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Our Horses For Sale

With time always my enemy I find there is never enough of it to go around. However, I have long wanted to revamp this page. Indeed a lot of horses have been posted on this page, and at the point of sale it was fun to write the details of how they came to find their new owners. Now that news is in the history books.

Keeping in touch with the horses and their new owners has always been a joy for me. I thought it would be far more interesting to post current information on this page than just the fact that the horses were sold. I hope you, the reader, will find that to be so as well.

Sadly I have lost touch with a few of the horses over the years, so if you are the owner of one of the horses listed here, by all means contact me and give me an update. I will gladly post it here!


HAHR*1A343632 March 27, 2001

While on a visit to the ranch, Paul spent a moment with RCCR Flaming Chariot. There in the pasture was a spark of interest. Paul felt a connection with Flame, but it wasn't spoken aloud, after all, they were not looking for a horse at the time, so he admired him in silence. Months later, during a conversation about adding a horse to their herd I suggested Flame might be just the horse to fill the needs of the family. Paul was surprised that I would put Flame at the top of the list of prospects, since Paul never revealed his appreciation for the grey gelding. So another visit was planned and Paul arrived to lay serious eyes on the horse that sparked an interest months ago.

When Paul arrived Flame stood waiting, the Indian summer breezes billowing through his forelock, revealing his inquisitive eyes. We stood in the pasture laying hands on the glistening coat, rubbing his graceful neck and twisting his gloriously thick mane in our fingers while we discussed the future. Flame luxuriated in the attention.

Paul and his family are dear friends of mine and this was no ordinary sale. I wanted the match to be perfect, we all did. It was important that everyone, including the horses, was happy with the addition of this new family member.

Flame arrived at his new home, and let me say, these people know how to treat a horse! Bedded deep in fresh shavings in a stall big enough for four Flame spent the next couple of hours checking out the accommodations fit for a a king. Turned loose in a large paddock we stood in awe of his beauty as he put on a show for all to see. The ground shook underneath our feet as he trotted by, his heritage revealed in his cadenced carriage.

Over the next few weeks the updates came rolling in about Flame's introduction to his stablemate, his interest in the world from the top of the hill and his wide vocabulary of nickers and whinnies. As I listen to each story, I delight in the fact that Flame has enriched their lives.

Sharing the passion of horse ownership with others..... it just doesn't get any better than this.

The match IS made, and it IS perfect.



HAHR*1A329056 April 24, 1997

Silver Threads is a beautiful mover, both at liberty AND under saddle.


She and her friend Jessica came to see Silver in late winter this year. Not surprisingly she liked Silver and made an appointment to return with her husband. On the second visit, the contract was signed and Silver Threads became a lifelong dream come true for Erika. Having told me she had wanted a horse of her own all her life, I empathized with her as she filled with emotion. I felt the same way when my dream of horse ownership came to fruition more than 36 years ago.

It's what I love to do, and Erika has now become a member of the Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch family.

We delivered Silver on March 17, St. Patrick's Day, to the lovely facility in Midolithian that Erika had selected. Her plans are to bond with, ride and show this elegant mare. It is always hard to drive away, but knowing Silver will be a cherished member of Erika's family makes it bearable.

We extend our congratulations and our thanks to Erika, her husband and family on her acquisition of Silver Threads.

UPDATE!! I heard from Erika! She and Silver are bonding and really enjoying life. Silver has a new horse friend too, but when Erika arrives, Silver is happy to come trotting up to the fence so they can go riding together.

I was thrilled to hear how pleased Erika is with Silver Threads. As we talked I couldn't help the tears that welled up. It is so great when the match is perfect, I know Silver is loved and that a dream for Erika is now a reality. What a blessing for all of us!

HAHR*1A355632 May 29, 2004

Cathe and I keep in touch on a regular basis. Cathe and her black mare have bonded so nicely over the last two years. As a team, they work in harmony on each new task. Cathe is patient and Tsylohuet loves the praise of a job well done. Tsylohuet is an elegant lady, all dressed in black with just a touch of white for accent. She will be looking marvelous in the show ring when it is the perfect time to present her. As show dates firm up we hope to post them here.

