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Our Horses For Sale


Nestled in the tiny little community of Cobb Switch, Texas, Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch is our little slice of heaven on earth. Quiet and peaceful, our horses live in tranquility. We are blessed to call it our home.

The horses stretch their legs in large pastures and when inclement weather arrives the warmth of the barn beckons.

The lake is a constant source of wonder, from the reflection of the moon at night that makes it appear like sparkling diamonds, to being a place of refuge for migrating birds.

We welcome you to plan a visit to meet us and our horses, and to take a moment out of your day to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Our goal shall be to raise show quality Arabian and Half Arabian horses with sound confirmation, brilliant minds, loving personalities and distinct Arabian type. We shall use a patient and consistent manner to teach our horses to respect their handlers and we shall reward them with love. The best possible care shall be provided to each horse from the youngest to the oldest.

That as breeders, we shall take our responsibility seriously. Each foal is to be planned, using due diligence when selecting a mare with whom to breed to our stallion or anotherís. We shall study confirmation, because although a companion horse can be the perfect pet, correct confirmation gives any horse the option to be a champion.

In regards to the sale of a horse, we will hold the horse in the highest regard. All Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch horses shall be represented honestly to a buyer to create the best possible match. Every effort shall be taken to make the transition from our hands to the new owner as seamless as possible.

We feel honor bound to provide service after the sale. We are vested in each and every horse that has lived at Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch. We shall be dedicated to help the new owner as much as possible in regards to the care of a horse purchased from us. It is one of the things we do that gives us the most joy, sharing the passion of horse ownership with others.


From the time I was a child it was my utmost desire to own a horse. Although my parents plied me with other gifts, my focus never changed. At the age of 21 I made my dream a reality by purchasing Gambit, an 18 year old Thoroughbred gelding from a local stable. My Mom, pictured here with him was not surprised. I rode every moment I possibly could in the mountains surrounding Santa Clara Valley, California. I still can vividly recount the rides of a lifetime I had atop that hot blooded steed.

In 1979 I moved to Texas bringing with me that great horse and a young Half Arabian mare named Sweet Harmony. Once settled in, I stumbled upon an ad for a black *Bask bred stallion, a yearling named Port Thor. When I first laid eyes on him I knew he had to be mine. The arrangements were made and I picked him up that Fall. It was then that breeding became my main focus.

In the years that followed.........(read more)


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Our Horses For Sale

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