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Bimbo Lore Or How To Be A Good Bimbo and Keep Your Man

Bimbo Lore

(or, How To Be A Good Bimbo)

Firstly, let me say that, like most men, I adore Bimbos. They have always been around. They know that men want to be the protector, the strong one, the leader. Just by acting weak and helpless, they trigger the response that has had men jumping since the days of the caveman, and we love them for it.

Bimbos always smile.

Bimbos are always happy.

Bimbos know when to laugh, or cry.

Bimbos are faithful.

Bimbos Dress to please.

Bimbos undress to please.

Bimbos keep a school uniform handy.

Bimbos love dressing up games.

Bimbos love undressing games.

Bimbos look good in anything, or nothing.

Bimbos don't need brains to get ahead, just a shorter skirt.

Bimbos enjoy love making.

Bimbos adore their man.

Bimbos make their man feel secure.

Bimbos take care of their appearance.

Bimbos love being shown off.

Bimbos love being told that they are beautiful.

Bimbos love adventure.

Bimbos get on well with everyone.

Bimbos are fun to be around.

Bimbos never forget to take the pill.

Bimbos love to eat out.

Bimbos love cocktails.

Bimbos often giggle.

Bimbos wake up happy.

Bimbos love to be cuddled.

Bimbos love roses and chocolates.

Bimbos love Rock 'N' Roll.

Bimbos love Teddy Bears.

Bimbos love motorcycles.

Bimbos leave the toilet seat up.

Bimbos always make breakfast. 

Now you can see why I love Bimbos.

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