This is a family affair, with three generations of strong women devoted to horses. As Cathe rides Tsylohuet over a trail course, her daughter Jessica rides her gelding Domingo in the round pen and Sylvia, the matriarch, gives pointers based on years of her own experience.

Tsylohuet's smoothness over jumps has Cathe looking with anticipation towards a future filled with a variety of disciplines in which to ride. There is some talk about selecting a suitor for Tsylohuet too! More news to come...

HAHR*1A351548 May 22, 2003

S O L D *** S O L D*** S O L D ! ! !

Darlene and her trainer Ginny came to see the horses one crisp autumn day and it was instantly obvious Precious was THEE horse for Darlene. Within a few months of owning her they were riding and training her for her first show. Because of Precious' personality they renamed her PR, as she is a great representative of her breed.

Ginny and I have continued to keep in touch and "PR" remains at her barn, under the guidance of the trainers there. PR has taken the Blue in Sport horse under saddle, in Sport horse in hand and took Top Three in Region 9 in 2008.

This mare is another stunning example of Double Tstandard's quality of get. She is substantial, powerful, willing and sweet.

Darlene, PR's owner, is very busy at work, but I am fortunate to be able to keep up with PR through Ginny, her trainer. New photos are hopefully coming soon, so check back to see....

photo credit Kathy Starustka


HAHR*1A359699 May 10, 2005

Karen Carr, a woman of exquisite artistic talent saw this colt on my website. With an eye for beauty and quality, she claimed him for her own. From the 15 hand yearling colt that arrived at her home in New Mexico, he has matured into a fabulous gelding with a charismatic personality. Karen has a friend who purchased another Pinto with similar markings and they hope to do parades together.

Eagle has been easy to train, ride and with his endearing personality, to love. Between the Dressage lessons and Karen's expertise, he has blossomed! She can't say enough nice things about him.

Watch for new photos that I hope to acquire of this boy soon....


HAHR# 1A359689 May 29,2005

Bonnie purchased this filly as a yearling and took her home to Colorado. Once she matured, a trainer was selected and with just a few weeks under saddle "Inka" was the trainer's delight. Bonnie, being a skilled equestrian, took Inka home to develop her skills under saddle. She took this mare into the Colorado mountains where she would develop a solid foundation for her future. An honest mount, Inka took to the work with the integrity that comes with being a Double Tstandard daughter.

When it came time for Bonnie to buy another horse, a Morgan stallion, Inka was offered for sale. Selected quickly by the first person to look at her, Inka stayed in the majestic state of Colorado to continue riding in the mountains. A follow up found Inka to be treasured by her new owner and a delightful ride on the trails.

I hope to acquire current photos of Inka and post them here soon. Check back!


Vanity's Doublexotica

Vanity's Gold Mine, the dam
SOLD ....SOLD ....SOLD ! ! !

HAHR# 1A369189 March 29, 2009



Bonnie's beautiful mare, Vanity's Gold Mine was bred to Double Tstandard and produced this exquisite black diamond of a filly. As a yearling she captured the attention of a family who purchased her with the intent of showing her. The family's focus changed and the filly was offered for sale. They sold her within days of the ad placement.

Each of Double Tstandard's foals are precious to us. We don't intrude on the lives of the owners, only try to stay in touch to revel in their accomplishments and watch as they mature and develop into spectacular majestic animals.

"Lira" lived in Colorado for several years but was recently offered for sale. Again, the sale of this mare was lightning fast. I pray her owners will get in touch with me, just to update "Grandma" on Lira's progress as she grows, learns and develops her legacy.

Vanity's Gold Mine is now owned by another lady that would also like Lira to know her mother is doing well at 17 years young. She is being ridden in Dressage and Jumping and her owner says she is just a wonderful mare.

So there are lots of people out here thinking of you, Lira. We all hope you are having a great life.


HA Ginger Snap
HAHR # 1A343239 April 16, 2001

S O L D ! ! ! S O L D ! !

