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Our Horses For Sale

Although the internet has broadened the ability to contact people easily worldwide, it tends to lack the personal touch I strive for in this business. In an effort to give everyone an insight into who we are and what we do at Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch, I decided to dedicate this page to our client's comments. I have included their comments here verbatim. Please also feel free to email them to ask about their experience here at the ranch.

Whether it is to purchase one of our horses, breed a mare to our Arabian stallion, or use our marketing services, through the wonder of horses, we look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied clients.


Written by Brenda Petillo
new owner of PA Ultimate Victory(aka KIT)

Kudos to Kathleen Murr for matching me up with Kit! He's a ten month old half Arabian and half Belgian. Being a Quarter horse gal since I was three, this is truly a leap of faith. Upon meeting the colt, I knew he was for me. Kathleen represented him perfectly. She accompanied my husband and me the day we bought the colt. She has continued to be a source of information and support, answering questions over the phone and through emails. As I said, I've always been involved with the AQHA. Kathleen sent me information about the AHA so that I could register my colt. I can't thank her enough for all the ways she has helped from beginning to end with the sale. She is honest and forthcoming with information. If you are looking to make an addition to your barn, I'd highly recommend her services to you! Sincerely, Brenda Petillo


Written by Colleen Swenson
new owner of APV Cairel de LD

This is my second time working with Kathleen and I enjoyed every minute of it. She answered my emails quickly, sometimes two to three times a day and made the buying experience fun. You can tell she really loves what she is doing. I would definitely recommend going and seeing Kathleen first, you will not be disappointed in her or her horses.

You can email Colleen directly by clicking here


Written by Bonnie
owner of the Double Tstandard sired filly
RCCR Double Memorial (aka Inka)

I met Kathleen when I came to look at a filly to purchase. She was very professional and her horses were lovingly cared for. I appreciated the time she had obviously taken to groom all of her horses, even though she knew I was looking at a particular filly. I purchased, Inka, which was not the filly I came to look at, but was the filly that chose me. I thought so highly of Kathleen, that I offered my Saddlebred mare for lease. I also, marketed my Arabian gelding, Klassi with her last July. Klassi sold within the month, with the help of her professional advice and direction.


Written by Katherine Pettus, PhD
Taos Equestrian Center

"My experience buying Gold Marque was one of the most efficient and enjoyable I have had. Kathleen answered emails and phone calls promptly and facilitated all the paperwork, the pre-purchase exam and the transportation. I couldn't be happier with her services, and wish more people who sell horses would use such a professional agent."

Click here to email Katherine

The following was written by DeLinda Garrett
original owner and breeder of Gold Marque

"Kathleen, I feel it necessary to express my appreciation for everything you have done concerning the sale of my American Warmblood gelding Gold Marque. I have tried unsuccessfully for over two years to market him in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area without success. I had no expectation of selling him in less than a week after listing him with your service. Not only obtaining a viable sale but actually several buyer candidates. You have provided me with exceptional service, keeping me informed at all times of the status. I feel you looked out for my interests, as well as my horse's. I have been very comfortable with the process and professionalism with which our contract was conducted. This has allowed the placement of my horse with a lady that will give him the opportunity to mature professionally and grow into his potential. I would highly recommend your service and infact have several other horses that I will list with you in the future. Thank you for making a difficult decision into a win-win situation for all parties".


Written by Karen Carr (shown here meeting Eagle for the first time as he stepped off the transport) of New Mexico in regards to her recent purchase of the spectacular
Double Tstandard sired yearling colt,
Shown top left prior to his departure, and then stepping off the transport after 14+ hours on the road at a truck stop in New Mexico.

"I just love him. He is perfect... exactly what I wanted. You can use my name and any of the pictures too if you want. I'm so looking forward to playing and working with him. I was very impressed with how relaxed he is. He will be a joy!!!!

Thanks so much. You can use us for recommendations all you want!! We'd be happy to endorse your business. What a lovely boy!"

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Written by Michelle Moline (shown here with her beautiful Arabian mare) of Texas in regards to our marketing services.

Here is my opinion of Kathleen Murr, owner/operator of Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch, who short of two monthes ago I had never met or spoken to prior. She was so nice and easy to converse with from the get go. This was a business contact as I had horses to sell and not alot of buyer contact, but on our first conversation we talked as if we knew each other for years and talked on for literally hours. Both of us loving anything and everything to do with horses. She is very knowledgable and understanding of most situations regarding equine and I felt alot of confidence in her ability to market my precious pets. Matching horses to people, which is the main ingredient in a perfect placement of an animal, is her special ability I think. I know that finding, posting, contacting, emailing, calling, visiting, compiling and exchanging photos and info, discerning the serious from the not so, etc., is very time consuming and goes beyond a full time commitment which she does without hesitation and loves the work. I'm very impressed! She remains a good friend. Michelle Moline/Horizon Arabians.
Click here to contact Michelle.

A photo is coming soon.

Written by Bob and Georganne Lenham of Whitehouse, Texas

While in search of the "horse of our dreams", we were referred to Kathleen by a highly respected horse breeder at our church. We were not only immediately impressed by Kathleen's equine knowledge and professionalism, but equally impressed by her acumen and warmth. Kathleen is undoubtedly gifted with a high intellect which, when combined with a passionate love for horses (actually all animals) and people is priceless, rare and direly needed in the horse industry. We have worked with Kathleen on several projects since our meeting in October 06' and found her standards of animal care and work ethics to be impeccable. We will continue to entrust her to our various horse endeavors as well as her efforts to obtain a buyer for our home in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Kathleen has proven to be 100 % trustworthy (which we do not say lightly), highly responsible, capable and sincere. And we must mention...FUN! (now how rare a combination is that?). In other words, Kathleen is "Happy-Ending-Oriented".

Feel free to contact us at if you should have any questions.

Thanks, Kathleen, for "jobs well done". You put your heart in your work and it doesn't go unnoticed. You are a joy to work with and a treasured friend.

Bob & Georganne Lenham


Written by Brad Loomis of Coppell, Texas.

Kathleen has done an outstanding job of marketing my horses for me. She is very knowledgeable and great at matching horse to rider. She's gone above and beyond what I expected and has always been great about making changes/additions to my ads for the horses. I trust what she says about the horses on the site. I would not hesitate to list another horse or go look at ones she has listed. It's refreshing to see someone so honest and up front about horses in this business. Thanks Kathleen!

Brad Loomis
Coppell, Texas


Written by Retha Harper, owner of Gold N Starrdustt, aka Omar

Hi Kathleen,

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you again for your help with the wonderful ad you created for Omar. You have been very honest, kind, and a true professional. I have no doubt that with your help, we can find this beautiful gelding a loving home. I look forward to working with you.
Thanks again,


Written by Janey Panetti, proud owner of HA Ginger Snap and I See Texas

We had just moved to Texas and I was looking for two horses to share our retirement. I called on an Arabian mare, however, she was no longer available. I guess that could have been the end of the story. Fortunately for me, the mare's owner contacted her friend (Kathleen). What could have become a daunting task suddenly became a joyful journey.

A couple of emails between them led to my phone conversation with Kathleen. She heard my wish list and my needs, she quietly listened to my worries and concerns, and she patiently put up with my questions. We then agreed I should meet Michelle and her horses listed on Kathleen's website. I found my "perfect two" with the help of Kathleen. She was in contact with both Michelle and I the entire way. I know her understanding of the feelings on both sides of the transaction was a huge plus.

While one may start off a client of Kathleen's you will leave a friend.

Thanks again,

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