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......... I met other like minded individuals, showed a little, rode my beloved Gambit and developed a Polish breeding program centered around the bloodlines of the immortal *Bask and the remarkable *Witez II. I leased and bought some incredible mares, including Rondtreza
a double *Witez II granddaughter,

and learned a lot about pedigrees and the raising of foals.

Gambit, always the patient gentleman, was happy to let my son, Jesse take a ride with his cat Snowball.

He also spent time herding the broodmares, babysat the foals of Port Thor as if they were his own and continued to race at breakneck speed down the trails with me astride, my hair flying in the wind. At the age of 28, Gambit galloped his last race into heaven... in first place... as always, undefeated. He was my dream come true horse and I still miss him to this day. I have never ridden another horse like him and probably never will. The mind of a race horse, the body of an athlete and the heart of an angel, he was and always will be my dream come true.

In the years that followed.............

Port Thor bred a variety of mares. He stood the test of time with his incredible type, athletic prowess and loving personality. Port Thor created a legacy all his own and is in the pedigree of countless horses today. I could write a book about the quiet times we spent together, the hours riding the trails, the excitement of the showring,

breeding those mares and the times we lay side by side in the barn awaiting the mares to foal. Memories I shall cherish forever.

In 2005, four days beyond his 27th birthday, Port Thor and I shared our last moments. As we stood together, a butterfly came to rest on his shoulder, as if to show him the way home. Port Thor was peacefully laid to rest on the ranch, overlooking the pastures where his legacy remains. His torch passed to Double Tstandard who proudly carries on the bloodlines upon which Rocky Cedar Creek Ranch was founded.

Double Tstandard was so named to reflect a change in my breeding program to include the producing of Half Arabians, particularly the National Show Horse. I acquired some lovely American Saddlebred mares for breeding. Intuition proved to be correct, his Half Arabian foals have been truly exceptional. Then when an *Aladdinn granddaughter presented for breeding, his proof as a sire of purebreds unfolded.

How delighted I was to be able to be a part of this family’s first breeding experience and Double Tstandard’s first purebred foal, a colt... ALADDINN'S DUEL.

We all were so thrilled with the foal that the mare was bred back the following year. A filly was the result. Much like her brother, but more feminine and refined, as a filly should be. All of this sire’s get have been raised with love, and when shown, have been successful. They are sought after by well educated people all over the United States. I follow the lives of each Double Tstandard get with great enthusiasm.

As I look ahead to the next 30 years my thoughts are turning towards the eventual retirement from breeding these magnificent horses. It is a wonderful life, but as the days tick by the time will come to pass the torch on to the next generation of Arabian horse breeders. As I reflect on the past, I humbly thank the Lord for the realization of these dreams I held so dear to my heart. What I didn't know when I started this journey was how many times I would play some part in fulfilling someone else’s dream along the way. Sharing this passion of horse ownership with has indeed been an incredible journey.

Stay tuned for what the future holds.