Ginger chose Janey as her person and in the last several years the developing relationship between them has been book worthy! From sharing her own knitted cap during cold winter storms to keep Ginger's ears warm, to being on "bug patrol" at dusk, in 100 degree heat, killing the B 52 bomber bugs that it seems no fly spray will repel. Janey has spent countless hours seeing that every possible need of Ginger's has been met.

I am blessed to have made a dear friend in Janey too. We keep in touch frequently and sometimes while away an hour (or more) on the phone discussing this antic or that of our beloved equine companions. She and I were discussing the need of a refreshed page on my website and before we could get off the phone sent me the needed photos to update the girl's glamor shots. Over the years I have seen them in wearing those knitted caps, the layers of blankets that needed washing every morning, helping by picking up the manure fork while mucking stalls, and one day I will share the Karaoke Diva photo....too funny.

While Janey has no plans to "show" this mare or her pasturemate, I See Texas, the joy these two horses have brought to their human are of far more value than a wall of championship ribbons.

I See Texas
PtHA # April 2001

S O L D !!! S O L D !!! Nothing like a little chrome in the pasture! This mare was selected to be the companion for Ginger when Janey wasn't able to be at her side, which can't be very often from what I hear! A stout Paint Arab Mustang blend, I See Texas loves the attention from the mobile Day Spa Janey provides. From baths in the summer to warmed blankets in the winter, this beautifully colored mare has no need go unattended.

Each meal is carefully prepared to provide all the ingredients necessary for optimum health and fed at specific times for proper digestion. Hay is inspected for quality, color, digestible nutrients and only the finest is offered. No bug shall land without Janey there to cup, slap, roll, pop and stomp it to death. How dare they even consider landing on one of Janey's horses anyway???

Grooming time is therapy for all. Sometimes we miss that in the hustle and bustle of life. The nicker of your horse when you open the door and the quite contentment that comes with knowing you're loved. Perhaps in the future a little under saddle work will be, but for now, Janey's horses live the life of Riley.

APV Cairel de LD
Peruvian Horse Registry #14638, American Association #S0011408
January 16th 1998

S O L D ** S O L D ** S O L D

I have known Colleen since she and her mother, Collette, came to buy RCCR Double Dealer and New Tstandard from me many years ago. When Cairel came available, Colleen contacted me and explained she was striking out on her own in the Peruvian breed. It was all too perfect a scenario. Colleen with her auburn hair and this glorious chestnut stallion moved off together as if performing in a ballet.

Colleen picked up Cairel soon after and he became a part of their breeding and riding stable. Just the other day a mare with whom Cairel had been previously stabled became available and she was reunited with him at Colleen's. Cairel dotes on that mare and now Colleen has one more Peruvian in her barn.

Colleen and I have kept in touch during the last decade and I wish her the best. She is a gentle natured woman with a way with horses that is impossible to deny. She molds into the saddle and communicates with imperceptible cues. A joy for the horse and human alike.
Hopefully we will be adding a new photo soon.

PA Ultimate Victory
Half Arabian Half Belgian 2007 colt

Now here is a unique story, one of a horse of a different color and a died in the wool Quarter horse gal. Originally attracted to his color, bay roan, the fact that he was half Belgian didn't hurt her feelings any. It certainly gave him the size and substance she was used to.

When he first went home he was in his winter woolies, but as spring arrived, his coat shed off and the weight came on, he really blossomed. Cinnamon and sugar was his body color, with black points all around. Striking! And then he began to grow, tall and wide, and taller and wider. Every time the farrier came he commented on how much bigger "Kit" had grown since his last visit six weeks prior.
Smart to let a young horse of this breeding grow up without stressing his bones and joints, they have him pastured in the wide open spaces with Mustangs, Appaloosas and Quarter horses as runnin' buddies. Here he is free to exercise, build strength and develop great lungs sprinting across the pasture with the adults. When the saddle and rider are applied to the mix, he will be mature and ready for a long useful life.

With horses and cattle there are always fences to build and things to do around the barn. Kit is sweet as the day is long and as Brenda is out building fences he is there to keep an eye on her, head over her shoulder if the time allows.

