Old and Interesting Aircraft In Australia
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Antique Aircraft At Schofields Airshow In The 70s

I found some old photos while looking through my collection, of aircraft at an airshow at Schofields NSW during the 70s.

Please allow time for the photos to load. Some are quite rare.

Image of p51main1.
Image of p51c1.jpg
Image of p51b1.JPG

Image of p51g1.JPG
Image of p51d1.JPG

Image of p51e1.JPG

General Aviation Aircraft

Image of alf1.JPG

Image of airtruck1.JPG
Image of 8571.JPG

Image of helen1.JPG

Image of cri1.JPG
Image of cathay1.JPG

Image of ianto1.JPG
Image of monoa1.JPG
Image of dragonpairtwo1.JPG

Image of rin1.JPG
Image of monoc1.JPG Image of pvz1.JPG

Image of mrd1.JPG
Image of rjr1.jpg
Image of wef1.JPG

Image of rql1.jpg
Image of victai1.jpg
Image of vicfor1.jpg

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