Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger, Texas

Ranger,TX RANGER, TEXAS - located between Abilene and Fort Worth just off Interstate 20 in Eastland County. The oil boom that won a war didn't last long, but it left a lasting impression on Ranger. To this day, Ranger remains famous for its oil boom. The city swelled to 30,000 people because of oil. Wealth from oil paid for its buildings and brick streets. On the other hand, some of Ranger's problems today can be traced to oil. Most of the wealth and people ran out after the boom, and many of the projects built during the boom have worn out over the years. Ranger was the fastest-growing, highest-rolling town in West Texas. The oil boom transformed a quiet, drought-stricken town into a rowdy, fortune-seeking free-for-all. The boom came at a time when the industrial world was depending more and more on oil, and supplies weren't keeping up with the demand. Fueling the new fighting machines on the battlefields of World War I placed an added urgency on the need for oil. The price per barrel was high when the McCleskey well blew in Oct. 17, 1917, near Ranger. During the early 20s, Ranger was the largest city between Ft. Worth and El Paso; there was a population of fifty thousand within five miles and of one hundred thousand within thirty miles of the city limits. It had two railroads and during the year 1919 there was more freight unloaded by the T&P Railroad at the City of Ranger than in any other city upon its line including the larger stations of New Orleans, Ft. Worth and Dallas. The City of Ranger had in operation 29 oil companies, which includes headquarters for 9 of the largest companies in the United States, five refining companies, 13 lumber companies, 45 hotels, 28 restaurants, 43 groceries, nine drug stores, and six picture shows. The oil boom's most significant, longest-lasting contribution may be Ranger itself. A year and a half after the boom, on April 24, 1919, the city was incorporated. "No stranger in Ranger" Accommodations in Ranger area Attractions in Ranger Cemeteries in & around Ranger Centennial Oil Boom Parade in 2017 Churches in Ranger City of Ranger website Donate in Memory for Ranger Ghost towns near Ranger History of Ranger (50 articles) by Alfred Rogers Journey Back to Busy Downtown Ranger Old movie theaters in Ranger Map of Ranger Mayors of Ranger Nearby towns to Ranger Old businesses in Ranger Old Ranger Photos Recent pictures of Ranger Historic Ranger Airport Stranger from Ranger-video