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On this page you will find horses owned by Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch. Each one was carefully bred for beauty, performance, brains and most of all, for a loving disposition. For those of you interested in showing, we offer horses that are Breeders Sweepstakes enrolled and of course, registered.

If you have an interest in one of these wonderful horses, I invite you to call me so we can discuss your needs and the horses of

Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch.

HAHR*1A364972 April 09, 2007


Here is the lovely Pirouette. As she has matured, her head has remained strikingly Arabian, so much dish, I constantly look to see if I am really seeing that beautiful head on a Half Arabian!

She towers over everyone else in the stable, nearly 17 hands of sheer elegance. Even at that height she exhibits the refinement of her Arabian ancestors. She is stunning in appearance and has a brilliant mind. Her attitude is worth a million dollars as she is very calm when faced with something new.

Double Tstandard is Pirouette's sire and her dam is a full sister to FLYING W RAINDANCE, a leading sire of Dressage Champions. This lovely young mare has the best qualities of each bloodline.

RCCR Double Pirouette was so named as she dances like a ballerina, with grace and style. A "see to appreciate" kind of horse indeed.


See more of her photos by clicking here.

When no one else will listen, whisper to your horse.

HAHR*1A347779 April 23, 2002

When this boy was born he jumped to his feet so quickly it brought to mind the immortal Secretariat. So large for a newborn and so brilliant was his color, Big Red was the first name that came to mind. He has worn it well, being full of heart and character and afraid of nothing. He forges ahead over new obstacles and loves a challenge. If he could book his own adventures there is no telling where he might go.

During his life here I have watched his personality develop and wondered who the lucky person would be to own this great horse. Each time someone inquired however, I cringed at the thought of his leaving. Perhaps I even talked some out of the purchase, or maybe it was just fate.

Over the last couple of years Big Red has grown deeper into my heart. Selling him has now become unthinkable. Too much of me would go with him if he were to leave the ranch now. In addition, Big Red has taken up with my grandson, following him around like a puppy, endearing himself to me even more. These photos were taken while Tyler was searching in the water for flat rocks to skip across the pond. The two of them look like best buds, wouldn't you say?

Big Red is a fantastic example of my breeding program; a result of decades of hard work, research and love. At this point in my life I owe it to myself to keep him....

I deserve to be the lucky one.

Patience can be learned using a horse as your teacher.


HAHR*1A331867 April 17, 1998

Without a doubt one of the most gorgeous NSH mares you will ever see. When this mare moves out everyone takes notice!! Halter and Park Champions abound in her pedigree and it shows. Licorice moves forward with incredible impulsion, elevating her front end with grace and style and driving underneath herself with intense just have to see her.

Licorice is the favorite here, and for good reason. She is such a kind, sweet horse, and so breathtakingly beautiful, she'll steal your heart.

Licorice is registered HA, NSH, and enrolled in IABS. For sale at private treaty.

More info...

Printable Flyer


The best seat is the one found in the saddle.

HAHR*1A342188 May 1, 1999

This NSH/HA mare has the snappiest hocks, and she drives off of them like a locomotive, enabling the fabulous round, rolling motion in the front that makes her spectacular to watch! Paint Thinner is poetry in motion.

Not only is her sire, KRA Duel Standard, an English Pleasure and Halter Champion, her dam is Kalarama's Sister Kate, a full sister to Flying W Farms Raindance. Combining bloodlines such as these creates a horse with the greatest potential.

Paint Thinner has an extremely long neck, hooky ears and gorgeous soft eyes. Very willing attitude. Breeders Sweepstakes.

See her printable flyer.


Life is best viewed when framed by the ears of a horse.

Please note, prices ARE ALWAYS subject to change, horses are subject to prior sale and we reserve the right to refuse to sell if we deem a prospective buyer does not meet our requirements. There can always be more than one interested party in any horse at any time and the horse WILL SELL to the first acceptable offer that will provide an acceptable home.

If you see a horse on this website that interests you, please contact us right away and make arrangements to see it as quickly as possible. We hate to disappoint anyone, but there is only one of each of these horses and if you have a desire for a particular one, it is best not to hesitate in contacting us.

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