for you to step according to the beginning position. Otherwise, you move in the direction YOU are facing (If you're facing left, you move left. If you're facing back, move back) Remember, these steps are only to be used as reference. The actual kata should be learned from a qualified instructor as no written manual can replace him or her.

Starting Position: Attention (Hands on sides)

  1. Bring knife hands to chest crossing over each other
  2. Hands assume fist position
  3. Step left, Left Hand Middle Block
  4. Right Hand Punch
  5. Step back to fist position with hands crossing over each other
  6. Step right, Right Hand Middle Block
  7. Left Hand Punch
  8. Step back to fist position with hands crossing over each other
  9. Stand to attention (both hands go to the side not in combat mode)
  10. Bow
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Self Defense

  1. Single Wrist Grab
  2. Double Wrist Grab
  3. Double Choke
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First Stripe Combinations 8 Lessons
Second Stripe Kata: Kam-Sah/ Appreciation 8 Lessons
Third Stripe Self Defense 8 Lessons
Graduation 1. Combinations and Self Defense
2. 3 Count Front Kick
3. Kam-Sah and Complete Test Procedures
24 Lessons/ Three Stripes
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