His legs have grown like tree trunks, building bone and solid joints. His hindquarters have broadened and reveal his Belgian dam's gift of driving power. Kit's face is so Arabian, his eyes so dark and liquid, his profile softly dished, it's unmistakable he carries the blood of the desert. However, his size, which is still steadily increasing, belies his Belgian heritage. Although Kit was a cutie pie in this photo as a weanling, as a three year old he is coming into his own. A fresh photo will appear here soon...

Updates will continue as time allows. If you own one of these horses currently and would like to send a photo and information update, please contact me. Thanks!

CH Prince Charming
AHR*626530 February 11, 2006


This striking liver chestnut gelding with his flaxen mane and tail caught the attention of one young man who could not get him off his mind. Smart man that he is, he did not hesitate to purchase this fine gelding and took him home.

A horse is a one of a kind item and when you see one that captures your heart follow this young man's lead and make the purchase. Chances are you will be glad you did.

Pin Me Lovely
Half Arabian Half Saddlebred
born April 2006

S O L D ** S O L D *** S O L D **

CONGRATULATIONS is extended to Jamie and Marcus of McKinney on their purchase of this gorgeous filly. Sired by a National Top Ten Park horse, this filly is destined for a performance show career. Jamie and Marcus came to see her and within minutes decided she was the horse they wanted.

Pin Me Lovely has been delivered to the training facility and they are working with her already. We will hear from Jamie and Marcus as she progresses with her work, and look forward to hearing how she is developing. Best wishes to you and thanks again for using our service to purchase this well bred yearling filly!

Gold Marque
American Warmblood Palomino Reg.#AWR00000761097/97 June 17, 1997

S O L D *** S O L D *** S O L D **

A big congratulations goes out to Katherine of New Mexico on her purchase of this highly sought after gelding. Trained by his owner DeLinda Garrett, this gelding was owned and shown exclusively by her, in Dressage. Having shown Gold Marque successfully at Training Level, DeLinda was currently developing his skills to compete in First Level. Without a doubt, DeLinda gave Gold Marque a solid foundation on which to build.

Katherine called Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch to inquire about this interesting horse. With several people seeking to purchase Gold Marque, Katherine wasted no time, got on the first plane and flew to Texas to see him. After riding him around the ring and then having a thorough pre-purchase exam completed by an Equine Veterinary Specialist, Katherine purchased Gold Marque.

Katherine intends for Gold Marque to be her personal mount and is awaiting his arrival on Tuesday September 25th at her facility Taos Equestrian Center. Best wishes to you Katherine and Gold Marque, we look forward to hearing about the new phase of your life together!

WRA Klassi Kidd
AHA# 576938 April 3, 2000

S O L D *** S O L D *** S O L D ***

A beautiful Western Pleasure gelding, Klassi sold to the first person that looked at him. No doubt she saw the intelligence, beauty and great demeanor this horse possesses. Klassi's owner takes great pride in the care of her horses and he is a perfect example of her dedication. Klassi's new owner couldn't be happier.Congratulations on your purchase of Klassi, may you have many happy years together!

Crazy Ivan
HAHR # 1A357133 Born Sept 21, 2004
S O L D *** S O L D *** S O L D ***
Ivan is headed to Louisiana to begin the next phase of his life. Congratulations goes out to his new owners!! Although this gelding is sold, his full sister, Pin Me Lovely, shown on this site is still available. Marcinko is also part of this herd and may be pulled from the market, or his price may now skyrocket. Contact us for more information on these well bred beautiful horses.

El Taur
AHA # Born in 2003

SOLD SOLD SOLD ! ! ! This wonderful gelding has been sold. Another well bred Arabian is now going to fulfill someone's dreams. If you see a horse on this website that piques your interest, now is the time to call. Our goal is to match you up with a horse that is suitable to your needs and interests, so please let us know how we can help you.
Registered Half Arabian


Yes indeed another horse has been sold. This beautiful well trained Half Arabian Half Hackney mare is headed to the Austin Texas area.

Were you considering calling about her?? Too late! Don't hesitate if you see a horse on this website you are interested in learning more about. Call or email us.

Come and see if we have the horse of your dreams before it is loaded into someone else's trailer.

BF Valkyrie Fyre
AHR# 567470 April 29,1999

Not surprisingly this mare is SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!.

The perfect combination of brains and beauty could not be overlooked and now Beverly is calling this mare her own. We wish you many happy days ahead with this wonderful mare.

IF you hesitated to call in regards to this mare you missed out on a superbly bred and beautiful individual. Should you see a horse on this website that captures your attention, I recommend you call right away, because if you don't someone else will and they will be going home with what could have been the horse of your dreams.

It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend Beverly and Happy Trails to you and Kyrie!!

Illiamo Gi Gi
AHA# 589398 born in 1991

S O L D ! ! ! Another great trail horse has been sold! Gi Gi left on the transport today for her new home. For those of you that hesitated to contact me, you missed out on one very lovely mare. If you see a horse on this site that appeals to you, please contact us right away.

Congratulations to Gi Gi's new owner. We wish you many happy trails together.

AHR #514972 April 07, 1994

SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! This mare is headed to Oklahoma to be a little girl's dream horse. If you see a horse on this website you like, don't hesitate to contact us. We don't want to disappoint anyone, but these horses are one of a kind animals and there can only be one buyer. Congratulations and best wishes to Don and his family.

TF Fancy Lady
AHA # 537558 Jan 23, 1996
Congratulations goes out to TF Fancy Lady's new owner!! She was loaded in the trailer Easter weekend and taken home to be a child's mount. Fancy is a great mare and will be loved and doted on by her new owner. IF you see a horse on this website that piques your interest, by all means contact us right away!


AHR#597568 March 29,2002

The sale on this great gelding has completed. He will be going home soon to Jasper Texas. Congratulations to his new owners! We hope you will have many years of enjoyment together.

ASHA #130094 Born in 1997

SOLD SOLD SOLD.... My Lovely May is headed to Missouri to be bred to a stunning American Saddlebred stallion, and then will come back to south Texas to her new home to await the arrival of her next foal. Congratulations goes out to her new owner, we know May will bring you much joy.
AHR #391410 1986

This wonderful *Aladdinn son has been sold. Thanks to all who inquired about him and congratulations goes out to his new owners!


BLM registered Mustang 1984

CONGRATULATIONS TO BILL AND BRENDA BEAL on their purchase of this wonderful mare. Once Brenda and her husband Bill rode this mare there was no doubt she was going home with them. Be watching for them on the trails!!!


CH Music Lady
AHR# born 2005

This beautiful filly has been sold!!


AHR#0601763 March 27, 2003

Have you been looking for that special Black Arabian horse? Teresa Williams from Hempstead TX had been, and she found him!! On May the 13th Teresa, her husband and son arrived and picked up her dream horse, RPA Midnight Rider. CONGRATULATIONS to the Williams family on their acquisition of this beautiful black Arabian horse. We wish them the best with their newest family member and look forward to hearing reports of his progress. SOLD***SOLD***SOLD!!!

T F Pavlova
AHA # 242552 Jan 30, 1981

Congratulations to the new owners of TF Pavlova, on their acquisition of this lovely *Muscat daughter.

AHR#609201 born in 2002

Percy has found a new home, thanks to all of those who inquired about him.



PtHA#88038 April 29, 1997

This great big beautiful black and white mare has been sold. SOLD****SOLD***SOLD!!!

5 years old

A virtually bombproof horse, Rusty has been ridden along roadsides and on the trails, over bridges, and through the woods. Shown here near a flag and a horse statue, he displays his wonderfully quiet temperament and now will be doing all of that in his new home.



AHR# 527212 May 05,2005

Deep dark bay and handsome as he can be, this gelding has been sold and is making his new owner very happy.SOLD***SOLD****SOLD


HAHR#1A343381 March 22, 2001

Western Pleasure type Pinto gelding. Hashuk has Pinto halter points from being shown at Pinto World. Hashuk Maali has been sold. Thanks to all of you who inquired about him.SOLD***SOLD***SOLD

AHR#0408927 May 03, 1988

TQ Tsienna, an Ivanhoe Tsultan daughter has now been sold. This is a lovely bay mare that is a bombproof trail mount and is going to make her new owner very happy. Thanks to all the folks who inquired about her, and congratulations to her new owner. Happy Trails!!!!


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